The Applejack

  • Applejack -The Triangles- with lyrics

    Applejack -The Triangles- with lyrics MP3

    La canción del anuncio de Estrella Damm (Mediterráneamente) de este año [2010] ambientado en San Juan, con letra en inglés ^_^ . Song: Applejack Artist: ...

    Tags: applejack, the, triangles, with, letra, lyrics, Estrella, Damm, anuncio, 2010, san, juan, ingles, magic, johnson, verano

  • Meet The AppleJack [Team Fortress]

    Meet The AppleJack [Team Fortress] MP3

    Meet The AppleJack ♥••*´¨`*•.☆• ☆This is a Team Fortress Pony parody video Animation☆ Ferexes ☆Vocals/Audio/Edit☆ EileMonty ☆Sfx☆...

    Tags: Team Fortress Classic (Video Game), Team Fortress (Video Game), Mlp, fim, my little pony, friendship is magic, my, little, pony, friendship, is, magic, ponies, brony, bronies, pegasister, pegasisters, comic, dub, voice acting, voice over, va, vo, actress, voice, eilemonty, eilemontyva, eilemontysings, eilemontydubz, Team Fortress 2 (Video Game)

  • The Triangles:Applejack.

    The Triangles:Applejack. MP3

    Tags: The, Triangles, Applejack

  • (SFM) Meet the Applejack

    (SFM) Meet the Applejack MP3

    Salut tous le monde, ENFIN le voilà Meet the Applejack bah toujous CE RENDU DE MERDE PUTAIN mais le plus important c'est que SFM fonctionne toujours ...

    Tags: SFM, MLP, Meet the ponies, The Applejack

  • [SFM] Meet the Applejack

    [SFM] Meet the Applejack MP3

    My Deviant: Original video: DustyOldRoses: ...

    Tags: sfm, pony, mlp, mylittlepony, applejack, Source Filmmaker, sourcefilmmaker

  • Joe Morris - The Applejack

    Joe Morris - The Applejack MP3

    9th track taken from trumpeter Joe Morris's collection "Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere" (1947-1951). On the recordings, Joe meets with Johnny Griffin (tenor sax) ...

    Tags: Joe, Morris, Johnny, Griffin, Laurie, Tate, rythm, and, blues, 1947, 1951

  • The Applejack Rap

    The Applejack Rap MP3

    Because reasons. The lyrics for this came with the help of a couple of people who posted it in my Apple Jack 64 image on Deviantart. Those guys are JCrocksX ...
  • MLP FiM - Meet the Applejack - Multi Language Version

    MLP FiM - Meet the Applejack - Multi Language Version MP3

    English - 0:00, German - 0:47, Polish - 1:28, Arabic - 2:09, Serbian - 2:51, Czech - 3:33, Hungarian - 4:15, Italian - 4:57, Russian - 5:40, Latino - 6:21, Swedish ...

    Tags: applejack, applebloom, big macintosh, my, little, pony, friendship, is, magic, mlp, my little pony, dub, comparison, twilight sparkle, mane 6, applebuck

  • [Archive] Testing Out the Applejack Costume

    [Archive] Testing Out the Applejack Costume MP3

    This channel is an archive for videos released in the public domain to be re-uploaded for educational/research purposes. Have a video you want archived?

    Tags: MLPAutismCentral

  • How Applejack Won the War - Animation

    How Applejack Won the War - Animation MP3

    Original Song by Sherclop Pones: Corpse Run Comics (my dinky comic strip): A ...

    Tags: Friendship is Witchcraft, Animation, How Applejack Won the War, Corpse Run Comics, Sherclop Pones, Applejack (TV Character), Animated Cartoon (TV Genre)

  • Tricking Tutorials: The AppleJack

    Tricking Tutorials: The AppleJack MP3

    it's fucking easy and you're fucking stupid for thinking it's hard.

    Tags: AppleJacktut, breakdance, tricking, trick, tutorial, applejack tutorial, V-kick tutorial, V-kick, sit, L sit, tricks, TRICKER, HOUSE, tricker house tutorials, B-boying, Free, Running, Run, Extreme, Photoshop, Team, Training, Down, Urban, Jump, Flip, Hungary, City, System, Belle, Gym, Adobe, Magyar, Budapest, Martial Arts, Hungarian, Wall

  • The Applejack Store.

    The Applejack Store. MP3

    Applejack opens a restraunt with stolen items from Wal*Mart. Little does she know a little suprise was waiting for her. - created at

    Tags: goanimate, cartoon

  • Applejack

    Applejack's Rainbow Reflection - My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (TV Show Clip) MP3

    Clip from the popular TV show, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic! In this video, watch Applejack's Rainbow Reflection on her element of harmony - honesty!

    Tags: flim flam brothers, applejack, mlp, my little pony, my little pony friendship is magic, friendship is magic, apple pony, tv show, tv series, tv, hub network, cartoons, granny smith, honesty, elements of harmony, lessons in friendship

  • Meet The Applejack

    Meet The Applejack MP3

    Confound These Ponies! Taking over everything :D Note: There are some fuckup's in this video such as the hud was on at some point of recording :/ thats my ...

