• How to Eat Ramen - from the Japanese Movie "Tampopo"

    How to Eat Ramen - from the Japanese Movie "Tampopo" MP3

    ロサンゼルスの日本食事情 2012年版 - ロサンゼルスマガジン JAPA+LA(ジャパラ)http://japa.la/?p=8243.

    Tags: Ramen (Dish), Japanese Cuisine (Cuisine), Tampopo (Film), Film (Invention), Ken Watanabe (TV Actor), Sushi (Dish), Ramen Noodle

  • Tampopo French Restaurant Scene

    Tampopo French Restaurant Scene MP3

    My favorite scene from this film that humorously invited us all to pay closer attention to life in order to experience it more fully.

    Tags: tampopo, restaurant, taillevent, french, japanese, cuisine

  • Tampopo (1985) Movie Trailer with English subtitles

    Tampopo (1985) Movie Trailer with English subtitles MP3

    Tampopo (1985) Movie Trailer: Trucker Goro stops at a small family run noodle shop and decides to help the owner, Tampop, with her fledgling business. Like a ...

    Tags: Tampopo, Tampopo (1985), Tampopo movie trailer, Tampopo movie English

  • Tampopo Egg Scene

    Tampopo Egg Scene MP3

    so.. that just happened.

    Tags: japan, weird

  • Tampopo -- Spaghetti scene

    Tampopo -- Spaghetti scene MP3

    This scene contrasts the Japanese way of eating noodles with the Western way.

    Tags: noodles, japan, tampopo, slurping, eating, spaghetti

  • How to make an omurice (from Tampopo)

    How to make an omurice (from Tampopo) MP3

    The dialogue goes as follows: - You're not eating much, sonny. Can I fix you something? What do you want? - A rice omelet. - Rice omelet. Hmm. Okay, follow ...

    Tags: Tampopo, omurice, rice, omelette, cooking, recipes, Japanese, movies, cuisine

  • Tampopo - ramen master

    Tampopo - ramen master MP3

    a delightful scene of gun (ken watanabe) learning from a ramen master, which is actually an enactment of a story gun is reading to goro while driving their truck.

    Tags: food, ken, ramen, tampopo, watanabe

  • Scenes from Tampopo: The Oyster

    Scenes from Tampopo: The Oyster MP3

    One of my favorite scenes from the 1985 film, Tampopo - a Japanese "Western" comedy that's all about ... food. Lots and lots of food. Directed by Juzo Itami.

    Tags: tampopo, oyster, scene, japanese, gangster, yakuza, man, in, white, suit, juzo, itami

  • Tampopo - Crazy old Lady

    Tampopo - Crazy old Lady MP3

    What's with this old lady?

    Tags: weird, lady, tampopo, crazy, old, japanese, store, mart, japan, market

  • TAMPOPO 5 overeating+subtitles

    TAMPOPO 5 overeating+subtitles MP3

    Tags: TAMPOPO, 5

  • TAMPOPO 2 french restaurant+subtitles

    TAMPOPO 2 french restaurant+subtitles MP3

    Tags: TAMPOPO, 2, french

  • Scenes from Tampopo: "Please Be My Teacher!"

    Scenes from Tampopo: "Please Be My Teacher!" MP3

    "I'll keep pickles ready for you!" So begins Goro's heroic quest with Tampopo, a widow clumsily - but adorably! - trying to make ends meet running a noodle shop.

    Tags: tampopo, miyamoto, nobuko, yamazaki, tsutomu, goro, watanabe, ken, itami, juzo, japanese, comedy, ramen, noodles, training

  • TAMPOPO 7 rice omlet+subtitles

    TAMPOPO 7 rice omlet+subtitles MP3

    Tags: TAMPOPO, 7, rice

  • Tampopo (1985) - Intro

    Tampopo (1985) - Intro MP3

    Opening scene to Juzo Itami's "Tampopo", a great film about the joys of food.

    Tags: Tampopo, 1985, Intro, Juzo, Itami, ramen, japanese, noodle, western, food

  • saddest scene in tampopo

    saddest scene in tampopo MP3

    Tags: saddest, scene, in, tampopo

  • Tampopo - rice omelet

    Tampopo - rice omelet MP3

    a vagabond cooks a rice omelet for tampopo's son. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0092048/

    Tags: cooking, food, omelet, ramen, rice, tampopo

  • YCPT MOVIES - Tampopo

    YCPT MOVIES - Tampopo MP3

    There are some movies that are worth importing too, you know. Here's J-Dub's #1 favorite movie!

    Tags: jewwario, tampopo, movie, japan, juzo, itami, ramen

  • Tampopo...gangster eating oysters

    Tampopo...gangster eating oysters MP3

    Tags: oyster, japanese food, tampopo, Ama Diver

  • TAMPOPO 1 soup or noodles first+subtitles

    TAMPOPO 1 soup or noodles first+subtitles MP3

    Tags: TAMPOPO, 1, soup, or, noodles

  • TAMPOPO 6 whos the crook+subtitles

    TAMPOPO 6 whos the crook+subtitles MP3

    Tags: TAMPOPO, 6, whos, the

  • Scenes from Tampopo: Tampopo the Spy! & Tampopo

    Scenes from Tampopo: Tampopo the Spy! & Tampopo's Nightmare MP3

    Two scenes I love from the 1985 Japanese "noodle Western," Tampopo.

    Tags: tampopo, scene, noodles, ramen, soup, miyamoto, nobuko, yamazaki, tsutomu, goro, nightmare

  • Great Movie Scenes: Episode 1 - Tampopo

    Great Movie Scenes: Episode 1 - Tampopo MP3

    This is the first of a projected series showcasing great movie moments. In this scene from Tampopo, the epicurean yakuza (Yakusho Koji) gets to see his last ...

    Tags: Tampopo, great, movie, scenes, Itami, Yuzo, Yakusho, Koji, food-loving, yakuza

  • Tampopo Sexy Noodle Soup

    Tampopo Sexy Noodle Soup MP3

    Tampopo ist eine bekannte japanische Komödie über die beste Nudelsuppe der Welt. Liebhaber der (erotischen) asiatischen Küche sollten sich den Film ...

    Tags: tampopo, nudelsuppe, japan

  • tampopo

    tampopo MP3


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  • tampopo credits

    tampopo credits MP3

    hungry baby!

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  • tampopo

    tampopo MP3


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  • Tampopo - 1985 - Juzo Itami

    Tampopo - 1985 - Juzo Itami MP3

    Film Japonais de Juzo Itami. Tres escenas. La que puse en segundo lugar creo que justifica la película. Esa escena con la pequeña en la playa creo que ...

    Tags: Tampopo, Juzo, Itami, diente, de, panadero, film, asia, japon

  • Tampopo (1985) - Death of a G

    Tampopo (1985) - Death of a G MP3

    Great scene from Juzo Itami's "Tampopo" There are more emotional truths in this scene than my fragile heart can handle.

    Tags: Tampopo, 1985, death, gangster, white, suit, Juzo, Itami, japanese, noodle, western, yams

  • Tampopo

    Tampopo MP3

    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Tampopo · Kuniyuki Takahashi · Keiichi Okabe · MONACA Tv Anime "Yuki Yuna Is a Hero" Original ...

    Tags: Kuniyuki, Takahashi, Keiichi, Okabe, MONACA, Tv, Anime, Yuki Yuna Is a Hero, Original, Soundtrack, Tampopo

  • tampopo

    tampopo MP3

    the noodle master scene.

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