• UberScenester "Plus-X" (2002) live @ Uptown Bar

    UberScenester "Plus-X" (2002) live @ Uptown Bar MP3

    Tags: Music, Video, Alternative, Rock, UberScenester, Minneapolis

  • UberScenester "PrettyCavalier" 2008

    UberScenester "PrettyCavalier" 2008 MP3

    Tags: Uber, UberScenester, Minneapolis, Rock, Alternative, Matt, Young, Mike, Suade, Davin, Al, Grande, El

  • UberScenester "Starlet" live (1998)

    UberScenester "Starlet" live (1998) MP3

    Tags: alternative, rock, UberScenester, music, video, Minneapolis, Entry

  • UberScenester "Fame Was The Name of Her Game" live (1998)

    UberScenester "Fame Was The Name of Her Game" live (1998) MP3

    Tags: Music, Alternative, UberScenester, Minneapolis, First, Avenue, Rock, Live

  • UberScenester "Never Do That Again" (2002)

    UberScenester "Never Do That Again" (2002) MP3

    Tags: alternative, rock, uberscenester, minneapolis, music

  • UberScenester "Hollywood Limousine" (2003)

    UberScenester "Hollywood Limousine" (2003) MP3

    "Hollywood Limousine" Music Video - Directed by Mike "Suade" Newell. From the 1999 "Ballad For Neve Campbell (+3)" EP released on Earmark Records.

    Tags: Alternative, Rock, Music, Video, Uber, UberScenester, uberscenester, Matt, Young, Caflisch, Mike, Suade, Newell, Davin, Odegaard

  • UberScenester "Hollywood Limousine" live (2001)

    UberScenester "Hollywood Limousine" live (2001) MP3

    Tags: alternative, rock, music, UberScenester, minneapolis, band

  • Uberscenester- Passing Fad

    Uberscenester- Passing Fad MP3

    Tags: MIghty, Grant, Rank, Husker, Joe

  • Uberscenester - Plus X

    Uberscenester - Plus X MP3

    Tags: MIght, Grant, Paul, Husker, Al, Rank

  • The Gene Streets: Wizard World Comic Con

    The Gene Streets: Wizard World Comic Con MP3

    Notorious Twitter troll/uber scenester Gene Shorts (@AIDShugs) hits up Wizard World Comic Con in New Orleans. Shenanigans ensue.

    Tags: Comic Con, Sketch Comedy (TV Genre), Interview (TV Genre), Comedy (Film Genre), AIDShugs, Gene Shorts, Massive Fraud, KARATEFIGHT, NOLA

  • Uberscenster - You Worked Me Over.

    Uberscenster - You Worked Me Over. MP3

    Uberscenester performs Lee's Liquor Lounge 3-20-2010.

    Tags: Grant, Mighty, Paul, The, Al, Joe, Husker, Replacements

  • Venison "Going Downy" (1995)

    Venison "Going Downy" (1995) MP3

    Venison (with apologies to "Team America"/"Thunderbirds" puppets) performs "Going Downy"... on the MOON! Assembled by Mike Suade & R. Charles.

    Tags: Music, Alternative, Rock, Venison, Wisconsin, Minneapolis, Band

  • Days of Rae -

    Days of Rae - 'Quiet Profanity' Live @ The Uptown Bar MP3

    Tags: Quiet, Profanity, days, of, rae, mn, minneapolis, paul, twin, cities, indie, music, rock, uptown, local, musicscene

  • JULP "Brown Eyed Susan/Jump Down"

    JULP "Brown Eyed Susan/Jump Down" MP3

    J.U.L.P (John Updyke's Lick Pussy) Perform the hidden b-side track "Brown Eyed Susan / Jump Down" from the Earmark Records 7"release.

    Tags: music, alternative, rock, JULP, video, Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Riding Into Town In Her Favorite City Limo

    Riding Into Town In Her Favorite City Limo MP3

    Disturbing Home Videos Series: unedited and raw footage of my sister's personal taxi into town to score drugs: the city ambulance. Raw footage. No voiceover ...

