• Whew! - 8/6/79

    Whew! - 8/6/79 MP3

    I have literally no real reason why I uploaded this clip other than that I really like this show.

    Tags: game show

  • Whew! - Finale (5/30/80)

    Whew! - Finale (5/30/80) MP3

    I have to admit, while I do love this show a whole bunch, the main reason I'm posting this is because I'm a huge John Saxon fan, and the idea of a guy like him ...

    Tags: celebrity, whew, finale, game, show, betty, white, john, saxon, tom, kennedy, 1980

  • Whew! Gauntlet of Villians

    Whew! Gauntlet of Villians MP3

    Bonus round of popular 1978 CBS Game Show "Whew!" Dedicated to the memory of Randy Amasia, the contestant here who lost his cancer battle before finding ...

    Tags: whew, game, show

  • (Celebrity) Whew! (1980) - Trish Stewart & Jamie Farr

    (Celebrity) Whew! (1980) - Trish Stewart & Jamie Farr MP3

    This is the full video, as credited to gamelover1949. Thanks! And here's another Whew! episode (this one is a celebrity edition) with Trish Stewart and ...

    Tags: Jamie Farr (TV Actor), Trish Stewart, CBS, Game Show (TV Genre), Game Show Network (TV Network), 1980, MRC, MrSurferPlus, Tom Kennedy (TV Personality)

  • Whew! (August 27, 1979) - Randy Amasia

    Whew! (August 27, 1979) - Randy Amasia's first show! MP3

    And what you are seeing is another classy 70s game show from the bunker.... Yep, It's Whew! alright, and Pat is our recurring champion who just won $1140.

    Tags: 1979, MRC, MrSurferPlus, Game Show (TV Genre), Tom Kennedy (TV Personality), CBS, Game Show Network (TV Network)

  • Whew! 1979

    Whew! 1979 MP3

    Dustin Hoffman's "Tootsie" doppelganger against the Whew! "Gauntlet of Villains" for $25000.

    Tags: Game Show (TV Genre)

  • Whew Sample

    Whew Sample MP3



    Please read everything below before anything else TWEET THIS VIDEO - http://bit.ly/mAzT0A PLEASE READ ALL OF THE FOLLOWING BELOW Be sure to look ...

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  • Whew, The Graduate, Simon & Garfunkel

    Whew, The Graduate, Simon & Garfunkel MP3

    A mix of Mrs Robinson & Scarborough Fair of Simon & Garfunkel.

    Tags: Whew

  • Whew! Ending Theme

    Whew! Ending Theme MP3

    Here is an unclean rendition of the Whew! ending theme I found somewhere a few years ago. Credit to AdamNedeff for creating the track.

    Tags: game, show, Tom, Kennedy

  • [24-Hour GSM] Whew!

    [24-Hour GSM] Whew! MP3

    Bob Hagh hosts this high-pressure high-speed quizzer. Cory Anotado takes on Christian Carrion. Watch as Cory does something that no one on the original ...

    Tags: 24, hour, game show, marathon, whew, alan thicke

  • Whew! Opening

    Whew! Opening MP3

    Opening to the 1970s CBS game show Whew!

    Tags: game, show, whew, tom, kennedy

  • "Whew Child", Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated

    "Whew Child", Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated MP3

    "Whew Child"

    Tags: Alpha, Kappa, Sorority, Incorporated, AKA

  • Whew Episode #A-132D

    Whew Episode #A-132D MP3

    Only one thing to say after reaching 10000 Facebook likes...WHEW! Here is to 10000 more!! Enjoy!
  • April 1979 CBS WHEW! game show TV promo

    April 1979 CBS WHEW! game show TV promo MP3

    A 1979 CBS promo promoting the upcoming April 23, 1979 debut of the daytime game show WHEW! hosted by Tom Kennedy featuring several clips from a 1978 ...

    Tags: game show, 1979, pilot, Tom Kennedy, CBS promo, April 1979, daytime

  • (Celebrity) Whew! (April 1980): Trish Stewart & Jamie Farr Part 2

    (Celebrity) Whew! (April 1980): Trish Stewart & Jamie Farr Part 2 MP3

    Here's the second half of an April 1980 episode of Whew! Keith is about to face the Gauntlet and go for $25000 in cash. Can he beat the Villains? No copyright ...

    Tags: whew, game, show, april, 1980

  • Whew... Heo Young Saeng [Sub español + Romanizacion]

    Whew... Heo Young Saeng [Sub español + Romanizacion] MP3

    Heo Young Saeng (허영생) Special Album 'She' Pista 02. Whew... (휴...)


    YESTERDAY'S VLOG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LP8EIUWd-V0 TORTELLINI WITH SPINACH & PEAS: ...

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  • Ew!-Whew! Goodpasture 2014 Food Drive Video

    Ew!-Whew! Goodpasture 2014 Food Drive Video MP3

    Goodpasture Christian School keeps with tradition by presenting this year's food drive video "Ew!-Whew" based on the Jimmy Fallon and will.i.am "Ew" video.

