The Bear's Revenge



    THE BEAR'S REVENGE : THE MOULETTES + STALKO live On Saturday, 15th September 2012 the MOULETTES (UK) graced the V-Gen stage this year!

    Tags: moulettes, malta, v-gen, stalko, THE, REVENGE, thanks, live

  • Chick and Peep and the Bears revenge!

    Chick and Peep and the Bears revenge! MP3

  • Star Wars: Episode 8: The Bear

    Star Wars: Episode 8: The Bear's revenge.. MP3

    Tags: Star Wars, Star Wars Scene Maker, Bear, Teddy, Bears, Episode, Episode Part, Big, Shooter Game (Media Genre), Series, Game, Pistol, Kill, Kills, Shoots, Shoot, Stick, Pike, Spear, Stormtrooper, Robot, Human, Person, Guy, Funny, Scary, End, Teddy Bear (Invention), Walk, Run, Scream, Created, User, Got, Music, Words, Phrases, Yellow, Green, Red, Base, Dirt, Ground, Tree, Trees

  • Mario the bears revenge part 1

    Mario the bears revenge part 1 MP3

  • Breaking Bad - the bear

    Breaking Bad - the bear's revenge (with Tuco's transformation). MP3

    Tuco wouldn't like it.

    Tags: breaking, bad, bb, tuco, bear, orso

  • Bear

    Bear's revenge MP3

    Well... the hunter was lucky not to be anywhere near his car! Video courtesy Nikita M.
  • Bears

    Bears's Revenge MP3

    when the bears died, the only one went to get some help to their canadian friends.

    Tags: age, of, empires, aoe3, juampixD21

  • The Polar Bear

    The Polar Bear's Revenge MP3

    A Moment of Clarity about the plight of the Polar Bear.

    Tags: lee, camp, polar, bear, history, extinction, endangered, zoo, attack, mauling, berlin, habitat, global, warming, climate, change, ice, melt, arctic, greenhouse, gases, funny, humor, moment, of, clarity, comedy

  • Little Bears Revenge

    Little Bears Revenge MP3

  • Bear

    Bear's Revenge MP3

    Bear's back and he has changed. No longer a cute puppy, now he is a terrified killing machine. A bad upbringing has led to this, bad training and torturous ...

    Tags: aussie shepherd, dog, australian shepherd, puppy, funny, balloons, Adagio, Samuel Barber (Musical Artist), Dogs, Balloon, Cute

  • Bear

    Bear's Revenge MP3

    This video is funnier if you watch the 18th Memorable Moment video first. I friggin' hate bears. Watch more Memorable Moments videos: ...

    Tags: Stephen, Georg, video, game, lets, play, plays, StephenPlays, Memorable, Moments, highlight, highlights, reel, hilarious, funny, humor, comedy, best, skyrim, bethesda, softworks, bear, revenge, atronach

  • Rez - Teddy bear

    Rez - Teddy bear's revenge MP3

    Artist: Rez Title: Teddy bear's revenge Note: For the ones who think this sounds familiar, it's probably: Check ...

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  • The Adventures Of Catrine And Jane #11 The Gummy Bear

    The Adventures Of Catrine And Jane #11 The Gummy Bear's Revenge! MP3

    Catrine and Jane are in big trouble! The Gummy Bear's want revenge!
  • Bunny Movie Pt 3: Blue Bear

    Bunny Movie Pt 3: Blue Bear's Revenge!!! MP3

    In the third installment of The Bunny Movie, Super Bunny is in trouble! Can Blue Bear save our hero or will Sharky and his minions take over Bunnytown?

    Tags: Film (Media Genre), Stuffed Toy (Product Category), Comedy (Film Genre), kids, Family, Bunny, Teddy Bear (Invention), Rabbit, Superhero (TV Genre), Mutant (Character Species)

  • Huggy Bear

    Huggy Bear's Revenge MP3

    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Huggy Bear's Revenge · Jack Silverman The Jack Silverman Ordeal ℗ 2010 Jack Silverman Released on: 2010-01-15 ...

    Tags: Jack, Silverman, The, Ordeal, Huggy, Revenge

  • Ep.8 Da Bears Revenge - Cubivore (GC)

    Ep.8 Da Bears Revenge - Cubivore (GC) MP3

    Please Rate/Comment/Subscribe!!- In a dying world of cube-based creatures I formerly Piggy but now Grizzly Dave must gather enough strength to overthrow ...

