• ziki_7 - PPLC

    ziki_7 - PPLC MP3

    Shoot the Bullet photo theme 3 & both of Sakuya's themes Sleepless Night of the Eastern Country Lunar Clock 〜 Luna Dial Flowering Night Track: ziki_7 - PPLC ...

    Tags: ziki_7, ziki, dust_box_49, Sleepless, Night, of, the, Eastern, Country, Lunar, Clock, Luna, Dial, Flowering, stb, shoot, bullet, eosd, embodiment, scarlet, devil, pofv, phantasmagoria, flower, view, sakuya, theme, touhou, electronic, dnb, drum, and, bass, remix

  • ziki_7 - Sword Dance!!

    ziki_7 - Sword Dance!! MP3

    Perfect Cherry Blossom stage 5 theme Mystic Oriental Dream ~ Ancient Temple Track: ziki_7 - Sword Dance!! Album: 羽っ鳥もさく共和国 - SIDE OPUS - Hard ...

    Tags: ziki_7, ziki, dust_box_49, dust, box, 49, Mystic, Oriental, Dream, Ancient, Temple, pcb, perfect, cherry, blossom, youmu, touhou, electronic, dnb, drum, and, bass, remix

  • ziki_7 - Thor -alpha break VI-

    ziki_7 - Thor -alpha break VI- MP3

    Sakuya's theme Lunar Clock 〜 Luna Dial Track: ziki_7 - Thor -alpha break VI- Album: 紅鋼Project - 紅鋼 http://tsubu.ath.cx/~ziki_7/ 紅月ノ宴 release.

    Tags: ziki_7, ziki, dust_box_49, dust, box, 49, akametal, Lunar, Clock, Luna, Dial, eosd, embodiment, of, scarlet, devil, sakuya, theme, touhou, progressive, metal, remix

  • [東方:Acid Jazz] Riverside View / ziki_7

    [東方:Acid Jazz] Riverside View / ziki_7 MP3

    Original Theme: Higan Retour ~ Riverside View Arranger: ziki_7 Circle: M.I.W Album: Sound Vision ~幻視調律~ Image by hima: ...

    Tags: riverside view, ziki_7, phantasmagoria of flower view, pofv, remix, arrange, doujin, touhou, C73, nonvocal, stage 5 theme, komachi onozuka, acid jazz, house, higan retour, comiket 73, 2007, jazzy, ziki 7, ziki7

  • ziki_7 - Smoke filter

    ziki_7 - Smoke filter MP3

    C80 Release Title: Smoke filter Arranger: ziki_7 Circle: pastyle Album: Unconscious Step Original Track: 感情の摩天楼 ~ Cosmic Mind.

    Tags: Cosmic, Mind, ziki_7, trancestep, pastyle, unconscious step, drum, bass, touhou, video, game, ost, remix, arrange, album, c80, comiket, doujin, music

  • ziki_7 - Lunatic Red Eyes

    ziki_7 - Lunatic Red Eyes MP3

    High Quality - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4_vMVYKf1A&fmt=18 Reisen's theme Lunatic Eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon Track: ziki_7 - Lunatic Red Eyes ...

    Tags: ziki_7, ziki, shinya, project, Lunatic, Eyes, Invisible, Full, Moon, in, imperishable, night, reisen, theme, touhou, electronic, remix

  • Toho ziki_7 MIX II

    Toho ziki_7 MIX II MP3

    ziki_7氏の東方アレンジでMix。その2。 ニコニコ版⇒http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm21490773.

    Tags: Toho, Toho project, ziki_7, DJMIX

  • 【東方Vocal/Drumstep】 Echoes -ziki_7 Remix- 「ESQUARIA」

    【東方Vocal/Drumstep】 Echoes -ziki_7 Remix- 「ESQUARIA」 MP3

    ミ Title: Echoes -ziki_7 Remix- ☆ミ Album: EPIC FAITH ☆ミ Circle: ESQUARIA ☆彡 Original Title: ネイティブフェイス (Meaning "Native Faith".) ☆彡 Source:...

