The Ouija That Worked

  • What Makes Ouija Boards Move?

    What Makes Ouija Boards Move? MP3

    More goes into making Ouija Boards move than you might think. Scientists are now saying this fabled link to the "other side" is really just driven by the players' ...

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  • Do Ouija Boards Work?

    Do Ouija Boards Work? MP3

    Can you really communicate with the dead through ouija boards? Explore whether this dark and mysterious item actually works in this how-to video from ...

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  • The Ouija Board Worked!

    The Ouija Board Worked! MP3

    Interest in the ouija board drew Dean Ogden into the paranormal, but he had no idea what he was up against. His quest for power led him deeper into the ...

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  • REAL Ouija Board experience

    REAL Ouija Board experience MP3

    Parker Brothers Ouija board summons an entity...

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  • Ouija Board: Planchette moves on its own!

    Ouija Board: Planchette moves on its own! MP3

    This really bugs me. I was there and seeing that pointer move by itself to the "X" twice kinda scared the crap out of me!

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  • The Ouija Board Really Works!

    The Ouija Board Really Works! MP3

    The oracle as you put your hand on it would move around. Well, my brother's a jokester, and I kept giving him the elbow convinced that he was moving it around.

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  • How does the OUIJA board REALLY work?

    How does the OUIJA board REALLY work? MP3

    Is it a doorway to Satan's Power?

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  • Ouija really worked

    Ouija really worked MP3

    We never turned the light off and no one else did the door was closed. We were completely 100% alone. I thought it was her sister tricking us again but the door ...
  • Ouija board experience: How-to

    Ouija board experience: How-to MP3

    This is a video of how to use the ouija board and what all you will need for it to work Please feel free to join my Facebook group for more Ouija Board discussion!

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  • The ouija board worked

    The ouija board worked MP3

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  • Top 5 SCARIEST OUIJA Gone BAD Videos Caught on Tape 2015

    Top 5 SCARIEST OUIJA Gone BAD Videos Caught on Tape 2015 MP3

    Scariest Top 5 Ouija Board Videos Gone Bad Caught on Tape 2015. Top 5 Ouija Board Violent Ghost Attacks, REAL Demonic Possession, ZoZo Ouija Demon, ...

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  • Ouija Board Encounters: Real Ouija Board Experiences — What is the Zozo Phenomenon

    Ouija Board Encounters: Real Ouija Board Experiences — What is the Zozo Phenomenon MP3

    Karen Dahlman, a leading, expert Ouijaologist, talked about her work with the Ouija Board and offered advice on how to best use the device. Having worked with ...

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  • Amazing Ouija with Ghost Box Session  - Direct Spirit Responses at home. 100% real.

    Amazing Ouija with Ghost Box Session - Direct Spirit Responses at home. 100% real. MP3

    Ok so something different today. My son and I did a session on video using our home made Ouija Board. I made the board and Brandon made the planchette.

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  • Charlie Can We Play? Secrets Revealed!

    Charlie Can We Play? Secrets Revealed! MP3

    The secrets behind the Charlie Charlie challenge. How does it work? Why does it work? Find out by watching this video! Charlie Charlie Challenge Playlist: ...

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  • Ouija Worked!

    Ouija Worked! MP3

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  • How

    How 'Bloody Mary' And Scary Sleepover Games Really Work MP3

    Have you played "Bloody Mary" in the mirror? Or "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board?" What about...ouija?! It may have crazily seemed to work, but there are a ...

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  • OUIJA Sessions:  " Channeling Patricia with Veronica Episode 70 "

    OUIJA Sessions: " Channeling Patricia with Veronica Episode 70 " MP3

    In this episode of OUIJA Sessions, Veronica brings through such a sweet, warm hearted Grandmother. This is the second spirit I've come across that had no idea ...

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  • Ouija Board- How to make your own! (Quick and Easy)

    Ouija Board- How to make your own! (Quick and Easy) MP3

    Michael Jackosn Fan? Go to the following video:- In this video I show you how to make your own Ouija Board ...

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  • Ouija Board Tips

    Ouija Board Tips MP3

    Services offered here, whether you are searching for intuitive answers about your relationship, your work, your life, your friends, the future, or you're just curious ...

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    Click this link for a follow! I'll be folowing people all day who do it. - this is the scariest thing ever and now there r demons and I'm so scared.

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  • Creepiest Ouija Board True Story

    Creepiest Ouija Board True Story MP3

    This is the Creepiest True Story of Me and my Friends using the Ouija Board 15 years ago, and the True Creepy Prediction it Unfortunately gave Us. Friends ...

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  • Proof that Ouija Boards Work

    Proof that Ouija Boards Work MP3

    Conclusive proof that ouija boards never lie. But thank heavens some of them are skeptics. - A "Sketches in My Flat" Halloween Special You might also like.

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  • omg the ouija board actually works!!!

    omg the ouija board actually works!!! MP3

    my friend and i decided to try the ouija board and it worked... wen it was being pushed my arms were jerking.

    Tags: ouija board, ghost

  • Ouija Board horrifying experience! DO NOT PLAY WITH IT

    Ouija Board horrifying experience! DO NOT PLAY WITH IT MP3

    Ouija Board horrifying experience! DO NOT PLAY WITH IT (RE-EDIT) Follow us- Twitter -!

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    How to use a Ouija. Heavily edited due to restrictions, Can't wait till I am a partner. Please subscribe.


  • Ouija Animation House..Presents..Saturnalia...

    Ouija Animation House..Presents..Saturnalia... MP3

    Ouija Animation House.. Presents.. Saturnalia... Story And Art Worked By A.Easterbrook esq Production Co-Ordinated by Chas Wheeler esq Rostrum ...

    Tags: Ouija, Animation, House, oAH, Mods, Rockers, Scooters, Devils, Lord, Kitchenknife

  • Luigi (parody of Ouija Board)

    Luigi (parody of Ouija Board) MP3

    WE WORKED OUR ASSES OF DOING THIS AKA:we worked really hard at this. So we hope you enjoy the vid its as cheesy as the movie. Pkmn trainer: Instinct ...

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  • The Danger of the Ouija Board -

    The Danger of the Ouija Board - MP3

    Jeff Harshbarger was only in the third grade when his parents bought an ouija board. It seemed like a lot of fun until he found out that it was no game.

    Tags: ouija, board, occult, demon, posessed, devil, demonic, paranormal, abuse, suicide, supernatural, spiritual, warfare, cbn, 700club