• American Woodcock

    American Woodcock MP3

    The Music of Nature proudly presents "American Woodcock," a video portrait of an American Woodcock giving it's nasal "peent" calls at dusk. Notice the subtle ...

    Tags: American Woodcock, The Music of Nature, Lang Elliott, bird song, nature video, birds

  • Woodcocks - Worth

    Woodcocks - Worth MP3

    The woodcocks. Track 01 worth. A very nice band, and a damn good song!

    Tags: the, woodcocks, worth, song, good, strong, best

  • Woodcock Hunt

    Woodcock Hunt MP3

    If you've ever rambled alongside a midlands creek, through a cane patch, or across a marshy bottom, you might have walked right beside a woodcock and never ...

    Tags: Woodcock, South, Carolina, Department, of, Natural, Resources, SC, DNR, Law, Enforcement, Game, Warden, Freshwater, Fisheries, Fish, Saltwater, Marine, Maritime, Harvesting, Nongame, Non-Game, Lakes, Rivers, Ocean, Mountains, Upstate, Lowcountry, Low-Country, wildlife, nature, life, better, outdoors, Biologist, Archaeologist, Boat, Boating, Boats, Geology, Heritage, Trust, Boater, Safety, Conservation, Officer, Hunt, Hunting, Hunter, education, course, courses

  • Baby American Woodcocks-Wild Bird Rehabilitation

    Baby American Woodcocks-Wild Bird Rehabilitation MP3

    An American Woodcock baby was brought to us this evening www.wildbirdrehab.org Overland, Mo.

    Tags: american woodcock, birds

  • Rugdejakt / Woodcock Hunting

    Rugdejakt / Woodcock Hunting MP3

    Rugdejakt med stående fuglehund. Når uværet herjer rypefjellet om vinteren trekker vi ned i lavere fjell med mer skog, for å jakte rugde i november og desember ...

    Tags: Hunting (Magazine Genre)

  • American Woodcock shows off dance moves

    American Woodcock shows off dance moves MP3

    Video by Bill Hubick For licensing/usage please contact [email protected] Check out Maryland Biodiversity Project here: ...
  • Wood Cocks!

    Wood Cocks! MP3

    I have wood cocks!

    Tags: ghettohillbilly1, woodcock, wood cock, migratory birds, starving birds, vlog, vlogging, Wood, Factory, Throwing, Butterfly, Chain, Forrest, late spring, nova scotia 2015, Woods, birds, wildlife, Video Blog (Website Category), Bird, stranded birds, valley bulldog, video blog, blog, daily videos, cat, Duck, starving birds in nova scotia, Parrot, Blade, Knives, Ducks, Steel

  • Mr WoodCock

    Mr WoodCock's Dad MP3

    A short clip from the movie "Mr Woodcock" where john farley meets mr woodcock's father.

    Tags: woodcock, angry, bitter, old, funny, Seann William Scott, Billy Bob Thornton, Bill Macy, John Farley, Jasper Woodcock, pecker, wrestle

  • Woodcocks - Raul

    Woodcocks - Raul MP3

    Woodcocks - (1990) Woodcocks Label:Still Sane Records.

    Tags: Woodcocks

  • American Woodcock Displaying in Maine

    American Woodcock Displaying in Maine MP3

    A male American Woodcock displaying in the spring. Woodcocks often appear on their breeding grounds while there is still snow on the ground. They do their ...

    Tags: woodcock, american, displaying, peent, beent, sound, maine, connecticut, spring, sing, song, bird, wild, wildlife, Birds, birding, watching, bird watching, forest, wetland, marsh, Birdwatching, nest, nature, video, nature video, hd, high, def, 7d, 1d, canon, slr, camera, film, lens, videography, national geographic, stunning, warbler, sparrow, finch, boreal

  • Woodcock Shooting in Scotland over English Setters.

    Woodcock Shooting in Scotland over English Setters. MP3

    We join a group of Italian hunters over on the west coast of Scotland who have brought over their fantastic working setters to hunt for woodcock. The weather ...

    Tags: Woodcock, hunting, gun, shotgun, scotland, dogs, dog, setters, teamwild, fieldsports, shooting, Pointer (Animal Breed), Shooting Sport (Sport), westcoast, italian, gamebird, game, bird, shot

  • Woodcocks 3rd Round Win Aka Woodcock

    Woodcocks 3rd Round Win Aka Woodcock's 3 Round Win (1946) MP3

    Item title reads - Woodcock's 3 round win. Regal cinema, Hull. Yorkshire. Various shots as George James tries to find boxing gloves big enough to fit him before ...

    Tags: Wooodcock, Bruce, boxing, James, George, Yorkshire, Hull, cinemas, Regal, documentary, newsreel, footage, BritishPathe, British Pathe

  • Woodcock Courtship Flight

    Woodcock Courtship Flight MP3

    At dusk in spring, an American Woodcock announces its presence to females with a distinctive "peent" call on the ground, then bursts into a crazy zig zag flight ...

    Tags: woodcock, mating, flight, dance, bird, courtship, Birds

  • Lee Savold - Bruce Woodcock II (Highlights)

    Lee Savold - Bruce Woodcock II (Highlights) MP3

    1950-06-06 White City Stadium, White City, London, United Kingdom.
  • Churring Nightjars, Roding Woodcocks and Screeching Owls

    Churring Nightjars, Roding Woodcocks and Screeching Owls MP3

    Nocturnal birds do their thing. Nightjars' eerie churring is best heard starting at 2:15 in the video where we were agonisingly close! (unfortunately, despite getting ...

