Wacs In Slacks

  • Wac

    Wac's In Slacks cir 1985.mpg MP3

    Here is WAC'S IN SLACKS! The Beam Band did this video in 1985 with Video West before MTV. It features Karima Tatum, Deborah Bueti, Michael McDonald, ...

    Tags: Deborah Bueti, Karima Tatum, Michael Mcdonald, Scott Anderson, Barry Beam, (AKA Blum)

  • The B-52

    The B-52's - Hot Pants Explosion MP3

    "Hot Pants Explosion" of 1992's "Good Stuff" LYRICS: You know what I say to your hot pants? Say what? Say get on down, ah ha ha... I'm in shippin', if you're ...

    Tags: goodstuff, b52, b52s, hotpantsexplosion, 1992

  • GEE, I Wish I Was Back In The Army_White Christmas_Lyrics

    GEE, I Wish I Was Back In The Army_White Christmas_Lyrics MP3

    When I was mustered out I thought without a doubt That I was through with all my care and strife I thought that I was then The happiest of men But after months of ...

    Tags: Merry Christmas, Christmas (Holiday Period), Bells, Holidays, Carol, Jingle, army, Lights, Jingle Bells (Composition), Happy, Holiday (Film), Eve, Christmas Eve (Holiday), I wish I was back in the army, White Christmas (Play), White Christmas (Film), bing crosby, danny kaye, rosemary clooney, xmas lights, singing, dancing, winter, vermont, snow, theatre, musical, Theater, 1944, VERA ELLEN, Lyrics, Song

  • Never Wave at a WAC - Feature Film (1953)

    Never Wave at a WAC - Feature Film (1953) MP3

    Adventure/Comedy/Romance (1953) 87 mins - Black & White A divorced socialite decides to join the Army because she hopes it will enable her to see more of ...

    Tags: Never Wave At A WAC (Film), Rosalind Russell, Paul Douglas, Marie Wilson, Frederick Kohner, Ken Englund, adventure, comedy, romance, 1953

  • WACS Mid-Winter Warmer.wmv

    WACS Mid-Winter Warmer.wmv MP3

    Tags: Danger rus, tessa kaminski, duo aerial silks, WACS, rus bus, peter pan, peter pants, tinkerbell, tinkerbelle, Fremantle, Angel Minx, Angel minks

  • wacs  じぇら♡わかな

    wacs じぇら♡わかな MP3

  • Videowest - Barry Beam - Wacks in Slacks

    Videowest - Barry Beam - Wacks in Slacks MP3

    Produced by Frankie Petitclerc Directed by Nancy Callister.

    Tags: videowest, barry beam, wacks in slacks

  • WOMEN IN WAR 1920s 1940s

    WOMEN IN WAR 1920s 1940s MP3

    For licensing inquiries please contact Historic Films Archive (www.historicfilms.com / [email protected]) 05:05:16 WOMEN IN WAR. (1920s-1940s) #338 ...


  • C-J (College Junior) Program College Girls (1970)

    C-J (College Junior) Program College Girls (1970) MP3

    (Silent, Color) National Archives and Records Administration C-J Program (College Junior) : College Girls ARC Identifier 33833 / Local Identifier 111-LC-55995 ...

    Tags: Propaganda, world, bowl, United, aviation, airplane, of, jet, korea, flying, Untold, pilot, korean, Airbus, propaganda, College, C-J, Junior), (1970), II, war, military, history, WWII, super, airline, education, WWI, Boeing, Vietnam, prop, cold, Korea, communism, airboyd, War, Atomic, World War, Girls, Program, luftfahrt, Europe, (College, democracy, documentary, Germany, plane, States, Nuclear, the, History, planes, vietnam

  • 2013.3.21明薬イベ -Inside my pants-

    2013.3.21明薬イベ -Inside my pants- MP3

    Tags: Inside my pants, HygeKatsu

  • Unborn Baby Handshake -- WAC #1

    Unborn Baby Handshake -- WAC #1 MP3

    Vsauce2 Facebook: http://on.fb.me/V62afx Vsauce2 Twitter: http://bit.ly/T6N1dk *** CLICK "SHOW MORE" FOR NEWS STORY LINKS *** Baby Grabs Doctor's ...

    Tags: vsauce, vsauce2, vsause, vsause2, vsauce 2, weirdos, weird, news, Weird News, WAC, weird awesome crazy, awesome, crazy, stories, silly, strange, entertainment, odd, pennies, no pants subway ride

  • Dave Strider - Heirlooms

    Dave Strider - Heirlooms MP3

    im not on hiatus download - tindeck.com/listen/wacs Lyrics: Vaults of volcano lava, lock and loaded Firing rounds from a scolding soldering poet Take all these ...

