The Whistle (Hardstyle Mix)

  • Flo Rida - Whistle (Hardstyle remix)

    Flo Rida - Whistle (Hardstyle remix) MP3

    Flo Rida - Whistle (DJ Light Distortion remix) Video created by lenie007©

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  • Hardstyle Mix Vol.55 [HQ+HD]

    Hardstyle Mix Vol.55 [HQ+HD] MP3


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  • Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 55

    Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 55 MP3 Check out our Facebook-Fanpage. Join the Community and show that you love ...

    Tags: Mega, Hardstyle, Mix, Part, 55

  • Flo Rida - Whistle (Luts Hardstyle Remix)

    Flo Rida - Whistle (Luts Hardstyle Remix) MP3

    whistle hardstyle bootleg.

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  • Stuback VS Christian Edström (Whistle Hardstyle mix)

    Stuback VS Christian Edström (Whistle Hardstyle mix) MP3

    Christian Edström From Linkoping Sweden is back with a new hardstyle mix ;) Send a comment ;)


  • Pihesiw

    Pihesiw's 15 minute Hardstyle Mix MP3

    Just an "Oldschool" themed Hardstyle Mix for ya'll to enjoy! PS: I'm not pro there is some mistakes D: Tracklist is: Duro & NitrouZ - Crazy Music (Toneshifterz ...

    Tags: Hardstyle (Musical Genre), Hardstyle mix, Pihesiw, DOPE MIX, Amatuer hour

  • Hardstyle Mix | Stand Up

    Hardstyle Mix | Stand Up MP3

    Hej Leute :) Hier ist mein neues Video called ''Stand up'' Ich hoffe er gefällt euch... Kommentieren, Abonnieren & Liken wäre nett, danke :) Tracklist: - Zatox ...

    Tags: Hardstyle, DJ Mix, MIX, dubstep, rebels, Remix, Shuffle, Bass

  • Hardstyle mix 1 [HD 1080p]

    Hardstyle mix 1 [HD 1080p] MP3

    please rate, comment and subscribe for more hardstyle, SUB4SUB facebook: tracklist: ...

    Tags: synthesizer, gothic, hard music, music, Hardstyle, Hardcore, techno, melobourne, shuffle, elektro, mix, defqon, qdance, various, artists, daddy, noisemaker, azeon, redvious, kodex, star, driver, stuback, wildstylez, isaac, ellie, melbourne, jump, ptrrrrrk, electro, electronic, victor, melbourne shuffle, trance, remix, original, minimal, original mix, leo, venezuela, deep, bass



    Ein neuer hardsyle mix hoffe er gefällt euch... LISTEN AND ENJOY... Tracklist: Stuback - The Whistle Organ Donors - Throw A Diva (DJ Isaac Remix) Duro ...

    Tags: DJ, Chees, Hardsyle, tance, hardcore, new, mix, techno, remix, electro, dance, electronic, rave, tune

  • Dj Graziani feat. Flo Rida - Whistle ( Hardstyle Remix )

    Dj Graziani feat. Flo Rida - Whistle ( Hardstyle Remix ) MP3

    saaa yooo bitch... here´s tha nu tune from Alkheadz... Blow ma HardStyle... Original is from Flo Rida.. but you know! Download Link: ...

    Tags: Hardstyle Remix, Flo Rida Whistle, Hardstyle, Remix

  • dj alligator - blow my whistle bitch Rozalla - Everybody

    dj alligator - blow my whistle bitch Rozalla - Everybody's Free (Dj koziol remix) MP3

  • Hardstyle Vol 23  Part 1[CD1 Tribute Mix]+Full HQ +HD]

    Hardstyle Vol 23 Part 1[CD1 Tribute Mix]+Full HQ +HD] MP3

    Plz Rate,Comment and Subscribe,if you like :-) Mixed By Tphillip Tracklist: 01. Showtek - Intro 02. Coone & Scope DJ - Traveling 03. Headhunterz - The ...

    Tags: Coone, Summer, of, Hardstyle, Scope, DJ, Traveling, The, Message, Is, Whistle, Stuback, Showtek, Vol, 23, Syndicate, Marlboro, Man, This, Moment, Unite, Noisecontrollers, Defqon, Crazy, Music, Call, Of, Visionary

  • HandsUp Vs. Hardstyle Mix #3 | Juli 2012 | Dj CaShY

    HandsUp Vs. Hardstyle Mix #3 | Juli 2012 | Dj CaShY MP3

    Soo mein 3. HandsUp vs. Hardstyle Mix :) Hoffe er gefällt euch. Über Likes bei Facebook und konstruktive Kritik würde ich mich sehr freuen.

