• Thrashin 1986 Full movie HD 1080p featuring the Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Thrashin 1986 Full movie HD 1080p featuring the Red Hot Chili Peppers MP3

    Cory Webster is an amateur skateboarder from out of town staying in Los Angeles with friends in hopes of competing and winning a downhill competition for ...

    Tags: Action Film (Film Genre), 1080p, Red Hot Chili Peppers (Musical Group), Quality, Bass, Cover, Definition, Full

  • Thrashin - Krieg der Kids 1986 Full Movie

    Thrashin - Krieg der Kids 1986 Full Movie MP3

    Leider ging der Film in jungen Jahren an mir vorbei. "Thrashin - Krieg der Kids" lief laut OFDB Ende der 90er Jahre auf TM 3. War ich wohl draußen "spielen".

    Tags: Skateboarding (Sport), skate, daggers, the, here, comes, alva, tony, hawk, hosoi, christian, gang, krieg, der, Kids, 1986, 80er

  • Thrashin

    Thrashin' Official Trailer #1 - Josh Brolin Movie (1986) HD MP3

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    Tags: MGM, David Winters, Josh Brolin, Josh Richman, Robert Rusler, Brett Marx, Brooke McCarter

  • Thrashin

    Thrashin' Classic Scene: Here come the Daggers! MP3

    Days of old in Dogtown.

    Tags: skate, shred, punk, thrash

  • Top 10 lines in Thrashin

    Top 10 lines in Thrashin' MP3

    Best skate movie ever made! The most memorable lines in Thrashin' Enjoy !

    Tags: 1986, Josh, Brolin, Robert, Rusler, Pamela, Gidley, David, Winters, Sherilyn, Fenn, Corey, Webster, Tommy, Hook, skateboarding, gangs, battle

  • Thrashin

    Thrashin' (1986) "Wild in the Streets" MP3

    Corey gets chased by Hook and the Daggers. Sidenote: what's up with Hook and Monk fooling around in the bushes?

    Tags: skateboarding, josh brolin, hook and daggers, circle jerks, wild in the streets

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blackeyed Blond (Thrashin

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blackeyed Blond (Thrashin') (1986) MP3

    Tags: Red, Hot, Chili, Peppers, Blackeyed, Blond, (1986)

  • Municipal Waste -  Thrashin

    Municipal Waste - Thrashin' Of The Christ MP3

    Tags: thrash, crossover, christ

  • Thrashin 6/7 (1986)

    Thrashin 6/7 (1986) MP3

    Thrashin 6.

    Tags: Red, Hot, Chilli, Peppers, Skateboarding

  • Thrashin

    Thrashin' - opening sequence MP3

    Best skate video ever made, nowt comes close,

    Tags: thrashin, skate, hosoi, daggers, boneless



    THRASHIN' Movie Trailer from 1986.

    Tags: skateboard, skateboarder, skateboarding, thrashing, daggers, vert, thrasher, tony, alva, skull, skates, devo, red, hot, chili, peppers

  • Thrashin

    Thrashin' Trailer 1986 Skateboard Movie Starring Josh Brolin MP3

    This episode of Hollywood Teen Movies features the trailer for the classic skateboard movie Thrashin' starring Josh Brolin & Robert Rusler. The film also ...

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  • Municipal Waste - The Thrashin

    Municipal Waste - The Thrashin' of the Christ (Live) - The FEST 7 MP3

    Municipal Waste - The Thrashin' of the Christ from Hazardous Mutation - at The Venue during The FEST 7 in Gainesville, FL in 2008.

    Tags: Municipal Waste, The Thrashin Of The Christ, The FEST, punk, thrash, Gainesville, No Idea, Earache, Hazardous Mutation

  • France Joli - Don

    France Joli - Don't Think Twice (Thrashin' Movie Soundtrack, 1986) Edit Version MP3

    France Joli - Don't Think Twice (Audio Track)....Editted version of this song from the 1986 skateboarding movie: Thrashin'. Starring Josh Brolin, Robert Rusler, ...

    Tags: France, Joli, Think, Twice, Movie, Soundtrack, 1986, Skateboarding, Josh, Brolin, Robert, Rusler, Pamela, Gidley, Brooke, McCarter, Richman, Brett, Marx, David, Wagner, Chuck, McCann, Tony, Alva, Mark, Munski, Sherilyn, Fenn

  • "Thrashin - Patinar o morir" 1986 Español. Parte 1/6

    "Thrashin - Patinar o morir" 1986 Español. Parte 1/6 MP3

    Thrashin' es una película de 1986 dirigida por David Winters y protagonizada por Josh Brolin, Robert Rusler y Pamela Gidley. Corey Webster, un chaval que ...

