The archetypal tyrant of Hesperia (Hesperus returns) -Bonus Track

  • Hesperus Returns (The Archetypal Tyrant of Hesperia)

    Hesperus Returns (The Archetypal Tyrant of Hesperia) MP3

    The first official rehearsal videoclip of this Italic one-man band. The song is taken from the album "Il Ritorno di una Civiltà Arcaica" (Hesperian Metal), the second ...

    Tags: Hesperia, Hesperus, black metal, Italic, official, epic, pagan, Graveland, Satyricon, Iron Maiden, cult, true, Monti Sibillini



    The location of the video trailer is a really magical place: the Ancient Roman Amphitheater and Ruins of the old ancient Roman town of URBS SALVIA ...

    Tags: Heavy Metal (Chemical Series), Black Metal (Musical Genre), epic metal, Italy (Country), Rome (Italian Comune), New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (Musical Genre), Progressive Rock (Musical Genre), Iron Maiden (Musical Group), Metallica (Musical Group), Manowar (Musical Group), Burzum (Musical Group), Conan The Barbarian (Fictional Character), The Beatles (Musical Group), Nokturnal Mortum (Musical Group), Litfiba (Musical Group)

  • HESPERIA-"SPIRITUS ITALICUS" (Trailer preview of the forthcoming new album)

    HESPERIA-"SPIRITUS ITALICUS" (Trailer preview of the forthcoming new album) MP3

    (c)+(p) Sleaszy Rider Records/ Hesperia 2013 Trailer Preview of the new HESPERIA album titled "SPIRITVS ITALICVS ...

    Tags: Italy, black metal, epic, heavy metal, extreme metal, italic metal, roman black metal, rome, roma, hesperus, hesperia, epic metal, pagan metal, pagan black metal, HESPERIA, best video, best clip, visualizzazioni, miglior video, youtube, Trailer (Website Category), europe, history, historical, California, iron maiden, metallica, mayhem, burzum, immortal, dark throne, manowar, Metal, Italia, video divertente, running wild, Stormlord (Musical Group), Playboy (Magazine)

  • HESPERIA-Il Ritorno di una Civiltà Arcaica

    HESPERIA-Il Ritorno di una Civiltà Arcaica MP3

    HESPERIA's Video taken on the Caverns of S Eustacchio, over the Roman Ruins of Septempeda, upon the Mounts of Marche, Italic region in the Central East ...

    Tags: Epic Metal, Metallica, Dark Throne, Psy, Burzum, Hesperus, Clip, Wasp Musical Group, Italic Metal, Album Ontology Class, New, Video Divertente, County, Charlie Bit My Finger Film, Italy, Stormlord Musical Group, Running Wild, Best Video, Gangnam Style Composition, Roman Black Metal, Youtube, Italic, Italia, Immortal, Visualizzazioni, Pagan Metal, Hesperia, Pagan Black Metal, Europe, Miglior Video, Mayhem, California, Roma, Rome, Manowar, Preview, Trailer Website Category, Iron Maiden, Mythological

  • Hesperia - Spiritvs Italicvs II (2013)

    Hesperia - Spiritvs Italicvs II (2013) MP3

    Atmospheric / Pagan Black Metal from Italy From the "Spiritvs Italicvs - Aeneidos Metalli Apotheosis pars III" album released in 2013 BandCamp: ...

    Tags: Lightfox177, Black, Metal, atmsphericblackmetal, valkyriescent, Atmospheric, Ambient, Atmosphere, lustre, nachtzeit, summoning, mirkwood, burzum, elderwind, midnight odyssey, petrychor, spectral lore, trist, gris, nychts, Wolves in the Throne Room, elffor, windir, bathory, austere, woods of desolation, coldworld, taake, satanic warmaster, immortal, emperor, alcest, ulver, land of the dead, xasthur, wedard, agalloch, skogen, fen, nokturnal mortum, caladan brood, emyn muil

  • Hesperia - In Honorem Herois

    Hesperia - In Honorem Herois MP3

    Demo 2008.

    Tags: atmospheric, raw, black, metal

  • Caligo - Behold Ragnarök

    Caligo - Behold Ragnarök MP3

    2nd track from "Residing in The Black Void" demo tape. Caligo - one man black metal band from Chisinau (Republic of Moldova) Lyrics: I am the dark reflection ...

    Tags: black metal, demo, metal

  • Herne -

    Herne - 'The Dark Riddle' from 2010 'Face of the Hunter'. MP3

    Opening track from Herne's storming 'Face of the Hunter' album of 2010 on the King Penda label, with video footage shot and arranged by youtube user ...

    Tags: herne, hunter, robin, sherwood, heathen, pagan, king, penda

  • Veia - Canto di battaglia

    Veia - Canto di battaglia MP3

    Artist: Veia (Rome, Italy) Song: Canto di battaglia Album: Consecutio Temporum - Veia/Sortilegus Split (2012) Label: Ogre Records Genre: Raw Black Metal ...

    Tags: veia, canto, di, battaglia, consecutio, temporum, split, sortilegus, raw, black, metal, italy, rome, underground, music, etruschi, etruscan, ogre, records, onlyone, heliogabalus

  • In Memorium - Beneath The Endless Ocean

    In Memorium - Beneath The Endless Ocean MP3

    Song: Beneath The Endless Ocean Artist: In Memorium Album: Lost to Antiquity Year: 2009.

    Tags: In Memorium, Lost to Antiquity, Black Metal (Musical Genre)

  • In Memorium - One Above All

    In Memorium - One Above All MP3

    Song: One Above All Artist: In Memorium Album: Lost to Antiquity Year: 2009.

    Tags: In Memorium, Lost to Antiquity, Black Metal (Musical Genre)

  • Sterminio -2003- (Italian Black Metal)

    Sterminio -2003- (Italian Black Metal) MP3

    Amazing Band. This song is taken from the demo!!! :)

    Tags: Black, Metal, Sterminio, Italy, Underground, demo

  • Dark Infinity  -  Original Malice

    Dark Infinity - Original Malice MP3

    Dark Infinity "Original Maliсe" (black metal from Russia) Moscow region. O-Z.

    Tags: Dark, Infinity, black, metal, Satan, Evil, black-metal, Horror, Norsk, Original, malice