Thorns Of The Sorority

  • Still Shrill - Sorority Noise (Unofficial Music Video)

    Still Shrill - Sorority Noise (Unofficial Music Video) MP3

    This music video was made in one day by me and my friend Damien. We are fans of Sorority Noise, but we do not own them or their music in any way, shape, ...

    Tags: Sorority Noise, Still Shrill, Emo, Emo (Musical Genre), Punk, Punk Rock (Musical Genre), Pop Punk, Music, Music Video (TV Genre), Band, Alternative, Indie, Unofficial, Garage, Bands, Fan Made

  • Movie Trailer-The Thorns of Rose

    Movie Trailer-The Thorns of Rose MP3

    Tags: Movie, Trailer-The, Thorns, of, Rose

  • Edge® Sorority Girls Get Smooth -- Episode # 27

    Edge® Sorority Girls Get Smooth -- Episode # 27 MP3

    Edge® Sorority Girls shave unsuspecting padestrian in alley near Queen & Spadina in Toronto.

    Tags: Edge, sexy, sorority, girls, hot, shave, smooth, Queen, Spadina, Toronto, babes, live, Shave, Gel, ampt, eclipse, defiance

  • The Rose among the Thorns (SooyoungxEXO) Aff Trailer

    The Rose among the Thorns (SooyoungxEXO) Aff Trailer MP3

    Story Title: The Rose among the Thorns Story Link: ...

    Tags: SNSD, Sooyoung, Choi Sooyoung, EXO, Kai, Kim Jongin, Sehun, Luhan, Kris Wu, Aff trailer, fanfiction, fanfic trailer

  • 21 and Over (Trailer 2013 Official ) [HD]

    21 and Over (Trailer 2013 Official ) [HD] MP3

    21 & Over is a 2013 American comedy film. It was written by, and served as the directorial debut of, Jon Lucas and Scott Moore. The film stars Justin Chon, Miles ...

    Tags: Official Trailer, Trailer Computing, Trailer (promotion), Teaser Trailer, Official

  • 2009 Step The Stage on Fire! CHI OMEGA

    2009 Step The Stage on Fire! CHI OMEGA MP3

    The Omicron Zeta of Chi Omega steppin' the stage on FIRE at the 2009 Arkansas State University step show showdown. My sorority can step with the best of ...

    Tags: Presidents, Cup, Homecoming, Fired, UP, sorority, step, show, arkansas, state, university, dance

  • Chi Omega Pref Night Video

    Chi Omega Pref Night Video MP3

    The choice comes once in a lifetime... choose wisely. Go Chi O! Arkansas State's top sorority, Chi Omega.

    Tags: Chi, Omega, Arkansas, State, University, Pref, Night

  • Extracurricular Activities Teaser

    Extracurricular Activities Teaser MP3

    First trailer for the comedy "Extracurricular Activities". When a sorority is threatened with eviction, they hatch a plan to convert their house into a gentleman's club ...

    Tags: Comedy (Film Genre), Extracurricular Activity, sorority, leigh scott, sasha jackson, ramona mallory, georgia warner, sexy, funny, strippers, college, 1980s, strip club, pole dancing, nudity, slapstick, Mickey Avalon (Musical Artist), The Pretty Reckless (Musical Group), Limp Bizkit (Musical Group)

  • Sleepless Homes - Broken Glass

    Sleepless Homes - Broken Glass MP3

    First live basement show, song cut a little short, camera sucks.
  • Strong girls who could kick my ass lifting in the gym

    Strong girls who could kick my ass lifting in the gym MP3

    You might not know it but these high school and college female athletes on the basketball, volleyball, track, softball and rowing teams could tear your arms off ...

    Tags: Movie

  • Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity |

    Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity | 'Ability Week' wheelchair basketball game at UT Tyler MP3

    Pi Kappa Phi at UT Tyler held a wheelchair basketball game against the The Tyler Thorns on October 2, 2015. The match was the final event of the fraternity's ...

    Tags: Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, University of Texas at Tyler, The Ability Experience, UT Tyler

  • The Day

    The Day's Revenge - Evil Erni MP3

    Band: The Day's Revenge Album: Sorority Babes in The Slimeball Bowl EP[2011] Genre: Metalcore/Post-Hardcore Country: Bonn, Germany Year: 2011.

    Tags: Evil Erni, hctk, germany, bonn, 2001, my brutal death

  • Beta Talent Show 2008!

    Beta Talent Show 2008! MP3

    The Beta pledges do a ribbon dance to the song "Every Rose Has Its Thorns"

    Tags: beta, theta, pi, pledges, ribbon, dancing, talent, show, Georgia, Tech, amazing

  • Mysterons - Pink

    Mysterons - Pink MP3

    Tags: rap, hip hop, new rap, new hip hop, beat, instrumental, new music, music, Rapping (Profession), New (Composition), Hip, Hop, Pink, Beats, Were, Floyd, You, Underground, Pink Floyd (Musical Group), Wish, You Were, Wall, Titans, Here

  • Lindsey

    Lindsey's Holiday Gift Guide MP3

    Here are some gift ideas for all of the people in your life! People who liked A Game of Thrones... Lies of Locke Lamora ...

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  • Sigma Nu

    Sigma Nu's Alpha Chi Omega Song MP3

    Their remixed song for Alpha Chi Omega for Battle of the Bands at Washington State. Well done guys! Here are the Lyrics I wanna be a billionaire, so frickin bad ...

    Tags: Sigma Nu, Alpha Chi Omega, Washington State University