    Tags: techno, hands, up, techlarocca, musicbase, fm, dance, section, Mix, remix, cashy, jump, 2012, megamix, mega, dsds, jahr, 2011, deejay, pioneer, cdj, 400, behringer, djx, 750, Audio, Sound, Bass, base, Jumping, handsup, hardstyle, Lockhard, David, Posor, (Silver, Nikan, Remix), Dance, Dealers, 2nd, Chance, (Dancefloor, Kingz, B-Twinz, Encoded, (Original, Mix), Mad, Wizardz, Whistle, (Smithee, Extended, Remix)Zatox, Opera, handsuptunes, tunes

  • Best of Hardstyle - Mix 2011 Part 8

    Best of Hardstyle - Mix 2011 Part 8 MP3

    Part 8 Of Best Of Hardstyle 2011.. Tracklist: Amazed - Dreamwalk ChainReaction - Answers ChainReaction - Lellebel Josh & Wesz - G-Force Killaheadz ...

    Tags: Best, of, ultime, ultimate, Hard, hardstyle, music, 2011, mix, remix, dance, big

  • Hardstyle MIX Dj St4rCr4k

    Hardstyle MIX Dj St4rCr4k MP3

    Tracklist: 1.Stuback - Whistle 2.Hardbass Chapter 20- Jens O. vs. TI-MO - We All Like Dick 3.Headhunterz - Save Your Scrap For Victory komment pls :)

    Tags: techno, hardbass, hardcore, hardstyle, mix, die, aussenseiter, unfall, wetten, dass, shuffle, dance, remix, melbourne, trance, melbourne shuffle, stefan, jump, rave, compilation, running, disco

  • Best Hardstyle 2012 || Hardstyle Mix 23

    Best Hardstyle 2012 || Hardstyle Mix 23 MP3

    Enjoy, Like, Subscribe! Song List; Stuback - Whistle Brooklyn Bounce - Club Bizarre (Headhunterz & Noisecontrollers RMX) Frontliner - Never Come Down ...

    Tags: hard, with, style, bass, DOOF, Live, Music, Dance

  • Hardstyle Mix Nr.18 [HQ+HD]

    Hardstyle Mix Nr.18 [HQ+HD] MP3

    Tags: hardstyle, mix, HQ, tobojon

  • Bass-Seekerz - Hardstyle Mix #4

    Bass-Seekerz - Hardstyle Mix #4 MP3

    Track List and Graphic Designer Details Below Bass-Seekerz - Hardstyle Mix #4 1.Pulserz - The Dutch 2.Stuback - Whistle 3.Stereokillers - Secret Weapon Dank ...

    Tags: Bass, Seekerz, Hardstyle, Mix

  • Nightcore | JumpStyle MIX

    Nightcore | JumpStyle MIX MP3

    read it all :D* I dont know how many here that likes JumpStyle (hardStyle) but I had these songs on my PC and thought, Why not make a quick mix for those who ...

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  • Hardstyle Mix Juli 2011 #2#

    Hardstyle Mix Juli 2011 #2# MP3

    Hey da mein 1er Mix nicht so schlecht angekommen ist uploade ich hier mal meinen 2ten Remix ich hoffe das er Genau so gut ankommt Lass das Zimmer ...

    Tags: Playlist, shuffle, techno, dance, mix, melbourne, electro, trance, remix, original, minimal, original mix, electronic, jump, deep, disco, style, electronica, funky, electro dance, tribal, spoke, vertigo, vertifight, Tatanka, Jazzi, A-Walk, Off, Your, Bass

  • Hardstyle mix 2012 vol.4 MyHunter 321

    Hardstyle mix 2012 vol.4 MyHunter 321 MP3

    Kolejny mix fajnych kawałków hardstyle miłego słuchania Pozdro :) 1.Stuback - Whistle 2.A-Drive Ft. Sasha F - Into The Deep 3.Frontliner - On The Rise (Live ...