    Tags: Touhou Arrange, ESQUARIA, EPIC FAITH, ECHOES, RUON

  • Doujin//Breaks #11: Mental Conflict (ziki_7 Remix) [HD]

    Doujin//Breaks #11: Mental Conflict (ziki_7 Remix) [HD] MP3

    This is a great CD, some of LAZ' older original tracks combined with some awesome new tracks and a few remixes to round it of, a personal favorite from this ...

    Tags: Doujin, ZUN, Techno, Electro, EDM, Comiket, Reitaisei, Touhou Project

  • ziki_7 - Emeraldmountain High

    ziki_7 - Emeraldmountain High MP3

    Circle: Theta complex Album: θcomplex 2.

    Tags: ziki_7, theta, complex, emerald, mountain, high

  • ziki_7 - 雷獣 -midnight rainstorm-

    ziki_7 - 雷獣 -midnight rainstorm- MP3

    Story of Eastern Wonderland stage 2 theme End of Daylight Track: ziki_7 - 雷獣 -midnight rainstorm- Album: Spiral Music - Eternity http://tsubu.ath.cx/~ziki_7/ ...

    Tags: ziki_7, ziki, dust_box_49, dust, box, 49, levo, lution, trance, shift, spiral, music, End, of, Daylight, soew, story, eastern, wonderland, pc-98, pc, 98, reimu, touhou, electronic, dnb, drum, and, bass, remix

  • 「東方アレンジVocal」ESQUARIA - Echoes (ziki_7 Remix)

    「東方アレンジVocal」ESQUARIA - Echoes (ziki_7 Remix) MP3

    title:Echoes (ziki_7 Remix) artist:ルオン (Ruon) remix:ziki_7 vocal:めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop) lyrics:海兎 (Kaito) circle:ESQUARIA album:EPIC FAITH ...
  • ziki_7 - Voltex

    ziki_7 - Voltex MP3

    Nice track off "Physical Disconnect" by Druggy's Acid RacK. Makes me think of falling out of the sky toward the end.

    Tags: ziki_7, physical disconnect, dark

  • ziki_7 - Sky Reflector

    ziki_7 - Sky Reflector MP3

    Such a good track by ziki_7 ziki_7: Twitter: https://twitter.com/dust_box_49 Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ziki_7 Social: Twitter: ...

    Tags: ziki_7, Sky Reflector, Japanese, Drumstep, Anime, Manga, Girl, Nihon Music Network

  • ziki_7 - Over the Night

    ziki_7 - Over the Night MP3

    Circle: どぶウサギ (dBu) Album: 阿礼の子供は夜の鳩山を飛ぶ日本の伝説(仮) Artist: ziki_7 Event: Comiket 71 夜の鳩山を飛ぶ‐Power Mix -東方求聞史紀...

    Tags: MIX, dBu, ziki_7

  • Touhou--Over the Night - ziki_7

    Touhou--Over the Night - ziki_7 MP3

    Fly above Hatoyama at night - Power MIX / Perfect Memento in Strict Sense Circle: どぶウサギ (dBu) Album: 阿礼の子供は夜の鳩山を飛ぶ日本の伝説(仮) Artist: ...

    Tags: Touhou Project (Video Game Series), TiranoDragon

  • ziki_7 - GNOSIS

    ziki_7 - GNOSIS MP3

    Kaguya's theme Flight of the Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess Track: ziki_7 - GNOSIS Album: C.H.S - neetmania http://www.c-h-s.net/ http://tsubu.ath.cx/~ziki_7/

    Tags: ziki, ziki_7, dust_box_49, Flight, of, the, Bamboo, Cutter, Lunatic, Princess, in, imperishable, night, kaguya, theme, touhou, electronic, remix

  • 【東方】Touhou - ziki_7- Atom girl

    【東方】Touhou - ziki_7- Atom girl MP3

    Circle: N-tone & Dust_Box_49 Artist: ziki_7 Album: Dungeon&Danger Original: Sun Worship knowledge~ Nuclear Fusion.

    Tags: Touhou, ziki, 7, Atom, girl

  • ziki_7 - Vanishing point

    ziki_7 - Vanishing point MP3

    編曲: ziki_7 原曲: 懐かしき東方の血 ~ Old World 專輯: Color of Life XL Project: http://www.xlproject.cc/ SHkeroroIT: http://blog.yam.com/SHkeroroIT.

