• Zektarkennd - Sign (lyrics and English translations)

    Zektarkennd - Sign (lyrics and English translations) MP3

    Here you have the song Zektarkennd by the Icelandic band; Sign. Where the lyrics are grammatically incorrect in English, it's because it's grammatically incorrect ...

    Tags: Zektarkennd, Sign, Icelandic, rock, band, music, lyrics, translations

  • Tuonelan Joutsen [OPENING]

    Tuonelan Joutsen [OPENING] MP3

    BEFORE YOU ASK, READ THIS; * Yes, this is ''Me elämme'', I just changed the name * I'm doing this serie in Finnish * The music is ''Zektarkennd'' by ''Sign'' * I ...

    Tags: me, elamme, opening, puffin, serie, finnish

  • .:Dear Brother:. ~|Speedpaint|~

    .:Dear Brother:. ~|Speedpaint|~ MP3

    Tags: hetalia, speedpaint, wolf, norway, iceland