There Was A Man Who Had A Horselum

  • Down in Demerara -  sung in Junior schools in the 1950s

    Down in Demerara - sung in Junior schools in the 1950s MP3

    This version comes from BBC radio's Singing Together 1963 booklet. A traditional resource for children, teachers, child care providers, librarians, parents and ...

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  • Down In Demerara - (Lyrics) Arr.P.M.Adamson

    Down In Demerara - (Lyrics) Arr.P.M.Adamson MP3

    This song is quite daft so I couldn't resist giving it a go.Why Demerara ? Haven't got a clue but no doubt there is a connection. Why Horselum ? I cannot imagine ...

    Tags: Horselum, Horselum song, Demerara, Sickelum, Diedelum, pmadamson, teaspoons and socks, Doctorum, wingsalum, Birds in the Wilderness

  • The Horse of Demerara

    The Horse of Demerara MP3

    Sung by Burl Ives, from the album "Walt Disney Presents Burl Ives' Animal Folk" from 1963. Lyrics: There was a man who, had a horse-a-lum, had a horse-a-lum, ...

    Tags: burl ives, folk songs, Demerara (Real Place)