Super Chick

  • Hero by Superchick *WARNING* May be Triggering

    Hero by Superchick *WARNING* May be Triggering MP3

    WARNING* There are some clips that could be triggering so just be careful if you decide to watch it. Description: Just a video I've been wanting to make for a ...

    Tags: hero, superchick, regeneration, anti bullying, cutting, suicide, help, pain

  • Stand in the Rain - Superchick [Lyrics]

    Stand in the Rain - Superchick [Lyrics] MP3

    Superchick is one of my favorite bands. this ones for emyrawrzz :D.

    Tags: emyrawrzz, superchick, stand, in, the, rain, lyrics, pain, super, chick, beauty, from, courage, demi, lovato, music, lyric

  • Superchick - We Live

    Superchick - We Live MP3

    Official Music Video.

    Tags: bfp, electronica, inpop, live, superchick, we

  • Superchick - This Is The Time (official song)

    Superchick - This Is The Time (official song) MP3

    This Is The Time - from the album RECOLLECTION This is the story of your life A movie starring you What's the next scene have for you to do? Leave the dishes ...

    Tags: superchick, this is the time, recollection, official, lyrics, songslide

  • Superchick- Courage lyrics

    Superchick- Courage lyrics MP3

    Tags: Courage, lyrics

  • Stand in the rain Superchick LYRICS!

    Stand in the rain Superchick LYRICS! MP3

    I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THIS*** HD Stand in the Rain hope you like it :3 Lyrics: She never slows down She doesn't know why but she knows that when She's all ...

    Tags: Stand In The Rain (Musical Recording), Rain (Taxonomy Subject)

  • "Hey Hey" by Superchick [Lyrics]

    "Hey Hey" by Superchick [Lyrics] MP3

    Lyrics to the song "Hey Hey" by Superchick from their CD "Rock What You Got". I know i have made mistakes on these lyrics, I KNOW, so PLEASE no comments ...

    Tags: Hey, Superchick, Lyrics, Rock, What, You, Got

  • Superchick - Beauty From  Pain (lyrics)

    Superchick - Beauty From Pain (lyrics) MP3

    If you like art, watch this: and this:

    Tags: Superchick, Beauty, From, Pain, Lyrics

  • Wishes - Superchick

    Wishes - Superchick MP3

    its a video of random pics to the song wishes by superchick.

    Tags: wish, wishes, superchick, love, loveless, sad, happy, sweet, cute, nice, think, song

  • Crawl (Carry Me Through) - Superchick (lyrics)

    Crawl (Carry Me Through) - Superchick (lyrics) MP3

    i love this song when i first heard it & i hope you will too :D this song isn't anything new, but it has a beautiful melody 8) anjoy while it lasts xD.

    Tags: superchick, crawl, carry, me, through, lyrics, stand, in, the, rain

  • Stand in the Rain-Super Chick Music Video

    Stand in the Rain-Super Chick Music Video MP3

    Let me know what you think! This song is my favorite at the moment. I think this video turned out good =) I DON'T OWN ANYTHING.

    Tags: demi, lovato, taylor, swift, miley, cyrus, jojo, stand, in, the, rain, super, chick

  • Hero - Superchick [w/lyrics]

    Hero - Superchick [w/lyrics] MP3

    I do not own this.* Lyrics to Hero by Superchick. Pics, facts/info about Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold and suicide/bullying. NOTE - i am aware of the mistakes in the ...

    Tags: Hero, Superchick, Columbine, High, School, Eric, Harris, Dylan, Klebold

  • Superchick - Hero

    Superchick - Hero MP3

    this is a vid i made to inspire us all to get more creative with are friendships. Go talk with that guy knowone ever talks to, you might see he's realy cool, he might ...

    Tags: alternative, rock, religious, Anime, love, slideshow, friends, Hero, Superchick

  • Wishes - Super Chick

    Wishes - Super Chick MP3

    I love this song. Its a great break up song.