    Tags: forest, night, nightjar, churr, churring, woodcock, roding, tawny, owl, hoot, screech, song, thrush

  • Kοντόραμφες Μπεκάτσες (Short beak woodcocks)

    Kοντόραμφες Μπεκάτσες (Short beak woodcocks) MP3

    4/11/14 Δύο μπεκάτσες με κοντά ράμφη βόσκουν σε χωματόδρομο (short beak length woodcocks caught on tape in north Greece 04/11/14)

    Tags: Eurasian Woodcock (Organism Classification)

  • Vlog #8 - Woodcocks Road Part 2

    Vlog #8 - Woodcocks Road Part 2 MP3

    Part 2 of 2 of a group ride to Woodcocks Road and State Highway 16.

    Tags: rider of nz, riderofnz, motorcycle, motorbike, motovlog, vlog, kawasaki, ninja, kawasaki ninja 650, kawasaki ninja 650r, ninja 650, ninja 650r, new zealand, nz

  • Woodcocks  keep me sane

    Woodcocks keep me sane MP3

    Woodcocks   -- Woodcocks Label: Still Sane Records -- sane 10 Released: 1990 Genre: Rock Style: Country Rock.

    Tags: rock music

  • Sporting Scene - Introduction to Shooting Woodcock.

    Sporting Scene - Introduction to Shooting Woodcock. MP3

    www.sporting-scene.com. The Woodcock, known to be one of the most elusive and challenging of all the field game, holds great interest for many sportsmen.

    Tags: Game, Shooting

  • Woodcocks Road - Yes, again!

    Woodcocks Road - Yes, again! MP3

    This time with my new GoPro Hero HD camera.

    Tags: GoPro, HD, Hero, KTM, 530, New, Zealand

  • Woodcock Ko

    Woodcock Ko's Renet (1946) MP3

    Item title reads - Woodcock ko's Renet. Belle Vue, Manchester. Various shots of Bruce Woodcock and Renet boxing in the European Heavyweight ...

    Tags: boxing, Renet, Woodcock, Bruce, Manchester, Vue, Belle, documentary, newsreel, footage, BritishPathe, British Pathe



    2014/2/15 西荻窪WAVER.
  • Bruce Woodcock (1946)

    Bruce Woodcock (1946) MP3

    Doncaster, Yorkshire. Britain's heavyweight boxing Champion Bruce Woodcock working in railway workshop. Various shots of Bruce Woodcock in training ...

    Tags: NP 087, Belt, Lonsdale, Hull, James, George, personalities, fit, keep, work, sports, boxing, Woodcock, Bruce, Yorkshire, Doncaster, documentary, newsreel, footage, BritishPathe, British Pathe

  • Woodcocks Road, DRZ400SM following Ninja 300

    Woodcocks Road, DRZ400SM following Ninja 300 MP3

    Me on my DRZ400SM following my friend on his Ninja 300 along Woodcocks road in warkworth. Skip to 6:00 for twisties.

    Tags: Kawasaki Ninja 300, Motorcycle (Automotive Class), suzuki, drz400sm, sportsbike, supermotard, new zealand, woodcocks road, racing, motogp

  • Tom Wood: Cocks and Bulls

    Tom Wood: Cocks and Bulls MP3

    Tags: tom wood, tom, wood, Laurence Sterne, Laurence, sterne, coxwold, shandy hall, shandy, patrick wildgust, wildgust, york, york museums trust, Museum (Building Function), tristram shandy, Gentleman, martin rowson, cocks, bulls, cockerel, rooster, cock, bull

  • Woodcock Roding

    Woodcock Roding MP3

    Squeaks like a mouse, grunts like a pig, hides in leaf-litter and only flies at night: Woodcock are weird birds that are seldom seen unless you know when and ...

    Tags: Woodcock, Calderdale, Birds, Woodland, Stephen, Cummings, Thebaldibis, Freelance, Wildlife, cameraman, Sound, recordist, BBC, Springwatch, Countryfile, Natural, History, Nature, Environment, Conservation, Ornithology, Bird, Watching, Animals, Hunting, Fishing, Shooting, Poaching, Documentary, National, Geographic, Animal, Planet, RSPB, English, WWF, Greenpeace, roding, sony hvr v1, low light filming, night filming, bird flight, game bird

  • Pro Clubs- Woodcocks real- 2

    Pro Clubs- Woodcocks real- 2 MP3

    Tags: Clubs-, Woodcocks, real-

  • DOBLETE DE BECADAS(becasses,woodcocks)

    DOBLETE DE BECADAS(becasses,woodcocks) MP3

    doblete de becadas que dejamos marchar por verlas muy faciles,no todo es matar en la caza de la becada ,el respeto a la becada es muy importante.

    Tags: DOBLETE DE BECADASbecasses, woodcocks

  • NASS crew take on Woodcocks

    NASS crew take on Woodcocks MP3

    Filmed using the Mini-DV Cam supplied by Active Components (www.activecomponents.com). Location: Woodcocks Rd, Auckland, New Zealand Bike: 2004 ...

    Tags: NASS, WOODCOCKS, ROAD, mt01, yamaha, suzuki, vl800, c50, volusia, ride, twisties, active, components, mini, dv, camera, sports

  • Woodcocks Part 1

    Woodcocks Part 1 MP3

    Tags: Kiwibiker, Badger, Choco, Woodcocks, Woosh, Stuff, Motorbike, Bikes, fast, slow, medium, latte, tool, the, pot, lol, how, low, can, you, go, new, zealand