The Voice And Writing Of Raymond Froggatt

  • Raymond Froggatt Red Balloon

    Raymond Froggatt Red Balloon MP3

    The Voice and Writing of Raymond Froggatt Year 1968 Polydor.

    Tags: Red, Balloon, The, Voice, and, Writing, of, Raymond, Froggatt, Year, 1968, Polydor

  • WHAT


    What's wrong with that - features the great Hartley Cain on guitar (from Raymond Froggatt band) - written & performed by Dave Sheriff ...

    Tags: Dave Sheriff, Hartley Cain, raymond froggatt, line dance, partner dance

  • The Red Balloon

    The Red Balloon MP3

    The Red Balloon is short film based on the the concept of five different directors and writers. Ray Cheng-Dobson directed the opening and end segments to this ...

    Tags: short film, Dark comedy, red balloon, 99 pink luftballoons, pink balloons, matthew jermey, Thomas Ukah, Ray Cheng-Dobson, Ai Washington

  • David and Laura Meeker -- Laura

    David and Laura Meeker -- Laura's Song -- Written by David Wayne Meeker -- Copyright 2012 MP3

    Glory to God!:D As an early anniversary gift to his wife Laura, David made this video of the song he had written to her and recorded and that they had danced to ...

    Tags: wedding, song, love, reception, anniversary, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance, fiancee, family, relationship, relationships, gift, gifts, David, Wayne, Meeker, Laura, guitar, recording, record, video, Kodak PlayFull, camera, AVS video converter, production, producer, product, project, microphone, Zoom, digital, new, new song, original, music, sound, equipment, electronics, singer, male, vocal, solo, acoustic, harmony, folk, songwriter, artist, man, country, waltz, easy listening

  • Only Fools Rush In

    Only Fools Rush In MP3

    Tags: Only, Fools, Rush, In

  • "It

    "It's All Because of You" sung by Noah Bodde MP3

    Tags: Noah Bodde, Tom Williams, Because of You, I Play the Role, Country Music, Country Songs, Original Lyrics, Original Songs, Original Music, Original Compositions, Love, Love Songs, Ups and Downs, Ups and Downs of Love, Cry, Cry Myself to Sleep, Without You, Without Your Love, Friends, Happy, Play the Part, Want You, No One Else



    Life's a glossy magazine full of plastic people; Two-dimesional, shallow, callow, Do you feel? You can't be real..people! Andy Warhol's can of arseholes, ...


  • doreen

    doreen's song MP3

    Doreen's song 2 x 7 hari seni berlaku everybody sing,everybody write a song.

    Tags: song

  • Miki Antony - Sally Sunshine

    Miki Antony - Sally Sunshine MP3

    Miki Antony is a British singer, composer, record producer and property developer. Derrick, J. Vincent Edwards and Kris Ife began writing songs under the ...

    Tags: Miki Antony, Sally Sunshine, 1970s, Oldies, Pop, Classic, Rare, Flatop47

  • Heath Hampstead - I Started A Joke

    Heath Hampstead - I Started A Joke MP3

    A-Side From 1968....Very Good Version Of A Great Song (Written By The Bee Gees)

    Tags: Heath Hampstead, Bee Gees, I Started A Joke, 1960s, Pop Music, Oldies, Classic, Flatop47

  • The Rose - JCD Cover

    The Rose - JCD Cover MP3

    JCD Cover - The Rose - Jaya sings the beautiful cover song made famous by Bette MIdler. Wikipedia: ...

    Tags: TPP, JCD Cover, The Rose, Bette Midler (Musical Artist), Jaya Chela Drolma

  • EQUIPE 84 "Tutta la mia città" Stupendi borghi italiani

    EQUIPE 84 "Tutta la mia città" Stupendi borghi italiani MP3

    Il disco ebbe un notevole successo, arrivando fino alla prima posizione per quattro settimane e rimanendo in hit-parade per dodici settimane. Tutta mia la città è ...

    Tags: Equipe 84 (Musical Group)

  • Titus + Steve Cooke at the FILO - Games People Play

    Titus + Steve Cooke at the FILO - Games People Play MP3

    Mick Mepham and Ian Dobson from Titus with guest Steve Cooke at the First In Last Out, Old Town, Hastings on Pirate Day 2014. Violin arrangement by Steve ...

    Tags: Titus Folk, Folk Music (Musical Genre), Acoustic Music (Musical Genre), First In Last Out, Hastings Pirate Day 2014, Mick Mepham, Ian Dobson, Steve Cooke

  • STU STEVENS - The Old Rugged Cross / Luke The Drifter

    STU STEVENS - The Old Rugged Cross / Luke The Drifter' Trilogy MP3

    Song performed especially for Stu's mother. Clip from BBC Television Special - STU STEVENS - The Man And His Music. ALL Stu Stevens products are found at ...

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  • Only Because Of You

    Only Because Of You MP3

    See lyrics below. Country recording artist Steve McCormick performing "Only Because Of You" on June 28th, 2012 in the Texaco Country Showdown finals in ...

    Tags: Only, Because, Of, You2, Steve McCormick, Nashville

  • Rosalyn Song

    Rosalyn Song MP3

    Tags: rosalyn, reijnders, singing, song, cousin, wedding, oudega

  • Hoyt Axton "Della And The Dealer"

    Hoyt Axton "Della And The Dealer" MP3

    The late great hoyt axton of gremlin fame and country music fame! R.i.p.

    Tags: Hoyt, Axton, della, dealer, Country

  • Belle of the Ball - Juwita Suwito

    Belle of the Ball - Juwita Suwito MP3

    Lyrics & Music by Juwita Suwito; Arranged & Produced by Aubrey Suwito; Mixed by Sunil Kumar Gleaming new master by Steve Smart, Studios 301, Sydney ...

    Tags: Juwita Suwito (Musical Artist), September, You could still have it all, Lite FM, cold December, sweet September, Beautiful blessed daughter, Belle of the Ball, Hello Forever, iM4Ufm

  • The Move - Blackberry Way (1968)

    The Move - Blackberry Way (1968) MP3

    Tags: The, Move, Blackberry, Way1968, AVI, VIDEO, SHAR1973