• XNDL - entschleunigung (snippet)

    XNDL - entschleunigung (snippet) MP3

    elektrojudas & xndl split 12" 2014 on Attenuation Circuit Rec. - - - all pics and music by: elektrojudas & xndl - - - more info: http://www.xndl.de ...

    Tags: video, xndl, attenuation circuit, offbeaters

  • XNDL - burn dem & dstroy dem

    XNDL - burn dem & dstroy dem MP3

    Thanks a lot for the absolutely wicked survival-crime-style presented by PROFANITY STATE feat NOK, DOMINIK 0911 and ÖLI. Definitely more than just a video ...

    Tags: XNDL, NOK, DOMINIK 0911, PROFANITYSTATE, Raggacore, Breakcore, Dancehall, Ragga, Sizzla

  • XNDL - brecher (Video by PROFANITY STATE feat. DIE BILDWERFER)

    XNDL - brecher (Video by PROFANITY STATE feat. DIE BILDWERFER) MP3

    Visuals by PROFANITY STATE feat. DIE BILDWERFER / Music by XNDL Taken from the album MMXIV on ATTENUATION CIRCUIT (12" Vinyl) and POSTRAP ...

    Tags: xndl, offbeaters, Broken Beat (Musical Genre), Instrumental (Musical Genre), postrap, attenuation circuit, Film (Media Genre)

  • Xndl - Daaark

    Xndl - Daaark MP3

    A4 track from the Kommando 6's Dark Rooms,first K6 issue released in 2002 Anyone who owns the credits of this work are welcome to ask for remove the video ...

    Tags: Dark Beats, Rap Core, Underground Electro

  • XNDL - Zwischenfall

    XNDL - Zwischenfall MP3

    title-track of the forthcoming EP on COGNITIVE*DEFECT REC. more info: www.xndl.de www.offbeaters.com.

    Tags: XNDL, Dubstep, Dark, Illbient, Downbeat, Brokenbeats, Offbeaters

  • XNDL - Zwischenfall (Video by PROFANITY STATE)

    XNDL - Zwischenfall (Video by PROFANITY STATE) MP3

    XNDL - Zwischenfall (music) PROFANITY STATE (visuals) More info: www.profanitystate.de www.xndl.de www.facebook.com/75.xndl.

    Tags: profanity state, xndl, elektronika, idm, dubstep, Instrumental (Composition Type), postrap, offbeaters, otm, illbient

  • XNDL - Primitiv

    XNDL - Primitiv MP3

    MMXIV is the first Album release since “Orgelstunde” that was published in 2009 on XNDL´s own Label Cognitive*Defect Rec.. It contains tracks that are ...

    Tags: Xndl, Downtempo (Musical Genre), Intelligent Dance Music (Musical Genre), Witch House (Musical Genre), Broken Beat (Musical Genre), jungle (musical genre), Electronic Music (Media Genre), Electronica (Musical Genre), Dark Ambient (Musical Genre), Glitch (Musical Genre)




    Tags: hip hop, rap, beats, breaks, dubstep, sound, electronic, music, xndl, time, mudhoney, subversiv, storytelling, underground

  • XNDL - i saw it on tv

    XNDL - i saw it on tv MP3

    taken from the album "still there" on SUBVERSIV*REC. [www.subversiv-rec.de]. -JAN2007-

    Tags: xndl, rushya, gunporn, otm, offbeaters, subversiv-rec, idm, elektronika, experimental, underground

  • XNDL parasites feat BRZOWSKI

    XNDL parasites feat BRZOWSKI MP3

    music by XNDL (SUBVERSIV*REC) vocals by BRZOWSKI (Milled Pavement) original video by PROFANITY STATE [www.offbeaters.com]

    Tags: xndl, brzowski, profanity state, offbeaters, abstract hiphop

  • XNDL - epik (snippet)

    XNDL - epik (snippet) MP3

    Tags: xndl, snippet, attenuation circuit, offbeaters, otm

  • XNDL - materialistisch empirisch nicht belegbar

    XNDL - materialistisch empirisch nicht belegbar MP3

    taken from the album MMXIV available on www.xndl.de.

    Tags: xndl, illbient, Dubstep (Musical Genre), Dark Ambient (Musical Genre)

  • XNDL - der Piltdown Mensch

    XNDL - der Piltdown Mensch MP3

    taken from the album MMXIV available @ www.xndl.de.

    Tags: xndl, illbient, instrumental, dark ambient, planet of the apes

  • xNDL

    xNDL MP3

    second part was NDL's [17/12/2014 02:58:25] distress: where are the shots? [17/12/2014 03:00:29] fumes: the shots are in the closet just like you.


    session ca 2001 @ Taktlo$$ concert.
  • XNDL - analogue jam session vol.1

    XNDL - analogue jam session vol.1 MP3

    untitled track.live and freestyle arrangement plus drum programming. flstudio + some vsts + mpd 32 + yo brother footswitch all music produced by XNDL. no ...

    Tags: xndl

  • XNDL - sos

    XNDL - sos MP3

    Tags: xndl, attenuation circuit, idm

  • XNDL - felicific calculus [teaser 2010 - part 1]

    XNDL - felicific calculus [teaser 2010 - part 1] MP3

    Tags: xndl, mism records, mism, dubstep, illbient, broken beats, elektro, idm, abstract

  • XNDL - brecher (snippet)

    XNDL - brecher (snippet) MP3

    Tags: xndl, snippet, offbeaters, attenuation circuit, otm



    Tags: OE, StreetFighter, StreetFighter3, Street Fighter, 3rd, Twelve, SF3



    Tags: 3rd, StreetFighter, OE, Twelve, StreetFighter3



    Tags: 3rd, StreetFighter3, OE, StreetFighter, Twelve

  • XNDL - donnergrollen

    XNDL - donnergrollen MP3

    previously unreleased and performed @ SUBVERSION 7 in NOV 2008. more info: www.subversion.offbeaters.com www.xndl.de.

    Tags: xndl, offbeaters, idm, dubstep, broken beats, glitch, breakcore

  • XNDL - felicific calculus

    XNDL - felicific calculus MP3

    original version taken from the "memory" 7inch Vinyl on MISM Rec. www.mism.net.

    Tags: xndl, elektro, dark, dubstep

  • XNDL - Repetition

    XNDL - Repetition MP3

    Tags: XNDL, Repetition, Klang, Orgelstunde, XNDL - Orgelstunde, XNDL - Repetition, XNDL - Klang, Bleubird, Awol One, The Shapeshifters, Trip Hop, Electronic, Hip Hop, Abstract, Bounce, Instrumental, Roots Reggae