Tormentor (Kreator Cover)

  • Desaster - Tormentor (Kreator Cover)

    Desaster - Tormentor (Kreator Cover) MP3

    Band: Desaster Album: Stormbringer (EP) Year: 1997 Link:

    Tags: Desaster (Musical Group), Tormentor, Kreator (Musical Group), Heavy Metal (Musical Genre), Rock Music (Musical Genre), Rock And Roll (Musical Genre), Metal Pesado, Germany Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal (TV Actor), Thrash Metal (Musical Genre)

  • Tormentor-Tormentor (Kreator Cover)

    Tormentor-Tormentor (Kreator Cover) MP3

    Not to be confused with: • Tormentor (Thrash Metal from Plauen, Saxony) • Tormentor (Thrash Metal from Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia) • Tormentor (Thrash ...

    Tags: Tormentor Band, Tormentor Song, Kreator Cover, Thrash Metal Old School, Germany, Violent World, Non Pre-Kreator

  • Kreator - Tormentor Guitar Cover

    Kreator - Tormentor Guitar Cover MP3

    My take on this beast of a song, yet again this is my first try at recording it as my hand and arm is still sore from the brutal Kreator gig that was on 28th April 2013 ...

    Tags: Kreator (Musical Group), Music (Industry)

  • Kreator

    Kreator 'Tormentor' Rhythm Guitar Cover MP3

    Leave it to Kreator to make an incredibly easy song incredibly hard by playing it incredibly fast. As always, a lot of people play this wrong. The opening riff uses ...
  • SLAYER - Tormentor - drum cover

    SLAYER - Tormentor - drum cover MP3

    No brushing up on the song, just did it out of the blue! I didn't memorize any fills which let me do some cool stuff that didn't belong there. Enjoy! Slayer Drum ...

    Tags: drums, cover, metalfrown, vilemonkey, thrash, metal, josh, steffen

  • Kreator -  Tormentor (At the pulse of kapitulation: live in east berlin 1990)

    Kreator - Tormentor (At the pulse of kapitulation: live in east berlin 1990) MP3

    song tormentor by kreator taken from the live in berlin (1990) remastered in 2008.

    Tags: kreator, tormentor, live in east berlin, mille petrozza, thrash metal

  • Dissimulation - Tormentor (Kreator cover)

    Dissimulation - Tormentor (Kreator cover) MP3

    Artist: Dissimulation Song: Tormentor (Kreator cover) Album: Maras Riding in darkness through the hell of the night Give all your torment to the heaven's might In ...

    Tags: Dissimulation, Tormentor, Kreator, Cover, Lithuanian, Thrash, Black, Metal

  • Morbid Axe - Tormentor (Kreator cover)

    Morbid Axe - Tormentor (Kreator cover) MP3

    Japanese Grind Deathrash "Morbid Axe" Rehearsal at Studio Panpot.

    Tags: Kreator (Musical Group), Metal, Thrash, Cover, Thrash Metal (Musical Genre), Brutal, Morbid, Axe, Death Metal (Musical Genre), Grindcore (Musical Genre), Heavy

  • kreator -  tormentor bass cover

    kreator - tormentor bass cover MP3

    Tags: rock music, Kreator (Musical Group), Metal, Bass, cover song

  • Kreator - Tormentor (HQ)

    Kreator - Tormentor (HQ) MP3

    Band: Kreator Album: Endless Pain Year: 1985 Song: Tormentor Country: Germany I am not the owner of this song. I made this video because i am their fan.

    Tags: kreator, tormentor, 1985, endless, pain, germany, thrash, all, album, covers, first, last, high, quality, slayer, violent, revolution, extreme, agression, renewal, pleasure, to, kill, enemy, of, god, hordes, chaos, terrible, ceirtanty, coma, souls

  • KREATOR Tormentor Guitar cover

    KREATOR Tormentor Guitar cover MP3

    Me trying to play Kreator Song Tormentor on my BC Rich Warlock.

    Tags: Tormentor, Kreator (Musical Group), Thrash Metal, Thrash Metal (Musical Genre), Guitar Cover, BC Rich, Bc Rich Guitar, BC Rich Warlock, Miland Petrozza (Musical Artist), Guitar (Musical Instrument), Electric Guitar (Musical Instrument), Old school Metal

  • Machetazo - Tormentor (Kreator cover)

    Machetazo - Tormentor (Kreator cover) MP3

    Nuevo EP 2010: Necrocovered.

    Tags: Machetazo, Tormentor, (Kreator, cover), Nuevo, EP, Necrocovered, grindcore, death, metal

  • Atrosis-tormentor(kreator cover)

    Atrosis-tormentor(kreator cover) MP3

    en vivo dinamitado fest 2 chiclayo metal-atrosis metal chiclayano.

    Tags: atrosis, thrash, chiclayo, metal, norte, peru, Brutal, Kreator (Musical Group), Cover, carcava, violencia, lambayeque, death, chiclayometal, banda, chiclayana, Thrash Metal (Musical Genre), Tormentor (live) (Musical Recording), Death (Musical Group), atrosiscix, artrosis, kreatorcover, coverkreator, chiclayano, metalchiclayano, estadodecoma, legado, anto, legionus, backstage, backstagechiclayo, tvnorte

  • Black Witchery  - Tormentor (Kreator cover)

    Black Witchery - Tormentor (Kreator cover) MP3

    A Tribute To Kreator (2000) Various Artists.

