• Glass Animals - Wyrd (lyrics)

    Glass Animals - Wyrd (lyrics) MP3

    Pretty much obsessed with this band. All copyrights belong to Glass Animals.

    Tags: Glass Animals (Musical Group), Music (TV Genre)

  • Wyrd - Sad Song of the Woods

    Wyrd - Sad Song of the Woods MP3

    From "Vargtimmen - Part I" (2003). Finnish Black Metal.

    Tags: Black, Metal

  • Wyrd Sisters ( Discworld )

    Wyrd Sisters ( Discworld ) MP3

    Based on the story by Terry Pratchett, this animated feature is fun for all the family. Masterful storytelling and character development, this is a must see for any ...

    Tags: nostalgia, fantasy, equals, adventure, time, death, occult, witches, ghosts, pony, Ghost, Action, Haunted, Scary, Caught, Real, Spirit, Spirits, Hunters, Quest, Halloween, Horse, Spooky, Activity, Supernatural, Creepy, Demons, Ghostbusters, Evil, Adventures

  • Scream by Wyrd

    Scream by Wyrd MP3

    here's an original video of scream by wyrd mejo low quality nga pero pg tyagaan nyu na hihi ^_^

    Tags: scream

  • Wyrd - Heathen

    Wyrd - Heathen MP3

    Tags: Wyrd, Heathen, Black, Metal, Pagan, Finland, finnish, Wotan, Odin, Epic

  • Gone - Wyrd (official music video)

    Gone - Wyrd (official music video) MP3

    Gone (official video) by wyrd from the album "wired 2 scream" an all girl band here in the philippines. the wyrd are nikka paloma (vocals & keyboards) Babes ...

    Tags: gone, wyrd, official video, wired 2 scream, opm, universal records, Philippines

  • Wyrd - Ashes of Man and Oak and Pine

    Wyrd - Ashes of Man and Oak and Pine MP3

    From album: Huldrafolk (2002). Finnish Black Metal.

    Tags: Black, Metal

  • Wyrd-October

    Wyrd-October MP3

    Wyrd-The Hounds Of The Falls This is a song from the band Wyrd. *DISCLAMER* I dont own this, so give credits to the amazing band! Lyrics: The rivers, the ...

    Tags: atmospheric, black, metal, death, band, blackned, new, kamen, dark, ambient

  • Wyrd   The Ghost Album Full Album

    Wyrd The Ghost Album Full Album MP3

  • Wyrd - Death Of The Sun

    Wyrd - Death Of The Sun MP3

    From Wyrd - Death Of The Sun. Available in January 2016 via Moribund Records.

    Tags: Wyrd (Musical Group), Black Metal (Musical Genre)

  • Himingbjorg - Wyrd (Full Album)

    Himingbjorg - Wyrd (Full Album) MP3

    Band: Himingbjorg Album: Wyrd Genre: Black/Viking Metal Current label: European Tribes 1. Intro - Call to the Being 2. The Sword of Dignity 3. The World of ...

    Tags: Himinbjorg (Musical Group), Full Album, 2015, Viking Metal (Musical Genre), Black Metal (Musical Genre), European tribes, Scandinavian Mythology, Viking Wars, Wyrd

  • WYRD - Autumn

    WYRD - Autumn MP3

    Exelente banda black metal pagano, con toques acusticos, pura inspiracion from woods... Una de mis bandas preferidas...

    Tags: PaganMetal, FolkMetal, BlackMetal

  • Wyrd

    Wyrd MP3

    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group International Wyrd · Glass Animals ZABA ℗ 2014 Wolf Tone Limited Released on: 2014-01-01 Composer, ...

    Tags: Glass Animals, ZABA, Wyrd

  • Wyrd - Heathen

    Wyrd - Heathen MP3

    Tags: wyrd, heathen, blackmetal, black, metal

  • Wyrd - Rota (Full Album )

    Wyrd - Rota (Full Album ) MP3

    Wyrd - Rota - Finland 2005 " (Sin Voces - Solo musica - Only Music - No Voice)" 1. Noitakansa 00:00 2. Götterdämmerung 14:50 3. Henkien Yössä 18:50 4.

