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  • Writing a Indie Song! [30 Minute song - ish]

    Writing a Indie Song! [30 Minute song - ish] MP3

    The Music Lab: A Channel made to help bands do band stuff! Series': - Becoming A Band [Green] http://bit.ly/BecomingABand - Music Videos Tutorials [Purple] ...

    Tags: Band Help, band tips, how to start a band, band tutorial, stage performance help, stage performance enhancing, band, music, Song (Composition Type), Writing (Interest), How-to (Website Category), The Band (Musical Group), Indie Rock (Musical Genre)

  • How To Write An "Indie Rock" Song

    How To Write An "Indie Rock" Song MP3

    This song was written ironically. http://jananddan.bandcamp.com Share on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/14b0o1C Share on Twitter: http://bit.ly/14b0qqh Combining ...

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  • How To Make An Indie Song | Sam Kirkegaard

    How To Make An Indie Song | Sam Kirkegaard MP3

    This is a video where I completely oversimplify a genre of music I love, indie music, and tell you how to create an indie masterpiece. Enjoy! Subscribe here: ...

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  • how to write an Alt-J song

    how to write an Alt-J song MP3

    THIS IS A PARODY...nothing mean spirited towards alt-J Want to hear more music? Follow Fleece On: SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/fleecemusic ...

    Tags: funny, music, How-to (Website Category)

  • How To Write A Taylor Swift Song

    How To Write A Taylor Swift Song MP3

    Imitation is the highest form of flattery. We love you, Taylor. Share on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1n3OYbD Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: ...

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  • How to Write a Hit Pop Song

    How to Write a Hit Pop Song MP3

    More videos like this - http://youtube.com/mutantboyfriend Collab channel- http://youtube.com/SDK Merchandise - http://districtlines.com/mutantboyfriend Jonah's ...

    Tags: jonah green, katie perry, macklemore, how to sing, how to play guitar, guitar, singing, coldplay

  • How To Write Lyrics

    How To Write Lyrics MP3

    In this episode, # 9 in my series How I Write A Song A Day, I talk about lyrics. Once again, it mostly boils down to WHAT kinds of songs YOU want to write.

    Tags: How, To, Write, Lyrics, write, song, day, jonathan, mann, songwriting, process, songaday, songadaymann, songatron, rock, cookie, bottom

  • Amy Movie CLIP - Writing Songs (2015) - Amy Winehouse Documentary HD

    Amy Movie CLIP - Writing Songs (2015) - Amy Winehouse Documentary HD MP3

    Subscribe to TRAILERS: http://bit.ly/sxaw6h Subscribe to COMING SOON: http://bit.ly/H2vZUn Subscribe to INDIE & FILM FESTIVALS: http://bit.ly/1wbkfYg Like ...

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  • Writing a Song | Developing a Melody

    Writing a Song | Developing a Melody MP3

    More FREE songwriting videos here: http://songwritingplanet.com/ Learn how to develop a catchy melody, and you will tantalize your listeners and grow fanatical ...

    Tags: Writing a Song, songwriting, writing songs, writing music

  • Indie Band Wardell Talk Musical Tastes and Writing Songs Using Voice Memos

    Indie Band Wardell Talk Musical Tastes and Writing Songs Using Voice Memos MP3

    Sibling duo Wardell, Sasha and Theo Spielberg, talk with Noel Teacher about growing up with very different musical tastes, how they wrote their first song, and ...

    Tags: st, stereotude, music news, music host, music, gossip, entertainment, wardell, sasha spielberg, theo spielberg, indie folk band, siblings, brother sister duo, weezer, strokes, velvet underground, musical influences, musical tastes, opossum, noel teacher

  • How to Write a Song - A step-by-step tutorial by Jeff Simmonds - Part 1

    How to Write a Song - A step-by-step tutorial by Jeff Simmonds - Part 1 MP3

    This little tutorial teaches how to write a song, with step-by-step instructions. How to come up with a melody.

    Tags: song writing, making up melodies, folk, reggae, rock music, songwriters, how to video

  • Beautiful Light Music - easy smooth inspirational - long playlist by relaxdaily: Ocean Breeze

    Beautiful Light Music - easy smooth inspirational - long playlist by relaxdaily: Ocean Breeze MP3

    Listen to a 2h long playlist with relaxdaily music. Beautiful, light instrumental music with an easy, smooth and inspirational attitude. Download at ...

