• Trollfest - Kaptein Kaos (2014) full album

    Trollfest - Kaptein Kaos (2014) full album MP3

  • TrollfesT - Solskinnsmedisin (Official music video)

    TrollfesT - Solskinnsmedisin (Official music video) MP3

    Music video to the song "Solskinnsmedisin" taken from the album "Kaptein Kaos" out on NoiseArt Records. Video by Manskow Productions with photography by ...

    Tags: trollfest, solskinnsmedisin, kaptein kaos, villanden, brakebein, korpiklaani, finntroll, equilibrium, summer, balkan metal, metal

  • Trollfest-Brumlebassen(full album/полный альбом)

    Trollfest-Brumlebassen(full album/полный альбом) MP3

    Список треков/Track list: 1. Brumlebassen 2. Böse Tivoli 3. Illsint 4. Hevlette 5. Finsken, Norsken og Presten 6. Mystisk Maskert 7. Apis Mellifera 8. Trinkentroll 9.

    Tags: Trollfest (Musical Group), Brumlebassen (Musical Recording), Music (Industry), norway, troll metal, humppa, metal, folk metal, black metal, full album

  • TrollfesT - Toxic (Britney Spears cover)

    TrollfesT - Toxic (Britney Spears cover) MP3

    Music video for the song Toxic. Available on the limited picture disc "A Decade of Drekkadence" ( Video by Manskow Productions ...

    Tags: cover, britney spears, balkan metal, toxic, trollfest, a decade of drekkadence

  • TrollfesT - Kaptein Kaos (official music video)

    TrollfesT - Kaptein Kaos (official music video) MP3

    Music video for the title track of the upcoming TrollfesT album. Video by Manskow Productions. The album is available through NoiseArt records March 28 ...

    Tags: trollfest, kaptein kaos, music video, brumlebassen, brakebein, balkan metal, chemistry, science

  • TrollfesT - TrinkenTroll (Official)

    TrollfesT - TrinkenTroll (Official) MP3

    Music video to the song "TrinkenTroll" from the upcoming album "Brumlebassen" out August 24th through NoiseArt Records. Video by Manskow Productions ...

    Tags: brumlebassen, balkan, trollfest, finntroll, trinkentroll, korpiklaani, folk, metal

  • TrollfesT - Karve (Official)

    TrollfesT - Karve (Official) MP3

    Music video to the song "Karve" from the album "En Kvest for den Hellige Gral" out on NoiseArt Records. Video by Manskow Productions (with help from Andrea ...

    Tags: true, karve, hellige, video, den, norwegian, gral, finntroll, kvest, turisas, super, for, balkan, metal, music, trollfest

  • TrollfesT - Making of Brumlebassen

    TrollfesT - Making of Brumlebassen MP3

    exclusive bonus content.

    Tags: TrollfesT, Making, of, Brumlebassen

  • TrollfesT - Die Verdammte Hungersnot (Official)

    TrollfesT - Die Verdammte Hungersnot (Official) MP3

    Music video to the song "Die Verdammte Hungersnot" by TrollfesT. Taken from the album "En Kvest for den Hellige Gral". True Norwegian Balkan Metal!! Video ...

    Tags: gral, for, hellige, kvest, hungersnot, TrollfesT, balkan, turisas, finntroll, norwegian, den, en, verdammte, records, noiseart, true, metal, die

  • TrollfesT - Karmøygeddon 2013 (Full concert)

    TrollfesT - Karmøygeddon 2013 (Full concert) MP3

    The complete concert at Karmøygeddon 2013, Filmed by Pål Mathiesen. Setlist: Den Åpne Sjø (1:50) (Brakebein) Brumlebassen (6:08) (Brumlebassen) ...