    Tags: Action Film (Film Genre), Skateboarding (Sport), Longboard (Sports Equipment), Old School (Film), trashing patinar o morir



  • Animotion - Staring Down The Demons (Thrashin

    Animotion - Staring Down The Demons (Thrashin' 80s Movie Theme) MP3

    Aquí os dejo un video de una de las mejores escenas de "Thrashin" cuando el prota esta echo polvo por que se ha jodido el brazo y encima se ha ido su chica, ...

    Tags: Thrashin, 80s, Teen, Movie, Animotion, Staring, Down, The, Demons, Josh, Brolin, Soundtrack

  • Gutta - "Thrashin"  [Official Audio]

    Gutta - "Thrashin" [Official Audio] MP3

    Purchase the Vinyl LP now: Purchase "Heads Will Roll" on iTunes now: ...

    Tags: Thrashin, Jedi Mind Tricks, Babygrande Records, Babygrande, Vinnie Paz, Jus Allah, Stoupe, Stoupe The Enemy Of Mankind, Army Of The Pharaohs, AOTP, Hip-Hop, Hip Hop, Underground, Underground Hip-Hop, Outerspace, King Syze, Apathy, Celph Titled, Reef The Lost Cauze, Doap Nixon, Vinnie Paz (Rapper), The Society of Invisibles, TSOI, Gutta, Heads Will Roll

  • Thrashin - Daggers

    Thrashin - Daggers MP3

    The Daggers are a bad bunch of fellas, you don't want to be messin' with them! They run tings in skateboarding.

    Tags: skate, thrashin, hosoi, alva, daggers, skateboard

  • Let the love begin - Thrashin

    Let the love begin - Thrashin MP3

  • [1985]RHCP in Thrashin[Blackeyed Blonde].wmv

    [1985]RHCP in Thrashin[Blackeyed Blonde].wmv MP3

    Red Hot chili peppers in Thrashin.

    Tags: 1985RHCP, in, ThrashinBlackeyed, Blonde

  • Thrashin

    Thrashin' Hollywood Blvd Scene MP3

    Thrashin' Hollywood Blvd Scene.

    Tags: thrashin, hollywood, boulevard, blvd, movie, skate, skating, gang, Josh, Brolin, daggers, ramp, locals

  • Bones Brigade Thrashin

    Bones Brigade Thrashin' USA MP3

    Bones Brigade.

    Tags: Bones, Brigade, skate, rock, skaterock, skatepunk, old, school, thrash

  • Thrashin

    Thrashin' (soundtrack) 1986 MP3

    Track list: 00:00 - Meat Loaf - Thrashin' 04:17 - Devo - That's Good 07:41 - The Bangles - Want You" 09:57 - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blackeyed Blonde 12:38 ...


    Introductory scene in the movie "Thrashin'" Promo only.

    Tags: Thrashin, skate, skateboard, scene, california, beach, movie, josh, brolin, venice

  • Thrashin

    Thrashin' 1986 MP3

    escenas de half y bowl de la mejor pelicula de skate de la historia...todo un clasico.En esta pelicula se dieron a conocer RedHotChiliPeppers....


  • Thrashin

    Thrashin' MP3

    The entrance of Corey Webster in the Daggers territory (starring: Josh Brolin, Brooke McCarter, Robert Rusler, Sherilyn Fenn, Pamela Gidley and Per Welinder).

    Tags: Josh Brolin, Brooke McCarter, Robert Rusler, Sherilyn Fenn, Pamela Gidley, Per Welinder


    TRIBUTE TO "THRASHIN'" (1986) BSO= Meat Loaf - Thrashin'_(movie version) MP3

    Sin lugar a duda, THRASHIN' es la mejor película de skate de la historia. Para aquellos que no la vieron, podría decirle que es un film de culto (injustamente ...

    Tags: 1986, los, angeles, massacre, skate, skaters, madrid, powell, peralta, David Winters, With Josh Brolin, Robert Rusler, Pamela Gidley, skateboarding, Gangs, Breakdancing, Corey Webster, Tommy Hook, Chrissy, Brooke McCarter Jr, Malibu, California, USA, Steve Caballero, Daggers, Tony Alva, Per Welinder, Christian Hosoi, Jesse Martinez, Eddie Reategui, Sherilyn skate Feen, patina, muere, half, pool, street, freestyle, old, school, truth, playground, Blackeyed, Blonde, bso, ost

  • Municipal Waste - The Thrashin' Of The Christ.mp3 MP3
  • 06. Don't Think Twice.mp3 MP3