    Tags: XL Project, ziki_7, Vanishing point, Touhou, music

  • Synchronization - Ziki_7

    Synchronization - Ziki_7 MP3

    IA-Style Suguri Doujin Arranged Album based off of the computer game Suguri by Orange Juice. *I do not own and have not created any of these songs.

    Tags: Suguri, Orange, Juice, Ziki_7, IA, IA-Style

  • ziki_7 - Eastern Histortia

    ziki_7 - Eastern Histortia MP3

    ziki_7 - Eastern Histortia from the Dimension Of Bottom album.

    Tags: Ziki, 7

  • 【西方:秋霜玉】 Dust_Box_49 -⎾Monochromatic Satellite⏌ 【Ziki_7】

    【西方:秋霜玉】 Dust_Box_49 -⎾Monochromatic Satellite⏌ 【Ziki_7】 MP3

    Link to original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l76vsgsQ2jI [Title] - Monochromatic Satellite [Artist] - Ziki_7 [Circle] - Dust_Box_49 [Album] - Alternative [Track] ...

    Tags: Illusionary, Girl, Canaveral, Monochromatic, Satellite, Ziki_7, Dust_Box_49, Alternative, Seihou, Shuusou, Gyoku

  • ziki_7 - Yearn

    ziki_7 - Yearn MP3

    Mountain of Faith stage 5 theme The Primal Scene of Japan the Girl Saw Track: ziki_7 - Yearn Album: XL Project - Color of Life http://www.xlproject.cc/ ...

    Tags: xl, project, dust_box_49, dust, box, 49, ziki_7, ziki, The, Primal, Scene, of, Japan, the, Girl, Saw, mof, mountain, faith, sanae, touhou, electronic, house, remix

  • 【東方ボーカル】XL Project - Deep Mountain (Ziki_7 Remix)

    【東方ボーカル】XL Project - Deep Mountain (Ziki_7 Remix) MP3

    Title / Original: Deep Mountain Vocals: March (? Not sure) Arrange: Ziki_7 Circle: XL Project Album: MONOCHROME Event: Reitaisai 7 Image Link: ...

    Tags: XL Project, Ziki_7, Music (TV Genre), Vocal, Touhou, Arrange, Music Of Japan (Musical Genre), Japanese Music, Japanese, Japanese Language (Interest), Touhou Project (Video Game Series), Deep Mountain, Cirno, PCB, Perfect Cherry Blossom (Work Of Fiction), Reitaisai 7, Reitaisai, Chill-out Music (Musical Genre), Relax, Relaxing

  • 【東方妖々夢】XL Project -DeepMountain- ziki_7 remix【無何有の郷~DeepMountain~】

    【東方妖々夢】XL Project -DeepMountain- ziki_7 remix【無何有の郷~DeepMountain~】 MP3

    Title:Deep Mountain ziki_7 remix【無何有の郷~DeepMountain~】 Circle: XL Project Album: the starry sky Arranger: ziki_7 Lyrics: estha Vocals: mintea Website: ...

    Tags: DeepMountain, ziki_7, XL Project

  • ziki_7 - Newshound

    ziki_7 - Newshound MP3

    Double Spoiler title and menu theme Newshound Track: ziki_7 - Newshound Album: XL Project - Color of Life http://www.xlproject.cc/ http://tsubu.ath.cx/~ziki_7/ ...

    Tags: xl, project, dust_box_49, dust, box, 49, ziki_7, ziki, Newshound, ds, double, spoiler, hatate, aya, touhou, electronic, house, remix

  • ziki_7 -  I have come back

    ziki_7 - I have come back MP3

    OVERBLAST!! x2.

    Tags: STG, Arrange, shooting gmae

  • ziki_7 - Kagonotori

    ziki_7 - Kagonotori MP3

    Artist: ziki_7 Title: Kagonotori From some new c80 CD.

    Tags: kagonotori, ziki_7, comiket, 80, c80

  • z7_fn_floweringnight2.mp3 MP3
  • 03 Nostal magia.mp3 MP3