    Tags: Meet, The, Engineer, Applejack, TF2, Team, Fortress, TeamFortress, My, Little, Pony

  • the Applejack Store [CC]

    the Applejack Store [CC] MP3

    Over 6k views, calls for Closed Captioning, because we care for the disabled very seriously, unlike some who call themselves a Brony, but are inappropriate for ...

    Tags: Closed, Captions, mlp, fim, Applejack, Pinkie, Pie, cupcakes, Rarity, Apple, mov, colt, version, Happy, Meal, Big, Mac, Macintosh, Ipad, Iphone, Discord, Princess, Celestia, Luna, Twilight, Sparkle, Fluttershy, Rainbow, Dash, Spike, Silly, ponychan, 4chan, Cheezburger, Meme, SFM, Bronies, TF2, Bronyworld, TeamFortress2, Gmod, Garrys, Mod, Toybox, My, Little, Friendship is Magic, furocity, equestria, daily, Machinima, ponibooru, ponysquare

  • Heavy and Fluttershy part 6: Meet the Applejack

    Heavy and Fluttershy part 6: Meet the Applejack MP3

    Heavy and Fluttershy adventure original video: (normal music)

    Tags: mlp, my, little, pony, gmod, heavy, fluttershy, adveture, spy, applejack, twilight, sparkle, rainbow, dash, rarity, ponyville, garrysmod, Fortress, My Little Pony (Brand), Team, Tf2, Team Fortress 2 (Video Game), Valve

  • Why did the Applejack cross the road?

    Why did the Applejack cross the road? MP3

    Tags: Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, equestria, Spike, moondancer, minuette, twinkleshine, lyra, lemon, hearts, tantabus, Made in Manehattan, season 5, twilight sparkle, pinkie pie, rainbow dash, coco pommel, My Little Pony (Fictional Universe), manehattan

  • The AppleJack Dance

    The AppleJack Dance MP3

    Sorry for background noise!!!
  • the applejack story

    the applejack story MP3

    I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (
  • How to make the AppleJack

    How to make the AppleJack MP3

    me making one of my original drinks. I have been making a lot of these pony based drinks and am trying my best to share them with you all. I also have made ...

    Tags: Applejack, (beverage), My, little, pony, drinks, bronybartender, brony, My Little Pony

  • MLP:FIM  The Applejack Picture on Baby :).

    MLP:FIM The Applejack Picture on Baby :). MP3

    Hahaha I loved the photo of Applejack baby who does not?, Please see the video hopefully also caused them laugh like me, Back, thanks.
  • The Applejack - Joe Morris Orchestra

    The Applejack - Joe Morris Orchestra MP3

    The Applejack - Joe Morris Orchestra.

    Tags: The, Applejack, Joe, Morris, Orchestra

  • The Applejack

    The Applejack MP3

    Instead of slapping any old song onto the video i made one Download:

    Tags: My little pony, quadsuit, applejack, MLP, FIM

  • Applejack HD

    Applejack HD MP3

    Applejack Hospitality is a boutique hospitality and consultancy group founded by seasoned professionals Hamish Watts and Ben Carroll, who have combined ...

    Tags: Applejack (Ingredient), Food (TV Genre), drinks, thebutler, socalneutralbay, thebotanist, bondihardware

  • Behind the Scenes: Writing the Applejack Script

    Behind the Scenes: Writing the Applejack Script MP3 I started writing Applejack by thinking through all the elements I would need ...

    Tags: Filmmaking 101, Assignment31, Production-Now, Sample, Luke Holzmann, Behind the Scenes

  • My Little Pony Applejack

    My Little Pony Applejack's Apple Family Juice Stand! MLP Playset Review by Bin's Toy Bin MP3

    Yee-haw, everypony! We head back to Sweet Apple Acres to review the Applejack's Apple Juice Stand playset! This set includes AJ's apple stand with barrel of ...

    Tags: My Little Pony (Fictional Universe), Apple (Food), Applejack, MLP, Brony, Toy Review, Playset, BinsToyBin, Toy (Interest)

  • How Applejack Won The War (original song)

    How Applejack Won The War (original song) MP3

    A song by Friendship is Witchcraft's Applejack by Sherclop Pones art by Faceless Jr. Apple Bloom asked for help on a homework assignment, and this ...

    Tags: my, little, pony, friendship, is, magic, witchcraft, parody, satire, spoof, abridged, war, sherclop pones, griffinilla, spiderjewel, apples

  • Talking To Yourself   Fergal Is The Applejack

    Talking To Yourself Fergal Is The Applejack MP3

    Talking to Yourself (2:51) (Feargal) Feargal is the Applejack Produced by Feargal. Made on location in Dublin in the late 80's. Video created by Rachael Moriarty ...

    Tags: feargal, fridge, sean bond, jangly