    Tags: Tormentor, Black Witchery, Kreator, cover, tribute, Various Artists, 2000, Thrash Metal (Musical Genre), Music (TV Genre), Guitar, Brutal, Heavy, black metal, Guitar Cover

  • DANO INFECTO - Tormentor (Kreator cover)

    DANO INFECTO - Tormentor (Kreator cover) MP3

  • Besatt - Tormentor (KREATOR cover)

    Besatt - Tormentor (KREATOR cover) MP3

    DISCLAIMER: The following song, and all its contents does not belong to me. It is property of Besatt & Seven Gates of Hell all its subsidiaries. The purpose of the ...

    Tags: Besatt, Tormentor (Kreator cover), Kreator, Endless Pain, Roots of Evil, 2003, EP, Black metal, Poland, Seven Gates of Hell

  • tormentor - kreator subtitulada ingles y español

    tormentor - kreator subtitulada ingles y español MP3

    Tags: tormentor

  • Obsessos - Tormentor (Kreator cover)

    Obsessos - Tormentor (Kreator cover) MP3

    Track 4 from the 1987 demo "666 - The Ultimate Demo".

    Tags: Tormentor (Musical Recording), Kreator (Musical Group), Thrash Metal (Musical Genre), Music (TV Genre), Obsessos, Obsession, 1987, Brazil (Country), 666, 666 The Ultimate Demo, Demo, Ultimate, Death Metal (Musical Genre)

  • Satan - Tormentor (KREATOR cover)

    Satan - Tormentor (KREATOR cover) MP3

    FOR THOSE WHO LIKE NOISE&HARSH SOUND!!! Recorded at Quo Vadis Klub, Vukovar. Raskol Fest I Date: 17. June, 2011 LINE UP: S.A. - vocal (also in: ...

    Tags: Satan, Tormentor, Kreator, cover

  • Municion - Tormentor (Kreator Cover)

    Municion - Tormentor (Kreator Cover) MP3

    Municion Black/Speed/Thrash Metal Santa fe City - Argentina Live 2014 in Rosario City.

    Tags: municion, Thrash Metal (Musical Genre), black metal, speed metal, cruel force, Black Thrash Attack (Musical Album), black thrash metal, kreator, tormentor, nocturnal, deathhammer, vomit of doom, nocturnal breed, toxic holocaust, sarcofago, sex trash, witchburner, evil angel, aura noir, witchaven, ketzer, miserycore, cult metal, occult metal, thrash alcoholic metal, metal and blasphemy




    Tags: thrash, metal, Thrash Metal, mexicano, Mexico, thrashock, intoxxxicated, strikemaster, heavy

  • Residual Minds - Tormentor (Kreator Cover) - Rehearsal

    Residual Minds - Tormentor (Kreator Cover) - Rehearsal MP3

    Residual Minds playing Tormentor (Kreator) on rehearsal.

    Tags: Residual Minds, thrash, death, metal, mallorca, Kreator, Cover, Tormentor

  • Nücleahölic - Tormentor (Kreator Cover) at Bavarian Battle Summer 2013

    Nücleahölic - Tormentor (Kreator Cover) at Bavarian Battle Summer 2013 MP3

    Tormentor Cover by Nücleahölic live at Bavarian Battle Summer 2013 Mit Gastgitarisst Michi.

    Tags: Tormentor, Kreator, Thrash, Metal, Rosenheim, Bavarian Battle, Teutonic, Bier, Kutten, sind, kuhl, haare, auch, 2013

  • Residual Minds - Tormentor (Kreator cover)

    Residual Minds - Tormentor (Kreator cover) MP3

    Residual Minds - Tormentor (Kreator cover) con Joan Rigo (Devouring)

    Tags: Thrash, Metal, residual minds

  • Kreator - Drum Cam - "Flag of Hate/Tormentor"

    Kreator - Drum Cam - "Flag of Hate/Tormentor" MP3

    Change quality to 1080HD Drum cam footage of Ventor of Kreator performing Flag of Hate & Tormentor Legends of Thrash Tour 2013 - Filmed in Springfield, ...

    Tags: tama, tamadrums, meinl, meinlcymbals, promark, drumsticks, evans, evansdrumheads, kreator, thrashmetal, heavymetal, germany, flagofhate, tormentor, ventor, 2013, legendsofthrash, tour, live, concert

  • Perversor of Souls   Tormentor Kreator cover

    Perversor of Souls Tormentor Kreator cover MP3

    Thrash Black Metal.
  • Aggressor - Tormentor (KREATOR COVER)

    Aggressor - Tormentor (KREATOR COVER) MP3

    Band : AGGRESSOR Country of origin : Bosnia and Herzegovina Genre : THRASH METAL Album : Eternal Slaughtering (DEMO) Year : 2010 Lyrical themes ...
  • Kreator - tormentor cover

    Kreator - tormentor cover MP3

    cover of Kreator.

    Tags: Kreator (Musical Group)

  • SCAR- Tormentor- Kreator Vocal Cover

    SCAR- Tormentor- Kreator Vocal Cover MP3

    Despues de un largo tiempo de no subir ningun cover, les traigo Tormentor de la gran banda Kreator APOYEN A LA ESCENA LOCAL DE SU ESTADO!

    Tags: Yo, scar, pan, sopa, frijoles, sexo, orales, jugo sexual, Metal

  • Infernal Commando - Tormentor - Kreator cover

    Infernal Commando - Tormentor - Kreator cover MP3

    Que gonorrea de calidad.

    Tags: metal, cover, thrash, Thrash metal