The Normaloids (Demo)

  • normaloids.avi

    normaloids.avi MP3

    Tags: normaloids

  • LoL Shield pulse demo

    LoL Shield pulse demo MP3

    This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

    Tags: mobile

  • Sideways Tetris Demo

    Sideways Tetris Demo MP3

    Tags: tetris

  • Simple unipolar stepper controller demo

    Simple unipolar stepper controller demo MP3

    Since I never figured out how to talk to the controller that came with my 2x three-axis bot that I picked up this summer, I finally decided it was time to pull the ...

    Tags: stepper motor, robot

  • LED sign demonstration

    LED sign demonstration MP3

    Tags: LED, sign

  • Testing the DimP

    Testing the DimP MP3

    Tags: HCI

  • Walking bot Prototype

    Walking bot Prototype MP3

    I was curious what a robot based on macroscopic slip-stick motion would be like. Here is a demonstration...

    Tags: walking bot, DIY

  • wheelchair transfer from chair to bed

    wheelchair transfer from chair to bed MP3

    This is a video of an occupational therapist demonstrating how to transfer a person who is quadriplegic or paraplegic from a wheelchair to a bed.

    Tags: wheelchair, transfer, quadriplegic, paraplegic

  • Hacked LED sign

    Hacked LED sign MP3

    Here is a demonstration of the hacked HackPGH shop LED sign. It's being controlled by an Arduino, using a interrupt-driven background process to keep the ...

    Tags: arduino, led, sign

  • ASU software update on NEO 1973

    ASU software update on NEO 1973 MP3

    Here is a quick video of the new Qt-based interface for the OpenMoko. I am really impressed, it is way faster then the GTK-based toolkit! Please note that this ...

    Tags: openmoko, neo1973, April Software Update

  • Using a servo as an input device

    Using a servo as an input device MP3

    This is a demonstration about how the common servo motor can be modified to be an input device as well as an output device. See my website for details: ...

    Tags: servo, potentiometer

  • Python LCD class

    Python LCD class MP3

    This is a demonstration of a simple Python LCD driver program that I wrote to control a NetMedia 2x16 Serial LCD display. For a copy of this code, please see: ...

    Tags: NetMedia, LCD, electronics

  • Reverse engineering a flip dot sign

    Reverse engineering a flip dot sign MP3

    Here's a little demonstration about how to control a flip-dot sign. These mechanical display devices were common before LED displays took off, and this device ...

    Tags: flip, dot, sign

  • Lighting a rubber duck

    Lighting a rubber duck MP3

    This is a short demonstration of how the angle of illumination affects the look of an object, following David Hobby's Lighting 102 course. The duck was placed in ...

    Tags: Rubber Duck, lighting

  • Light Record

    Light Record MP3

    Here I use a paper marked with varying shades of grey to encode an image. This image can be viewed by spinning the 'record' over some photocells and ...

    Tags: photocell, oscilloscope, light record

  • Python bot: first steps

    Python bot: first steps MP3

    This is my attempt at constructing a robot around the NGW100 AVR32 embedded linux reference board. These are its first steps...

    Tags: diy, electronics, NGW100, robot

  • Linux electronic Whiteboard

    Linux electronic Whiteboard MP3

    First attempt at using the IR sensing capability of the Nintendo Wii controller (Wiimote) to use a regular LCD monitor as a 'touch' input device. Major thanks to ...

    Tags: wiimote, linux, whiteboard

  • 555 timer synth

    555 timer synth MP3

    A quick attempt at a Theremin-esque synth using a 555 timer, potentiometer and some switches from an old tape deck. There isn't any post conditioning on the ...

    Tags: 555 timer, diy, electronics

  • Testing out the electric organ MIDI conversion

    Testing out the electric organ MIDI conversion MP3

    Here is a short video of me playing the electric organ that I recently converted to a MIDI device. The sound is much improved, but sadly it cannot make me a ...

    Tags: Electric Organ, MIDI, DIY

  • (temporary) Resistor module test output

    (temporary) Resistor module test output MP3

    Test rendering of a module I am working on that describes resistors. The description of Ohm's law is not complete. Feel free to leave comments, however please ...
  • Lets make some stepper motor mounts!

    Lets make some stepper motor mounts! MP3

    Here's a little time-lapse video to document the process I used to make some stepper motor mounts, which were then used to retrofit a manual machining table ...

    Tags: apc

  • MIDI keyboard conversion

    MIDI keyboard conversion MP3

    Here's a project that I've had kicking around the lab for a while. It's a MIDI conversion for an old organ synth. I set up the circuit last April ...

    Tags: MIDI, Arduino, organ, keyboard

  • Building an Atari Punk Console

    Building an Atari Punk Console MP3

    This one's going to be part of an Atari Punk Sequencer- stay tuned! (sorry for the re-post, this version has slightly tweaked brightness and cropping)

    Tags: atari punk console, 555, 556

  • Train foam toy

    Train foam toy MP3

    Tags: foam toy, train, time lapse

  • analog camera concept

    analog camera concept MP3

    Tags: photocell, camera

  • Laser sight for DSLR camera

    Laser sight for DSLR camera MP3

    Want to shoot photos from the hip, but having a hard time aiming? Jealous of all those hunters with their fancy targeting optics? Well, we have the solution for ...

    Tags: laser, hacks, photography

  • LED sign: installed and running

    LED sign: installed and running MP3

    Here's a timelapse video of the sign in action (sorry, I forgot my video camera!). The firmware is basically complete at this point- it implements a double-buffered ...

    Tags: LED sign, LED

  • Color LED array

    Color LED array MP3

    This is a little LED array made with tri-color LEDs and an Arduino clone.

    Tags: diy

  • Chording the FF1 town theme

    Chording the FF1 town theme MP3

    This is mostly just a test of the new video upload feature on my phone. It works surprisingly well, considering that it is just a phone. The microphone is not top ...

    Tags: mobile