• Xotox "PSI"

    Xotox "PSI" MP3

    PSI videoclip by Xotox.

    Tags: xotox, psi, industrial, powernoise, noise

  • XOTOX - Mechanische Unruhe (original version)

    XOTOX - Mechanische Unruhe (original version) MP3

    Tags: Xotox, Mechanische, Unrhe, Noise, Rhythm

  • XotoX - Eisenkiller

    XotoX - Eisenkiller MP3

    XotoX - Eisenkiller.

    Tags: XotoX, Eisenkiller, techno music, trance, dance music, black metal music, Industrial, Madness

  • Xotox - Schwanengesang

    Xotox - Schwanengesang MP3

    From the album: Xotox - Schwanengesang (2013)

    Tags: Xotox, Powernoise, Industrial, Rythymic Noise

  • XotoX - Mechanische Unruhe (live @ NCN5-Festival)

    XotoX - Mechanische Unruhe (live @ NCN5-Festival) MP3

    XotoX - Mechanische Unruhe NCN5-Festival | 05.09.2010 Kulturpark Deutzen (bei Leipzig)

    Tags: Xotox, Mechanische Unruhe, NCN Festival, NCN, Nocturnal Culture Night, 2010, Kulturpark, Deutzen

  • Xotox - Nasse Wände

    Xotox - Nasse Wände MP3

    No copyright-infringement intended. Only for promotion. - Artist: Xotox Album: Die Unruhe 2.0 Year: 2010 Label: ProNoize Country: Alemania (Germany) Genre: ...

    Tags: Xotox, Nasse Wande, ProNoize, Industrial, Rhythmic Noise

  • Xotox - Verlust (Remix by Phil J)

    Xotox - Verlust (Remix by Phil J) MP3

    Veröffentlicht am 08.12.2012 Artist: Xotox Song: Verlust (Remix by Phil J) Album: In Den Zehn Morgen Wiki: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xotox.

    Tags: Xotox, Verlust, Remix, by, Phil, J



    Mein zweites movie was ich gemacht habe^^!

    Tags: Xotox-HRGIGER-Silent, Hill

  • Xotox - Lass Mich

    Xotox - Lass Mich MP3

    ORiginal song from Lass Mich not the Noisuf-x rmx www.myspace.com/livedancingsupport.

    Tags: electro, industrial, ebm, noise, noize, xotox, lass mich

  • Xotox-Mechanische Unruhe

    Xotox-Mechanische Unruhe MP3

    Mechanische Unruhe von Xotox.

    Tags: Xotox, Mechanische, Unruhe, Erdlinge, kennen, die, Bedeutung, des, Wortes, Leid, noch, nicht

  • Xotox - Raketensommer

    Xotox - Raketensommer MP3

    A little MV I've created for Andy and his cool industrial project Xotox... ^^

    Tags: xotox, industrial, noize, electro, raketensommer, nuke, nuclear, blast, bomb, testing

  • Xotox - Eisenkiller (Original Version)

    Xotox - Eisenkiller (Original Version) MP3

    Xotox Eisenkiller (EP) (2012)

    Tags: Industrial Music (Musical Genre), Power Noise (Musical Genre), Rhythmic Noise, Noise (Musical Genre), Xotox (Musical Artist), Eisenkiller (Musical Album), Eisenkiller (Musical Recording), Eisenkiller, Eisen, Killer, Original Version, Original, Version, 2012

  • XotoX - Industrial Madness

    XotoX - Industrial Madness MP3

    your mom.

    Tags: XotoX, Industrial madness

  • Xotox - Minuszeit [HD]

    Xotox - Minuszeit [HD] MP3

    SONG: Minuszeit ARTIST: Xotox ALBUM: Die Unruhe No copyright infringement intended.

    Tags: Xotox, XOTOX, Minuszeit, Die, Unruhe, Rave, cyber, goth, Electronic, Industrial, Aggotech

  • XotoX - Nasse Wände (live @ NCN5-Festival 2010)

    XotoX - Nasse Wände (live @ NCN5-Festival 2010) MP3

    XotoX - Nasse Wände live @ NCN5-Festival | 05.09.2010 Kulturpark Deutzen (bei Leipzig)

    Tags: Xotox, NCN Festival, NCN, 2010, Kulturpark Deutzen, live

  • Xotox - [Psi]

    Xotox - [Psi] MP3

    Song download: http://mp3searchy.com/mp3_download/yhoFJdn643I/Xotox+%5CPSI%5C.html official site of Xotox: http://www.cyberindustrial.de/info/1 ...

    Tags: Xotox, Psi

  • xotox - nightmare

    xotox - nightmare MP3

    geilster abzappel track ever :)

    Tags: industrial

  • Xotox - [xo]toxic

    Xotox - [xo]toxic MP3


    Tags: ebm, industrial, electro, noize, xotox, xotoxic

  • Xotox - Industrial Madness

    Xotox - Industrial Madness MP3


    Tags: xotox, industrial madness, industrial, ebm, cyber goth, psi, make up, goth, emo, scene, skipsch

  • xotox - notwehr (remix by aehm) official video [HD]

    xotox - notwehr (remix by aehm) official video [HD] MP3

    official remix for the new add-on release of xotox' album "schwanengesang" called "redux". vinyl will be limited to 300 copies worldwide, grab one of the first 100 ...

    Tags: aehm, xotox, Xotox (Musical Artist), Leaf Audio, Pronoize, Dark Dimension, vinyl, release, remix, darkstep, yyyw, yeahyeahyeahwhatever

  • Xotox- Verlust

    Xotox- Verlust MP3

    the song verlust by xotox from the album in den zehn morgen...

    Tags: xotox, verlust, kate, in, den, zehn, morgen, noise, industrial, electro

  • Xotox - Null

    Xotox - Null MP3

    from their album Lichtlos.

    Tags: Xotox, Licht, Los, Lichtlos, Album, Null, Music, Aggro, Tech

  • Xotox - Lass Mich (Noisuf-X Scheusal Remix)

    Xotox - Lass Mich (Noisuf-X Scheusal Remix) MP3

    Tags: Xotox, Lass, Mich, Noisuf, X, Scheusal, Remix

  • Xotox - Roboterkrieg

    Xotox - Roboterkrieg MP3

    This was the first music video I created for Xotox... You surely will know the guys you will see here... ^^

    Tags: xotox, roboterkrieg, roboter, mecha, meka, kaiju, monster, cyborg, machine, maschine, robot, mogera, gigan, jet jaguar, toho, japan

  • Xotox - Lichtlos

    Xotox - Lichtlos MP3

    Xotox - Lichtlos taken from the album Lichtlos.

    Tags: Xotox, Industrial, Lichtlos

  • electro industrial - xotox eisenkiller fwyh

    electro industrial - xotox eisenkiller fwyh MP3

    es una rola del genero electro indutrial....para la banda que ya conosca a xotox...es una buena rola.

    Tags: electro, industrial, xotox

  • Xotox - Fieber

    Xotox - Fieber MP3


    Tags: electro, noise, noize, ebm, industrial, xotox, fieber

  • Xotox - Gottlos [HD]

    Xotox - Gottlos [HD] MP3

    SONG: Gottlos ARTIST: Xotox ALBUM: Die Unruhe No copyright infringement intended. Video by me.

    Tags: Xotox, XOTOX, Gottos, Die, Unruhe, cyber, goth, Industrial, EBM, Rave, Electronic, Aggrotech