    Tags: Saru Brunei, dave, lets play, cubivore, nintendo, gamecube, minecraft, Play, Nintendo GameCube (Computer), altus, video game, cube-based game, grizzly, commentary, retro

  • Kingdoms Part 5 New Subscriber and revenge on the Bears

    Kingdoms Part 5 New Subscriber and revenge on the Bears MP3


    Tags: kingdoms, gameplay, preview, steam, rpg, game, sword, games, armor, moments, funny, challenge, lucky, Role-playing Game (Game Genre), Steam (Software)

  • Poison gummy bears, revenge on my brother mwahahaha (haribo josh)

    Poison gummy bears, revenge on my brother mwahahaha (haribo josh) MP3

    This is a game whee you blindfold someone and you put random stuff on a gummy bear and the person blindfolded does not know whats on it and they have to ...
  • We Bare Bears - Panda

    We Bare Bears - Panda's Redemption (Clip) Brother Up MP3

    When a pack of wolves come for the Bears for revenge the Alpha tries to take them down but Panda wants to take care of this and protect the family as an older ...

    Tags: We Bare Bears, Animation (TV Genre), Cartoon Network, We Bare Bears Brother Up, Clip

  • The Revenge of the Bears

    The Revenge of the Bears MP3

    Tags: CyberLink, PowerDirector12, bear, zombie, walker, walking, dead, cod, nuse, hanging, blood

  • Skyrim: Part 150: Pooh Bear

    Skyrim: Part 150: Pooh Bear's Revenge MP3

    Jacques braves the dangers of the Skyrim wilds.

    Tags: Winnie-the-Pooh (Film Character), Video Game (Industry), RPG, Bethesda Softworks (Video Game Developer), Open World, Dragonborn, Dawnguard

  • The Teddy Bear

    The Teddy Bear's Revenge MP3

    The Teddy Bears decide to go for a picnic but things don't go as planned....

    Tags: The, revenge, by, helen, and, amy

  • Duke, the Shiba Inu - Bear

    Duke, the Shiba Inu - Bear's Revenge MP3

    Duke fell asleep after killing the bear for about an hour. While he was sleeping the bear came back to life, gave him a hug, and then claimed victory.

    Tags: Duke, Shiba, Inu, Puppy, Dog, Sleeping, Kill, Bear, Hug, Revenge, Victory

  • The Three Bears

    The Three Bears' Revenge MP3

  • The coke bears revenge!/ Never Alone Ep.1

    The coke bears revenge!/ Never Alone Ep.1 MP3

    Hey guys, thanks so much for watching! I know that my bro is hard to hear, but in later episodes we get him a mic, so don't worry. Other than that, thanks for ...
  • Sing Unto Me

    Sing Unto Me MP3

    Provided to YouTube by Pias UK Limited Sing Unto Me · Moulettes The Bear's Revenge ℗ 2012 Moulettes Released on: 2012-07-02 Mixer: Joe Gibb/Hannah ...

    Tags: Moulettes, The, Revenge, Sing, Unto, Me

  • Yo Kid Season 2 Ep. 3 - Yogi Bears Revenge

    Yo Kid Season 2 Ep. 3 - Yogi Bears Revenge MP3


    Tags: revenge, yogi bear, yogi, yo kid, freddiew, knife, Teddy, Big, Bears, Zoo, Transformers, Polar, Panda, Fox, Megan, Fox Sports (United States), Yogi Bear, Review, Action, Fallen, America, Prime, Toy, Optimus, Toys, Figure, Animated, Lake, Funny, Cute

  • Teddy Bears Revenge

    Teddy Bears Revenge MP3

    THIS IS NOT MINE but it is really funny.

    Tags: teddy, bears

  • Teddy Bears Revenge 3

    Teddy Bears Revenge 3 MP3

    Teddy Bears Revenge 3. I found this video on my computer. It's form like 4 years when my hockey team was in Cleaveland. I know Teddy Bears Revenge 3.

    Tags: Teddy, Revenge, ii, iii, iiii, iv, will, nathan, columbus, 95, blue, jackets, 1995, 1996, 1994, 96, 94, polar, buffalo