    Tags: folk metal, full concert, korpiklaani, balkan metal, trollfest, brumlebassen, live footage, live, finntroll, villanden, brakebein

  • Trollfest - Villanden

    Trollfest - Villanden MP3

    Artist: Trollfest Song Title: Villanden Album: Villanden Year: 2009 --------------- [Lyrics]

    Tags: Trollfest, Villanden, Titletrack, Folk, Metal

  • TrollfesT - Summer Breeze 2015 video report

    TrollfesT - Summer Breeze 2015 video report MP3

    We had a total blast at Summer Breeze 2015! Here's a little summary! No sleep - Killer Spider - Böse Tivoli - Manskow's farewell - Total awesomeness!

    Tags: Summer Breeze Open Air (Recurring Event), Trollfest (Musical Group), bose tivoli, Toxic (Composition), Festival (Type Of Conference), balkan metal, balkan music, fun, Sun (Celestial Object With Coordinate System), Wasp (Organism Classification), Tyrannosaurus (Organism Classification)

  • Trollfest - Essenfest

    Trollfest - Essenfest MP3

    This is a music video I created to Trollfest's drinking song "Essenfest". The scenes used in this music video where taken from the danish cartoon called "Valhal" ...

    Tags: trollfest, folk, metal, essenfest, drinking, finntroll, valhalla

  • TrollfesT - Gjetord

    TrollfesT - Gjetord MP3

    TrollfesT - Gjetord (En Kvest For Den Hellige Gral 2011) TrackList: 1. Die Verdammte Hungersnot 2. Karve 3. Die Berchtiges Bande 4. Gjetord 5. Der Sndenbock ...

    Tags: Utmarschen, essenfest, jegermeister, trollfest, troll, fest, norwegian, norway, folk, metal, death, black, en, kvest, for, den, hellige, gral, uraltes, elemente, villanden, brakebein, wilkommen, tell, drekka, oslo, pagan, melodic, viking, nordic, humpa, humppa, finnish, beer, Die, Verdammte, Hungersnot, Karve, Berchtiges, Bande, Gjetord, Der, Sndenbock, Gegalte, Korstog, Undermlere, Jevnes, med, Jorden, En, Gammel, Trollsti, epilog, song, contest, brand, new, 2011, album, music

  • TrollfesT - Die Grosse Echsen (lyric video)

    TrollfesT - Die Grosse Echsen (lyric video) MP3

    Lyric video to the song "Die Grosse Echsen" from the album "Kaptein Kaos" Filmed during the "Kaos Over Europe" tour with Finsterforst and Cryptic Forest. Video ...

    Tags: trollfest, grosse echsen, lyric video, finsterforst, cryptic forest, balkan metal, kaptein kaos

  • Trollfest - Brumlebassen

    Trollfest - Brumlebassen MP3

    Song of the band Trollfest, from the 2012 album "Brumlebassen" This is for promotional purposes only. DISCLAIMER: All music and images belong to the their ...

    Tags: Trollfest, Brumlebassen, new, 2012, folk, black, metal, norway

  • TrollfesT - Ave Maria (New song)

    TrollfesT - Ave Maria (New song) MP3

    The track "Ave Maria" from the upcoming album Kaptein Kaos. available for pre-order from, Facebook: ...

    Tags: trollfest, ave maria, kaptein kaos, brumlebassen, korpiklaani, finntroll, turisas, balkan metal

  • Trollfest - First Ever Tambourine Clinic (70000 Tons Of Metal 2015)

    Trollfest - First Ever Tambourine Clinic (70000 Tons Of Metal 2015) MP3

    Bok N' Brusetruse's first EVER Tambourine Clinic! A World first! Facebook: Website: http://www. ...

    Tags: Tambourine (Musical Instrument), 70000 Tons Of Metal (Recurring Event), Heavy Metal (Musical Genre), Music Education (Field Of Study), First, Ever, Best, Drum, Cover, Drummer, Drums, Drumming, Trollfest (Musical Group), Toxic (Composition), Drums (Musical Instrument), Percussion, Bass, Drum And Bass (Musical Genre), Greatest, education

  • Trollfest - Rundt Bålet Live (At Alrosa Villa)

    Trollfest - Rundt Bålet Live (At Alrosa Villa) MP3

    Our music video for "Rundt Bålet", taken from our live album, out MAY 4TH! You can also get "Rundt Bålet" another Trollfest tracks here: ...

