Svarthamar Demo

  • Svarthamar Demo OST

    Svarthamar Demo OST MP3

    The raw version of the Movie Soundtrack from the Film "Metalhead" couldn´t find this on YT so I uploadet it. It´s NOT MY SONG ! Copyright: Pétur Ben/Metalhead.

    Tags: Svarthamar, Metalhead, Soundtrack, Demo, Raw, Heavy, Black, Metal, 2013, Movie, Theme

  • Málmhaus (aka Metalhead) - Svarthamar

    Málmhaus (aka Metalhead) - Svarthamar MP3

    this song needed a youtube link, wanted to spread this awesome song. enjoy! the rights are still the owners and if this is in violation of anything let me know. no ...

    Tags: metalhead, malmhaus, svarthamar, svart hamar, metal song, movie



    Tema : Svarthamar (SUBTITULADO) Banda : MÁLMHAUS Texti (Lyrics) Hold og blóð að moldu skaltu verða vígamóð allt skal fá að brenna Sviðin jörð gleypir ...

    Tags: Metalhead, Svarthamar, subtitulado, Black Metal (Musical Genre), Horror (Film Genre)

  • Pétur Ben - Svarthamar

    Pétur Ben - Svarthamar MP3

    It's a song from an icelandic movie Málmhaus (Metalhead). (I DON'T OWN THIS SONG) The cover photo is edited by me :)
  • "Svarthamar"- Pétur Ben [Málmhaus aka Metalhead] - New Version

    "Svarthamar"- Pétur Ben [Málmhaus aka Metalhead] - New Version MP3

    IN FLAMMEN Open Air Musik vom Film "METALHEAD" (Málmhaus) Lyrics: Hold og blóð að ...

    Tags: Metal, metal, Iron, Power, Thrash, Iron Maiden, Maiden, Judas, Number, Dark, Thrash Metal (Musical Genre), Live, Harris, King Diamond (Musical Group), Entombed (Musical Group), Vader (Musical Group), Absurd (Musical Group), Black Metal (Musical Genre), Black Metal (Musical Album), Immortal (Musical Group), Metalhead, Heavy Metal Subculture