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  • Indie Song Writing Tutorial

    Indie Song Writing Tutorial MP3

    This is a brief tutorial I created about Indie Song Writing for a project I am working in my Music Teaching and Learning class.
  • How to write a hit indie song

    How to write a hit indie song MP3

    Ska Skank Redemption presents how to write an Indie song. No we weren't drunk. Yes, we will get a record deal for this.

    Tags: ska, skank, skaskank, mark, kyle, sara, indie, song, successful, redemption, ssr, hit, bob

  • The Paper Kites - Bloom (Official Music Video)

    The Paper Kites - Bloom (Official Music Video) MP3

    Official music video for 'Bloom'. Available from http://www.thepaperkites.com.au LYRICS & CREDITS BELOW New album twelvefour available now ...

    Tags: BLOOM MASTER V2 480p, Featherstone, A Maker Of My Time, The Paper Kites-Featherstone, The Paper Kites, Bloom, The Paper Kites - Bloom, St Clarity, Music Videos

  • How to write an indie song

    How to write an indie song MP3

    All you need is a guitar and chords Let the lyrics come naturally as they music takes hold of you This is an original song written as it is being filmed. No special ...

    Tags: kings, of, leon, kooks, indie, original, acoustic, cover

  • Crazy In Love (Beyoncé Cover)

    Crazy In Love (Beyoncé Cover) MP3

    50 Shades Of Grey Trailer Song - Crazy In Love (Beyoncé Cover) Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/track/7jOvEsDIjHRH0LwCkwZSHS iTunes: ...

    Tags: iMovie, Fifty Shades Of Grey (Film), Iphone, Fifty Shades Of Grey (Book), blonde, christina aguilera, zara larsson, black and white, beyonce knowles, queen b, Crazy In Love (Composition), Mr grej, Christian Grey, Fifty shAdes of Grey trailer, Trailer Song, Beyonce soundtrack, Mr grey, Beyonce original, Beyonce 2014, 50 shades of grey, 50 shades, 50 shades of grey trailer, 50 shades of grey trailer song, Crazy In Love (Musical Recording)

  • 23 Ways To Get Over Your Crush

    23 Ways To Get Over Your Crush MP3

    This is what happens if a BuzzFeed list were a love song. What did you do to get over your crush? Share on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1stkU9I Like ...

    Tags: video, Crush, get over your crush, rock music, pop music, sad song, relationships, cake, milkshake, BuzzFeed Creep, Sara Rubin, staring, unrequited love, act casual, awkward crush, romantic crush, totally crushing, nervous, obsessive, sad, funny, puppy love, teen love, how to get over a crush, Song, Too, Chocolate, New, David, Much, Late, New Song, Milk, Thing, Love Song, Singing, creep, boyfriend, made, sings, breakfast, Music video, Too Much, David Archuleta, new single, Little, Film, sugar

  • The Naked And Famous - Girls Like You

    The Naked And Famous - Girls Like You MP3

    Pre-Order clear 7" Vinyl + signed poster: http://bit.ly/i5iC5u Directed by Campbell Hooper and Joel Kefali for Special Problems, taken from the debut album ...

    Tags: naked, and, famous, girls, like, you, tnaf, nz, alternative, electro, pop, What, will, do, say, be, when, it, all, comes, crashing, How, would, feel, if, It, happened, tonight, people, write, songs, about, everything

  • 8 Hour Study Mix: "Trance to Study By: All-Nighter"

    8 Hour Study Mix: "Trance to Study By: All-Nighter" MP3

    Yes, you read that right. Finals week is a desperate time and desperate measures are needed! This latest installment in the "Trance to Study By" series is here to ...

    Tags: Need, Study, Trance, Electronic, Music, Delta, Notch, Michael, Williams, Delta-Notch, Michael Williams, Mix, Learning, Focus, Studying, School, Test, Exam, Read, Reading, College, Study Music, No vocals, No words, Electronic Study Music, University, Student, Med student, Step 1, MCAT, Med school, Students, Dance, Finals, Focusing, Writing, Paper, Essay, Relaxing, Trance to Study By, Long, Techno, Remix, Help, Relax, Learn, Medical student, medical school, LSAT, GRE, Electronica, Trance Music, GMAT, Hour, Hours, Night, EDM

  • Hozier - Take Me To Church

    Hozier - Take Me To Church MP3

    iTunes - http://po.st/HozieriT3 Amazon - http://po.st/HozierAm3 Official Store & Vinyl - http://po.st/HozierD3 Hozier the album out now.

