The Greeters

  • The Greeters

    The Greeters MP3

    Happy birthday to Elliana Violet on her 7th birthday. We had the privilege of having her in our home this past month. She has gotten up with the birds as they ...

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  • Burning Man - the Greeters

    Burning Man - the Greeters MP3

    The greeters at the front gate of Burning Man.

    Tags: Burning Man, Art festivals, Larry Harvey, gifting, burning the man, the man, burning man camps, planned communities, festivals, black rock city, black rock

  • The Greeters: A Dog and Pony Show at Burning Man

    The Greeters: A Dog and Pony Show at Burning Man MP3

    "The Greeters" is a short documentary by A Dog And Pony Show on the people who meet you upon arrival at Burning Man. Come and join us for an afternoon of ...

    Tags: The Greeters, A Dog And Pony Show, Burning Man, Man, 2003, Beyond Belief, Groove Pod, Afterglow, Welcome Home

  • the greeters corner.wmv

    the greeters corner.wmv MP3

    For 40 years Eiler Larsen, a native of Denmark, gave a friendly wave and warm smile to all those who passed through Laguna Beach. He began his "greeting" ...

    Tags: Laguna, beach, greeters, dinning, breakfast, ocean, food, restaurant, California, thegreeterscorner

  • Gustie Rouser by the Greeters

    Gustie Rouser by the Greeters MP3

    Tags: gustavus, greeters, gustie, gusties, adolphus, college

  • Greetings from the Greeters at Jenkins and Wynne

    Greetings from the Greeters at Jenkins and Wynne MP3

    Fran with Jenkins and Wynne, asking our hostess' why their job is significant in two words: customer satisfaction, no pressure, first impressions, friendly, ...

    Tags: Jenkins and Wynne, Ford, Lincoln, Honda, Hostess, women at the wheel, ft campbell, clarksville, ky

  • Burning Man 2009: Driving to the Greeters

    Burning Man 2009: Driving to the Greeters MP3

    Just thought I'd shoot a little of what its like to drive from the main gates to the Greeters. I always love reading all the signs they put up that have to do with the ...

    Tags: burning man 2009, greeters, driving, entrance, sign, black rock city

  • The Greeters Dance Move!

    The Greeters Dance Move! MP3

    Christmas Party in Tanza parish church.

    Tags: christmas party 2011, tanza navotas, tanza parish church, oldies, dance

  • BM07: Devirginization from the Greeters

    BM07: Devirginization from the Greeters MP3

    I got the whole "works" for my deflowering at the greeters' station. The greeters made me feel right at home...complete with dust!

    Tags: burning, man, 2007, BM2007, devirginize, welcome, greeters

  • The "Greeters" of Chaco Canyon

    The "Greeters" of Chaco Canyon MP3

    Tags: VIDEO0019

  • Burning Man 2015: Whiteout at the Greeter

    Burning Man 2015: Whiteout at the Greeter's Gate & Cyclone Timelapse MP3

    Shot in 4K - view in appropriate HD* Taking a morning stroll to work our greeting shift for Burningman 2015. The storm was pretty bad, but great at the same time.

    Tags: Burning Man (Recurring Event), Rock Music (Film Genre), Time-lapse Photography, Fire, Desert (Geographical Feature Category), Black Rock City LLC (Business Operation), Burningman, EDM, Music, Weather (TV Genre), Storm (Disaster Type), Dust Storm (Disaster Type), Mad Max (Award-Winning Work), Flame, Cyclone (Tropical Cyclone Category), Nevada (US State), Greeters, Art (Quotation Subject), Artist (Project Role)

  • *ORIGINAL* Maumelle Wal-Mart Greeter Mr. Willie

    *ORIGINAL* Maumelle Wal-Mart Greeter Mr. Willie MP3

    Mr.Willie Walmart Maumelle Arkansas Greeter goes BAM!!!

    Tags: Maumelle, Arkansas, Walmart, Democrat-Gazzett, Live, Funny, Phone

  • Chicago Greeters

    Chicago Greeters' Free Tour MP3

    Jason Cochran reports from Chicago on the Greeters program, which has ordinary chicagoans showing tourists around the city for free.

    Tags: aol daily finance, Chicago Illinois Tour Guide, daily finance, Free Chicago Tour, How to Book Free Chicago Tour, Sharon Gilkerson, Tourism Program Chicago, walletpop, Jason Cochran

  • Team Redeem: Greeters Needed!