    Tags: city limo, ambulance, drug seeking, eat Texas, Bethzila, marquisdejolie, drug abuse

  • Limousine - A Drive

    Limousine - A Drive MP3

    Music video by Limousine performing A Drive. (C) 2004 MUSHROOM PILLOW.

    Tags: drive, mushroom, pillow

  • The Standoff (1996)

    The Standoff (1996) MP3

    Comic book geeks should not have guns!

    Tags: Comic, book, geek, yugo, stand, off, standoff, gun, guns, deal, deals

  • JULP "Cheap" (1998)

    JULP "Cheap" (1998) MP3

    J.U.L.P (john updyke's lick pussy) music video for the song "Cheap." Directed by Michael "Mike Suade" Newell & Rick Lawrence.

    Tags: alternative, rock, unsigned, music, JULP, minneapolis, Cheap

  • Hollywood Limo

    Hollywood Limo MP3

    Hollywood Limo.

    Tags: Hollywood, Limo

  • "How I Pictured Looking For Richard"

    "How I Pictured Looking For Richard" MP3

    The 'Shakespeare In The Parking Lot" Players present a classic scene from William Shakespeare's "Richard III" featuring "Lord" Frenchy Galbraith as Richard, ...

    Tags: Shakespeare, Play, Richard, Third, Classic, Stage, Actor, Mike, Suade

  • Juan Pablo Chavez - Chica de Hollywood

    Juan Pablo Chavez - Chica de Hollywood MP3

    Sencillo del primer disco grabado en estudio por el cantautor Juan Pablo Chávez.

    Tags: hollywood actor, banda, country music, latin dance, inspirational, photography, mexican soap opera, juan

  • Arctic Ice Limo

    Arctic Ice Limo MP3

    Tags: Arctic, Ice, Limo

  • Limousine - Miss Limousine

    Limousine - Miss Limousine MP3

    Casablanca Diciembre 2006 Montevideo, Uruguay. LIMOUSINE M.A.T.A. www.limousinemata.net www.myspace.com/limousinerockshow ...

    Tags: limousine, Mata, rock, and, roll, stones, new, york, dolls, richards, ramones, jagger

  • 'One Day At A Time'-shot outside, slightly drunk MP3

    Tags: justin, gold, acoustic, original, one, day, at, time, guitar, outside, califoornia, los, angeles

  • Soledad Movie CLIP - Limo Ride (2015) - Natassia Leone, Hal Dion Drama HD

    Soledad Movie CLIP - Limo Ride (2015) - Natassia Leone, Hal Dion Drama HD MP3

    Subscribe to TRAILERS: http://bit.ly/sxaw6h Subscribe to COMING SOON: http://bit.ly/H2vZUn Subscribe to INDIE TRAILERS: http://bit.ly/1F9OK9b Like us on ...

    Tags: movieclips, movie clips, movieclipstrailers, new trailers, trailers HD, hd, trailers, movieclipsDOTcom, trailer, 2014, official, HD, zefr, indie, independent, film festival, Soledad, Soledad movie, limo, limousine drive, limo drive, lonely, isolated, prom night, rape, date rape, sexual assault, los angeles, road trip, journey, Chase Austin, Chris Petrovski, Hal Dion, Joe Pistone, soledad clip, limo ride, jslewis

  • Lusurfer Record Release Party 8-14-2009

    Lusurfer Record Release Party 8-14-2009 MP3

    Tags: Lusurfer, Uptown Bar, satanic surf rock

  • J.U.L.P "Tijuana Donkey Show" (1996)

    J.U.L.P "Tijuana Donkey Show" (1996) MP3

    John Updyke's Lick Pussy (JULP) perform for the Super-8 camera: "Tijuana Donkey Show" is the song! Matt, Kevin and Mike bring a little style and show what ...

    Tags: Alternative, Rock, Music, band, Minneapolis, JULP, super-8