    Tags: Goodpasture Christian School, Goodpasture, Food Drive, 2014 Food Drive, Ew, Parody (TV Genre)

  • Cow Dives EP5: Whew

    Cow Dives EP5: Whew MP3

    Cowsep continues to dive deep, sometimes deeper than he should. ▻ Follow and watch live on Twitch! http://twitch.tv/cowsep ▻ Keep connected with Cowsep ...

    Tags: League of Legends, Cowsep, Jungle, Master Yi, Master Tier, Diamond, Challenger, Streamer, Troll, High Elo, Nunu, 1000 AP, 1000AP, Nunu Jungle, Singed, Ezreal, Zyra, Gromp, Executed, cow sep, sepimnida, Jinx, diving, league diving, towerdiving, tower diving

  • Whew!  Randy Amasia

    Whew! Randy Amasia MP3

    Tags: Randy, Amasia

  • Waka Flocka Flame ft Cap & Slim Dunkin

    Waka Flocka Flame ft Cap & Slim Dunkin' - Whew (Official Music Video) MP3

    Waka Lil Cap Slim Duckin' & BC whas playing around and made a Web-Cam music video to "Whew" Music and Video made by Mike Will.

    Tags: wakaflockaflame, cap, Slimduckin, lil, mike, will

  • Applejack - Whew. There

    Applejack - Whew. There's Granny Smith. I'm a pretty good actress when I wanna be. MP3

    MLP FiM My Little Pony Friendship is Magic S05E21 S05 E21 Season 5 Episode 21 Scare Master Applejack - Whew. There's Granny Smith. Not that I was ever ...

    Tags: MLP, FiM, My, Little, Pony, Friendship, is, Magic, Sunny, Sand, Storm, SandStorm, Chris, Di, Brony, Pegasister, TV, Kyrospawn, Requestria, Equestria, Daily, Sethisto, Season, Episode, Season 5, Episode 21, Scare, Master, Scary, Stare, Fluttershy, Flutterbat, Bat, Batpony, Fruit, Vampire, Bats, Halloween, Nightmare, Night, Costume, Applejack, whew, there, Granny, Smith, not, that, was, ever, scared, because, pretty, good, actor, actress, when, wanna, be, screams, death, dead, kill, bone, bones, head, lost, funny, fun, meme, forum, weapon, skull

  • Elvin Jones - Whew.wmv

    Elvin Jones - Whew.wmv MP3

    Elvin Jones - Poly-Currents Drums - Elvin Jones Bass - Wilbur Little Congas - Candido Cameron Flute - Fred Tompkins (tracks: B2) Saxophone [Baritone] ...

    Tags: Elvin, Jones, Poly-Currents, jazz, musical instrument, saxophone, sax



    TL;DW: Single Player Let's plays. They're going to stop. (On youtube. Will be on twitch.) Co op Let's plays will resume. Follow me on the links down below.

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  • a2mt - 35 - oh whew

    a2mt - 35 - oh whew MP3

    Moonlit Mountain - Davvic all of my off-screen deaths where directly or indirectly caused by one of two things - the penguin tosser at the very very start, or the ...

    Tags: if you shoot, a bullet, on the moon, how far, will it go, without, baking, socks, Socks (Book), socks (deceased organism)

  • (Celebrity) Whew! (April 1980): Trish Stewart & Jamie Farr Part 1

    (Celebrity) Whew! (April 1980): Trish Stewart & Jamie Farr Part 1 MP3

    Time for a new show on the channel today! Here is the first half of an April 1980 episode of Whew! In this episode, the celebs are trying to help current champion ...

    Tags: whew, tom kennedy, game, show, april, 1980, cbs, daytime, jay wolpert, rod roddy, gauntlet, villians, blocks, trish stewart, jamie farr



    Leave a like if you enjoyed this video :D It helps a lot! Tshirts ▻http://www.Sp00nerism.spreadshirt.com UK tshirts ▻ http://www.sp00nerism.spreadshirt.net My ...

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  • FRIDAY FAVORITES and a Possible Poo! Whew!

    FRIDAY FAVORITES and a Possible Poo! Whew! MP3

    Check out Tophatter here! http://mediumurl.co/1ZE5H BEST OF BEAUTY 2013- http://youtu.be/G5DGoGJZ9J8 RANDOM DRUGSTORE HAUL- ...

    Tags: friday favoriites, best of beauty 2013, maybelline, haul, drugstore haul, Makeup, Tutorial, Cosmetics (Industry), Beauty, get ready with me, must haves, flawless foundation routine, full coverage foundation, matte, oily skin, skincare, powder, blush, mascara, lipstick, covergirl, revlon, loreal, mac, Eyes, Review, Foundation, Look, Pink

  • whew_that_was_close.wav MP3
  • whew_that_was_close.wav MP3