    Tags: Wyrd

  • Wyrd - My Ghosts (with lyrics)

    Wyrd - My Ghosts (with lyrics) MP3

    Lyrics: http://easylyrics.org/?artist=Wyrd&title=My+Ghosts Thanks for checking out our videos and site!

    Tags: Wyrd, My, Ghosts, music, video, lyrics, song

  • Wyrd - Aijeke

    Wyrd - Aijeke MP3

    Wyrd - Aijeke from Huldrafolk ablum.

    Tags: Wyrd, Black, Metal, Finland, Pagan

  • Gaahls Wyrd

    Gaahls Wyrd MP3

    BlekkMetal Festival 13 November 2015.

    Tags: Kristian Espedal (Musical Artist), Gaahl, Gaahls Wyrd, blekkmetal festival

  • Death Wyrd Sisters

    Death Wyrd Sisters MP3

    Death scenes of The Discworld story called Wyrd Sisters. It's about three withces, who fight against a mad King... Go watch it, or read it! It's great! Original story ...

    Tags: death, discworld, grim, reaper, fantasy, terry, pratchett

  • Himinbjorg - The World Of Men Without Virtue [Wyrd] 2015

    Himinbjorg - The World Of Men Without Virtue [Wyrd] 2015 MP3

    Extract from HIMINBJORG's latest full-length album Wyrd, sheduled to be released on March 1st, 2015 under the auspice of European Tribes. Track info: Band: ...

    Tags: Himinbjorg, The World Of Men Without Virtue, The Circle Of Disillusion, Wyrd, Call to the Being, The Sword of Destiny, The Circles Warriors, Initiation, The Mirror of Suffuring, The Shamanic Whisper, The Eternal Light, Another Shores, Black Metal (Musical Genre), Viking Metal (Musical Genre), European Tribes

  • Wyrd - Autumn

    Wyrd - Autumn MP3

    Wyrd - Autumn Vargtimmen Pt. 1: The Inmost Night (2003) Pagan Black Metal from Finland. Narqath (Tomi Kalliola) - Vocals, all non-percussion instruments ...

    Tags: Wyrd, Autumn, Vargtimmen, The, Inmost, Night, lyrics

  • Schiit WYRD USB Audio Decrapifier Review!

    Schiit WYRD USB Audio Decrapifier Review! MP3

    Schiit WYRD USB Audio Decrapifier ▻ Pricing & availability - http://amzn.to/1P4IqlW LED Shades - http://amzn.to/1ElSZeM Please support this channel by using ...

    Tags: phototristan, Wyrd, USB (Invention), Computer Hardware (Industry), schiit, decrapifier, audio, head-fi, hi-fi, audiophile, cable, cables, computer, stereo, Sound, System, DAC, amp, amplifier, desktop, headphone, headphones, preamp, pre

  • Wyrd Sisters - Solstice Carole

    Wyrd Sisters - Solstice Carole MP3

    From the discontinued cassette: Leave a Little Light http://www.wyrdsisters.com/ Lyrics: A Fire is burning The long night draws near All who need comfort Are ...

    Tags: pagan, wiccan, wicca, goddess, christmas, solstice, yule

  • Wyrd - Kalivägi - Full Album

    Wyrd - Kalivägi - Full Album MP3

    All credits for Wyrd. Support the art, spread the word.

    Tags: Wyrd (Musical Group), Full Album, Black Metal (Musical Genre)

  • The Wyrd Sisters - Warrior (live)

    The Wyrd Sisters - Warrior (live) MP3

    Red River Relief Concert, Winnipeg, MB, 1997.

    Tags: Red River Relief Concert, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 1997, The Wyrd Sisters, live, concert, The Forks, flood, fundraising, Red River, Warrior

  • Wyrd Visions - Bog Lord

    Wyrd Visions - Bog Lord MP3

    A song from Half-Eaten Guitar album. From Folk artist Wyrd Visions (Bluefog) (2006) Song : Bog Lord.

    Tags: Wyrd, Visions, Bog, Lord, Half-Eaten, Guitar, Francky, Godmund, Folk, Experimental

  • 07 The Perpetual Knot.mp3 MP3
  • Moonchariot.mp3 MP3