    Tags: Trollfest (Musical Group), alrosa villa, brumlebassen, mr seidel, trollmannen, paganfest, Gandalf (Film Character), helsott, tyr, Heidevolk (Musical Group), kingsblood, Ensiferum (Musical Group), True Norwegian Black Metal (TV Program), true norwegian balkan metal, accordion, Bouzouki (Musical Instrument), Saxophone (Musical Instrument), zef

  • Trollfest - Making of Villanden part 1

    Trollfest - Making of Villanden part 1 MP3

    A video of the making of the Trollfest album "villanden" out now on twilight vertrieb.

    Tags: new, album, finntroll, villanden, brakebein, willkommen, metal, of, trollfest, folk, beer, korpiklaani, making, turisas

  • Trollfest

    Trollfest MP3

    The amount of trolling is too damn high! If you enjoyed this leave a LIKE! :D Check out Bodil: Simon: ...

    Tags: minecraft, snow, spleef, Minecraft, Mini, Game, Mr360Games, Double, Parkour, Difficult, Hardest, ChimneySwift11, Chimney, Puzzle, Epic, Map, EJM, MARIO, Edition, The Dash, DASH, Bodil40, Mob-A-Jump, DOUBLE SPEED, WARP SPEED, Warp Speed Parkour, Custom Minecraft Parkour Map, Funny Parkour Map, Minecraft Warp Speed, Minecraft Funny Moments, Coop Parkour, Bodil40 Parkour, Bodil Trolling, Minecraft Troll, MINECRAFT TROLLING, Trollfest, Trolling with Friends

  • Trollfest - Willkommen Folk Tell Drekka Fest!

    Trollfest - Willkommen Folk Tell Drekka Fest! MP3

    Willkommen Folk Tell Drekka Fest!! Skål! Ja-hahaha... Ein, zwei, drei, vier... Nu ist es trinken tid, der Uhr hatt schelgt kvart på ni Nu bist du eines Æresgjest and ...

    Tags: trollfest, Willkommen, Folk, Tell, Drekka, Fest, norwegian, norsk, folk, folke, metal, troll

  • Trollfest - Sellout

    Trollfest - Sellout MP3

    Band: Trollfest Album: Brumlebassen Genre: True Norwegian Balkan Metal Year: 2012.

    Tags: Trollfest, Brumlebassen, True, Norwegian, Balkan, Metal, 2012, folk, viking, pagan, metal, finntroll, korpiklaani

  • League of Legends Trollfest - Teemo Tips

    League of Legends Trollfest - Teemo Tips MP3

    WANT A YOUTUBE PARTNERSHIP? It is 90% Payout! Go here: Want to play league of ...

    Tags: League Of Legends (Video Game), Video Game (Industry), League of Legends, League, of, Legends, trollfest, trolls, troll, teemo the swift scout, teemo, the, swift, scout, teemo pro tips, funny teemo, funny teemo troll tips, trolling, hilarious, professional tips, funny moments, fun, moments, teemo commentary, teemo trolling, teemo pentakill, penta kill, teemo montage, this is why we hate teemo, teemo mushroom field

  • TrollfesT - Trinkenvisen

    TrollfesT - Trinkenvisen MP3

    A Song from the TrollfesT album "Villanden" Facebook: Website: Merchandise: ...

    Tags: trollfest, willkommen, brakebein, metal, new, album, song, trinkenvisa, music, video, beer, finntroll, korpiklaani, turisas

  • Wo Bin Ich Jetz.mp3 MP3
  • Villanden.mp3 MP3
  • Der JegerMeister.mp3 MP3
  • Trinkenvisen.mp3 MP3