The Astromusical House Of Sagittarius

  • marcello giombini - capricorn

    marcello giombini - capricorn MP3

    marcello giombini - capricorn from his 1981 album Astromusic Synthesizer.

    Tags: marcello, giombini, capricorn, 1981

  • Marcello Giombini - Gemini

    Marcello Giombini - Gemini MP3

    This marvellous piece of music came to my attention a few days ago! This is yet another Italian artist who flirted with synthesizers and space disco boogie back in ...

    Tags: astromusic, synthesizer, marcello giombini, italo, space, disco, electronica, ambient, avant-garde, zodiac, psychedelia

  • $1.00 Thrift store find.

    $1.00 Thrift store find. MP3

    I was at a thrift store the other day as i was browsing i saw they had a small rack of vinyls, As i skim thru all 30 records i recognized that one of the albums where ...

    Tags: thrift store, rare vinyl, astromusical house of aries, dazwunderkind, 1 dollar

  • Marcello Giombini - Sagittarius

    Marcello Giombini - Sagittarius MP3

    From "Astromusic / Astromusic Synthesizer" (1980)

    Tags: marcello giombini obscure

  • House Of Aquarius - Lord Of Vermin

    House Of Aquarius - Lord Of Vermin MP3

    From "The World Through Bloodred Eyes". LP-album released by Electric Magic Records. More information:

    Tags: House, Of, Aquarius, Lord, Vermin, The, World, Through, Bloodred, Eyes, Gas, Giant, Awesome, Machine, Dozer, Classic, Stoner, Rock, Heavy, Psychedelic, Cosmic, Doom, Space, Guitarsolo, Samsara, Blues, Experiment, Black, Sabbath, Led, Zeppelin, Jimi, Hendrix, Electric, Magic, Records, Sweden

  • Pisces May 2015 Tarot Reading Horoscope (Spiritual Empowerment Readings with Lucius)

    Pisces May 2015 Tarot Reading Horoscope (Spiritual Empowerment Readings with Lucius) MP3 ↓ Open the description ↓ If you don't want to miss your June divination, don't forget to subscribe! ;) Tarot Divination for Pisces ...

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  • Adrian Younge

    Adrian Younge's Vinyl Collection - Crate Diggers MP3

    Subscribe to the Fuse YouTube channel YouTube: In this episode, Adrian Younge shows off the ...

    Tags: Adrian Young, Vinyl Collection, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Vinyl, Collections, Crate Diggers, Black Dynamite, Delfonics, RZA, Wu Tang, Ghostface Killah, the break, Soul Temple Records, Wax Poetics, Ennio Morricone, Portishead, Jack DeJohnette, Supreme Clientele, Bo Hansson, sagittarius, Digital Bullet, Birth of a Prince, Digi Snacks, cover art, Leonard Nimoy, rap, hip hop, scratch, records, record collection, DJ, spin, music, Fuse, Wu-Tang

  • Strawberry Fields Forever Home Demo

    Strawberry Fields Forever Home Demo MP3

    Strawberry Fields Forever Home Demo - ademo of SFF by John Lennon.This is a recorded home demo.

    Tags: The, Beatles, Strawberry, Fields, Forever, Home, Demo

  • Candy Flip - Strawberry Fields Forever - Top Of The Pops

    Candy Flip - Strawberry Fields Forever - Top Of The Pops MP3

    Candy Flip in 1990 - Strawberry Fields.

    Tags: Candy, Flip, 1990, Strawberry, Fields, soul, mekanik, sound, sure, is, pure