    Tags: MyHunter321, Hardstyle, MIX, hardbass, Mix, house, techno, electro, truck, drums, rave, music, dancing, breakbeat, jumpstyle, hard, dnb, dj, gaming, trance, dance, club, alternative, rock, drum, and, bass, psychedelic, electronic, footwork, choreography, 2011, 2012, hardstyle, progressive, song, remix, shuffle, original, singing, symphonic, melodic, electronica, melbourne, mix, jungle, minimal

  • Flo Rida - Whistle [Hands Up/Techno Remix by HBz][HQ/HD]

    Flo Rida - Whistle [Hands Up/Techno Remix by HBz][HQ/HD] MP3

    Like this Remix? ▻Like us on Facebook : ▻Subscribe to our channel ...

    Tags: Flo, Rida, Whistle, FloRidaWhistle, Remix, new, neu, 2012, lyrics, techno, hands, up, remix, handsupremix, Bootleg, bootleg, hardstylebrotherz, hardstyle, brotherz, brothers1, hardstylebrothers1, audio, officialflo, officialflorida, Music, technobase, base

  • Roberto

    Roberto's Hardstyle Mix 44 MP3

    Tags: Hardstyle, Mix, headhunterz, wildstylez, technoboy, the, prophet, davide, sonar, frontliner, deepack, defqon, q-base, q-dance, qlimax, dozer, tatanka, d-block, and, s-te-fan, showtek, noisecontrollers, zany, brennan, heart, silver, nikan, toneshifterz, burn, soldier, in-phase, da, tweekaz

  • Pulsedriver - The Whistle Song [HQ]

    Pulsedriver - The Whistle Song [HQ] MP3

    Pulsedriver - The Whistle Song [HQ]

    Tags: pulsedriver, the, whistle, song, hq, high, quality, techno, trance, dance, hardstyle

  • Striker Hardstyle Mix September 2011

    Striker Hardstyle Mix September 2011 MP3

    And here it is. After 5 failed uploads i finally managed to get it into youtube. Anyways, i think this is the best mix so far ive made so enjoy. Also share this with ...

    Tags: Striker, Hardstyle, Mix, September, 2011

  • Vance Joy - Riptide (FlicFlac Remix)

    Vance Joy - Riptide (FlicFlac Remix) MP3

    This just puts me in the best of moods. That whistling is amazing! Purchase the original FlicFlac ...

    Tags: MrSuicideSheep, Vance Joy Riptide, Vance Joy, Riptide, FlicFlac Remix, Riptide Remix, FlicFlac, Indie House, Indie Dance, Dance, Indie Electronica, Indie, Nu Disco, French House, Summer, Beach, Uplifting, Bass, Vocals, Electronic

  • HaRdStyLe MiX #6 [HD]

    HaRdStyLe MiX #6 [HD] MP3

    Tags: Hardstyle, mix, hardermix, terminator00000000, audio, react, Q-dance, raw, dark, qlimax, DefQon1, electronica, techno, hard, music, house, trance, shuffle, dance, remix, electro, jump, rave, electronic, original, disco, melodic, new, wave, dancing, breakbeat, jumpstyle, discotheque, club, hardstyle, bass, melbourne, drum, minimal, jungle, deep, rouge, dub, recordsDJ, Dance, feat, Mix, 107, Remix, mega, Music, ClubDJ, MIX, Techno, Electro, Disco, Original, Club, Extended, Style, Edit

  • The Hanging Tree (Rebel Remix - From The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 (Audio))

    The Hanging Tree (Rebel Remix - From The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 (Audio)) MP3

    Download “The Hanging Tree (Rebel Remix) here: Stream/Share on Spotify: ...

    Tags: James, Newton, Howard, The, Hanging, Tree, Hunger, Games, Soundtrack

  • Dillon Francis & DJ Snake - Get Low (Aazar Remix)

    Dillon Francis & DJ Snake - Get Low (Aazar Remix) MP3

    Dillon Francis & DJ Snake - Get Low (Aazar Remix) Subscribe here: Buy on iTunes: ➥ Become a fan of Trap City: ...

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  • Hardstyle Mix #7

    Hardstyle Mix #7 MP3

    Hardstyle Mix #7 :D Again used some not to famous and mainstream artist for my mixes for an orignal mix :) The quality isnt to bad, but it isnt to good either just ...

    Tags: hardstyle, mix, lady, tom, gipsy, on, the, road, projectx, your, shining, flarup, plaxus, xstatic, anthem, stuback, whistle, amazed, directly, behind, you, style, brothers, united, az, one, shuffle, melbourne, scenes, dance, techno, remix, jump, melbourne shuffle, bass, rave, compilation, running, stefan, practice, dedication, patrick, head, brennan, inside, duo, phd, technoboy, practise, prophet, sensation