    Team Redeem: Greeters Needed! MP3

    Team Redeem: We Need You!!! We are the greeters during the month of March Madness. If you would like to participate, please contact Sean Richardson.

    Tags: Team, Greeter, March Madness 2015

  • Abercrombie

    Abercrombie's Shirtless Greeters Are Leaving - CONAN on TBS MP3

    A+F's half-naked hunks are being phased out, but don't tell that to this audience member. More CONAN @ Team Coco is the official ...

    Tags: Conan, Conan (TV Series), TBS (TV Channel), Team Coco, Comedy Sketches, Abercrombie and Fitch, Nudity

  • Greeters - Burning Man 2012

    Greeters - Burning Man 2012 MP3

    Hippocampus theme camp Mutant Vehicle musicians provide live soundtrack to the Greeters welcoming people home to Burning Man 2012.

    Tags: Greeters, Burning, Man, 2012, Dust, Hippocampus, Camp

  • Greeters Report

    Greeters Report MP3

    Encourage you to check out this week's Greeter's Report, which will help us in going the extra mile as Greeter's in our service in the Greeter's Ministry!!
  • Singing Greeters at Hartsville Airport

    Singing Greeters at Hartsville Airport MP3

    These are the greeters at Hartsville Airport.
  • The Morning Greeters (Singapore)

    The Morning Greeters (Singapore) MP3

    Raising up from your bed, dread to go to work, study or attend a meeting? Walking to take your public transport, to your car or to your destination alone and ...

    Tags: TheMorningGreeters, Morning, greeters, Singapore

  • Edward, People Greeter

    Edward, People Greeter MP3 What do you do when you are 70 years old and you need something extra on top of your pension to make ends meet? You get a job ...

    Tags: metropolis, wal, mart, vpro, work, job, greet, walmart, states, groceries, greeting, Metropolis, greeter, supermarket, united

  • Brazil International Park Greeters - Disney International Programs

    Brazil International Park Greeters - Disney International Programs MP3

    Meet Renata, Mari, Cecilia, and Luis, Brazil International Park Greeters. In this Cultural Representative Program, Participants have the opportunity to share the ...
  • Greeters Tutorial

    Greeters Tutorial MP3

    A little tutorial on how NOT to make people feel welcome.


    This video is a spoof on how church greeters ought to act on Sunday's.

    Tags: Greeters Ministry, High Level Greeters, Bad Church Greeters, Funny Church Greeters, Mansfield Baptist Temple, Spoof

  • Wal-Mart

    Wal-Mart's New Military Veteran Greeters - CONAN on TBS MP3

    CONAN Highlight: If there's one group that has excellent people skills, it's ex-drill sergeants. More CONAN @

    Tags: Comedy Sketches, Highlights, Wal-Mart, Conan, Conan (TV Series), TBS (TV Channel), Team Coco

  • Greeter Team Training Video 1

    Greeter Team Training Video 1 MP3

    This video will walk you through some beginning basics of the expectations of serving with the Greeter Team at TurningPoint Church. We LOVE our First ...
  • Bad Church Greeters

    Bad Church Greeters MP3

    Be sure to watch SEAT SAVER!!

    Tags: greeters, church greeters, pioneer christian fellowship, church visitor ministry, christian satire, christian comedy

  • Mr. Willie - BAM!   Wal-Mart greeter remix

    Mr. Willie - BAM! Wal-Mart greeter remix MP3

    A remix of Mr. Willie, legendary Arkansas Wal-Mart greeter! Original video: MP3: ...

    Tags: mr, willie, bam, remix, wal, mart, greeter, funk, song, melodysheep

  • Abercrombie Door Greeters 2.0

    Abercrombie Door Greeters 2.0 MP3

    Directed by: Aristotle Athiras Bringing a little diversity to Abercrombie & Fitch this holiday season.

    Tags: abercrombie, fitch, fashion, designer, shirtles, door, greeters, holiday, boys, goatface, goatfacecomedy, comedy, sketch, hasan, minhaj, asif, ali, aristotle, athiras, fahim, anwar

  • 10 Tips for Church Greeters who need Training

    10 Tips for Church Greeters who need Training MP3

    Are you training church greeters? The DVD on church greeter training mentioned at video end is here: ...

    Tags: Church greeter, greeters, church hospitality, church welcome, greeter humor, tips, tricks, church growth, evangelism coach, EvangelismCoach, church greeters