    Tags: homestuck, dave strider, dave strider rap, mspa, mc dave strider, andrew hussie

  • Women

    Women's army core - No Greater Heritage (1968) Part 2 MP3


    Tags: no greater heritage, heritage, woman, women, military, army, patriot, patriotism, USA, America, American, war, propaganda, cold war, marine, navy, USMC, air force, corps, documentary, history, WW2, WWII, world war, Korea, Korean, Vietnam, service, duty, train, training, WAC, GI Jane, female military, women in the army, army women, United States, soldier, soldiers

  • In Side my Pants

    In Side my Pants MP3

  • Danger! Women at Work! (ca.1940s) WW2 Homefront Educational Film

    Danger! Women at Work! (ca.1940s) WW2 Homefront Educational Film MP3

    World War II-vintage film on health and occupational safety issues facing women workers Old-time footage of male workers leaving factory door and dispersing ...

    Tags: 1940s (Event), ww2, wwii, homefront, World War II (Event), Work, Working, Progress, Educational Film, Germany, Short, Short Film

  • Land Women Of Australia  Issue Title Come The Three Corners (1943)

    Land Women Of Australia Issue Title Come The Three Corners (1943) MP3

    Part of issue COME THE THREE CORNERS Australia. C/U of sign reading 'Women's Land Army - Women's Australian National Service - Both On First Floor'.

    Tags: NSP 360, vegetables, wool, harvesting, oranges, glamour, agriculture, two, war, world, work, women, magazines, reading, eating, uniforms, stations, railway, Leeton, fit, keep, farming, Service, National, Australian, Army, Land, Australia, documentary, newsreel, footage, BritishPathe, British Pathe

  • Traffic Slaying on a Kawasaki Ninja 300 -- Post-Review Notes & Bits-n-Bobs!

    Traffic Slaying on a Kawasaki Ninja 300 -- Post-Review Notes & Bits-n-Bobs! MP3

    Riding this little thing home for a mate! Upsetting motorists in suburban peak-hour traffic and getting almost-lost on the way to the twisties...at night! What could ...

    Tags: Honda, CBR500R, motovlog, motovlogger, southern, highlands, vlog, adventure, motorcycle, motorbike, Drift, Ghost-S, 1080p, 60fps, post-review, comments and thoughts, Kawasaki Ninja 300, traffic, slaying

  • Ninja 250ex "Crash"

    Ninja 250ex "Crash" MP3

    Tags: Crash, Ninja, 250, 250ex, top, speed, topspeed, Accident, Crashes, Auto, Cars, Race, Car Crash, Accidents, Compilation

  • Do These Sounds Make You Angry? (EXPERIMENT)

    Do These Sounds Make You Angry? (EXPERIMENT) MP3

    Sometimes certain sounds make you go crazy. GMM #589! Good Mythical MORE: http://youtu.be/t_CbYqg0us0 Want access to our invite only live stream toast?

    Tags: anger, misophonia, angry, sounds, ears, sound, crazy, rage, over 9000, cheeseburger, talking, micorphone, audio, headphones, chart, colors, pig, witch, laugh, verbal, vocal, audible, frustration, feeling, emotions, response, Rhett, Link, Talk, Good Mythical Morning, Mythical Morning, GMM, The Mythical Show, funny, talk show, variety show, Wheel of Mythicality, Mythical Beasts, Mythical, RhettandLink2, Rhett and Link 2, Rhett and Link, Talking, season 6, experiment, test, study

  • Culinary Academy Of India, Bhangra 1st prize in ACP Dance Competition.

    Culinary Academy Of India, Bhangra 1st prize in ACP Dance Competition. MP3

    This Video is of the Bhangra done by the students of Culinary Academy Of India @ The Association of Catering Professionals Function.

    Tags: Culinary Academy Of India, College Bhangra

  • Natasha Muse, Comedian

    Natasha Muse, Comedian MP3

    Hear more of Natasha's story and get to see some of her stand up by tuning in to Bay Sunday on KPIX 5. OAD 3/3/13 watch Sundays at 5:30am KPIX-TV ...

    Tags: Natasha Muse, Bay Sunday, KPIX, CBS, Frank Mallicoat, trangender, comedy

  • 明薬祭2012/10/20 dance×軽音コラボstage

    明薬祭2012/10/20 dance×軽音コラボstage MP3

    solo session,yuki(Poppin'),pi☆chu(house)
  • Vintage Hippy 1970

    Vintage Hippy 1970's Costume from UKPartyWarehouse MP3

    http://www.ukpartywarehouse.com - Vintage Hippy 1970's Costume Fancy Dress Costume from UKPartyWarehouse.

    Tags: fancy, dress, Vintage, Hippy, costume, ukpartywarehouse