    Tags: Hozier, Andrew Hozier Byrne, Blues (Musical Genre), Alternative Rock (Musical Genre), Acoustic Music (Musical Genre), trinity orchestra, Soul Music (Musical Genre), Take Me To Church

  • See The World (Original Indie Love Song) - by Philip Zeplin and Niina Mamiya

    See The World (Original Indie Love Song) - by Philip Zeplin and Niina Mamiya MP3

    素晴らしい女の子で、彼女の素晴らしい声を共有するため、新名にありがとう! An original (indie) love song written and composed by myself, with a bit of help...

    Tags: Original, Song, Acoustic, Singer, Songwriter, Guitar, Artist, philip zeplin, niena mamiya, niina mamiya, Singer-songwriter (Profession), singersongwriter, original song, Unsigned, Musician, see the world with you, love song, composition, piano, slow song, japan, music video, upcoming artist, female singer, duet, love duet, indie love song, indie song, indie, best love song 2013, love song 2013, indie music 2013, niena, niina

  • How To Make Game Music

    How To Make Game Music MP3

    Learn how to expertly craft indie game soundtracks without any musical skill or knowledge what so ever. i share some of the best secrets and tricks to composing ...

    Tags: Video Game Music (Musical Genre), Game Music, Indie Game, Composing Game Music, Composing, Maschine, FL Studio, FL Studio (Software), Composing Video Game Music, OST, Creating Game Music, Creating game background music, creating game music, making music, making game music, how to make game music, how to make music

  • CRUISR - ALL OVER (BalconyTV)

    CRUISR - ALL OVER (BalconyTV) MP3

    CRUISR performs the song "ALL OVER" for BalconyTV. Subscribe to us right now at http://bit.ly/15yj4oc 'Like' us on Facebook - http://Facebook.com/balconytv ...

    Tags: cruisr, all over, live, acoustic, rooftop, balcony, balconytv, new york city, nyc, brooklyn, new york, music, skyline, joe kelley, brian crowe, moe molcho, the end nyc, the end

  • Hayley Kiyoko - Girls Like Girls

    Hayley Kiyoko - Girls Like Girls MP3

    Music video for Girls Like Girls performed by Hayley Kiyoko. Buy This Side Of Paradise EP on iTunes ...

    Tags: Girls Like Girls, Hayley Kiyoko, Pop, This Side of Paradise, vydia, 2015, Rich Youth, Austin, Winchell, Hayley, Kiyoko, Owen Thomas, Lily-May Young, music, music video, vevo


    Girls Like Girls

    Hayley Kiyoko

    Stealing kisses from your Mrs, does it make you freak out? Got you fussing, got you worried, scared to let your guard down Boys, boys Tell the neighbors I'm not sorry if I'm breakin' w[...]
  • Flashlight - Bethany Mota - Pitch Perfect 2 / Jessie J Cover

    Flashlight - Bethany Mota - Pitch Perfect 2 / Jessie J Cover MP3

    Was a blast to work the the incredibly talented Bethany Mota. Love this song and hope you like our version of it! iTunes Download: http://msclvr.co/hyNLb6 ...

    Tags: flashlight, bethany mota, Pitch Perfect 2 (Film), Jessie J (Musical Artist), cover, lyrics, acoustic, acapella, piano, Kurt Hugo Schneider (Film Director), A Cappella (Musical Genre), pitch perfect

  • Some of the best movie soundtracks

    Some of the best movie soundtracks MP3

    Here's a compilation of some of the best soundtracks ever written. Of course, that's merely my opinion, I don't aim to be objective. Enjoy the music ! Check out this ...

    Tags: Soundtrack (Musical Album Type)

  • Drake - Worst Behavior

    Drake - Worst Behavior MP3

    Music video by Drake performing Worst Behavior. ©: Cash Money Records Inc.

    Tags: Drake, Worst, Behavior, Cash, Money


    Worst Behavior


    Worst motherfucker never loved us Fucker never loved us You ain't know, now you know now Still at it, scrub J's with a toothbrush Shit, niggas still playing my old shit But your shit is like the police asking us questions, Nigga' we don't know shit Flex, nigga I'm just flexin' Nigga never loved us Do it look like we stressin'? Look at you, look at you, and look at you, Ahh - I'm glad that they chose us Command, it's a miss[...]
  • Anthony Shiels - Pop/Indie Pianist

    Anthony Shiels - Pop/Indie Pianist MP3

    Contemporary Pop/Rock/Indie piano player for background entertainment. Suitable for Weddings, Functions and Corporate events in the East Midlands and ...

    Tags: Pop, Rock, Indie, Piano, Covers, Pianist, Wedding, Function, Corporate, Background, Killers, Mumford And Sons, Ed Sheeran, Keane, Daft Punk