    Tags: Wishes, Super, Chick, Me6523, Break, Up

  • Superchick - Alive

    Superchick - Alive MP3

    Music video by Superchick performing Alive.

    Tags: Superchick, Alive

  • One More - Superchick

    One More - Superchick MP3

    LYRICS. This song gives me strength.

    Tags: superchick, one more, make it or break it, lyrics

  • Superchick - Crawl (Carry Me Through)

    Superchick - Crawl (Carry Me Through) MP3

    Music video by Superchick performing Crawl (Carry Me Through).

    Tags: Superchick, Crawl, (Carry, Me, Through)

  • Superchick - Hope (official song)

    Superchick - Hope (official song) MP3

    "Hope" from the album RECOLLECTION Into each life with the joy comes some pain And I have crawled through those times, I learned to stand in the rain And I ...

    Tags: superchick, hope, recollection, songslide, official

  • Superchick- Get up (Lyrics)

    Superchick- Get up (Lyrics) MP3

    I love this song SO much! Hope you enjoy.^__^ Song- Superchick- Get up.

    Tags: Get, up, superchick, video, music, lyrics, entertainment, windows, movie, maker, google, Annabellp98

  • Superchick - This Is The Time (Audio)

    Superchick - This Is The Time (Audio) MP3

    This song was created in loving memory of Superchick's drummer, Chase Lovelace, who lost his battle with cancer at an early age. Through this song ...

    Tags: superchick this is the time, Superchick (Musical Group), tricia brock, matt dally, max hsu superchick, superchick 2013, superchick cross the line

  • Superchick: Sunshine (official)

    Superchick: Sunshine (official) MP3

    Official lyric video for Superchick's song "Sunshine" From the album RECOLLECTION, available now:

    Tags: Superchick, sunshine, recollection, lyric video, music video, official, everyday is christmas

  • Superchick We Live Lyrics

    Superchick We Live Lyrics MP3

    Lyrics to Superchicks We Live, i was asked to put this blog in, its good! check it out people, what you got to lose ...

    Tags: Superchick, we, live

  • Superchick - Hold

    Superchick - Hold MP3

    Music video by Superchick performing Hold.

    Tags: Superchick, Hold

  • Superchick - Five Minutes At A Time (official song)

    Superchick - Five Minutes At A Time (official song) MP3

    From the album RECOLLECTION by Superchick Life is hard, but it's been a little harder than usual lately I wish I knew why I am struggling through this What ...

    Tags: Superchick, One Breath, Five Minutes At A Time, Recollection, pop, songslide, lyrics

  • Superchick - One More

    Superchick - One More MP3

    Music video by Superchick performing One More.

    Tags: Superchick, One, More

  • Superchick - Cross The Line

    Superchick - Cross The Line MP3

    Music video by Superchick performing Cross The Line.

    Tags: Superchick, Cross, The, Line

  • Superchick - High School

    Superchick - High School MP3

    Here's Superchick's song High School with the lyrics I do not own this song fixed a word in the lyrics, thx for the ppl that noticed :D And for the people who keep ...

    Tags: superchick, kilala04, high, school, christian, rock, music with onscreen lyrics

  • Courage - Superchick  (Subtitulado al español)

    Courage - Superchick (Subtitulado al español) MP3

    Tags: ana, mia, anorexia, sub, eating, stress, thin, cap, health, help, therapy, esp, recovery, social, psychology, self, emotional, life, brain, thinspo, attention, subtitles, subtitulos, spanish

  • RWBY AMV - One More - Superchick [Keep Moving Forward]

    RWBY AMV - One More - Superchick [Keep Moving Forward] MP3

    Found this song on Pandora, seems to fit Monty's mantra of Keep Moving Forward pretty well. If you've been following me for a while you know I don't normally ...

    Tags: RWBY, AMV, One More (Musical Recording), Superchick (Musical Group), Music (TV Genre), Naruto, Anime, Anime Music Video, Sasuke, Tribute, Naruto Amv, Bleach, Bleach (Comic Book Series), Music Video (TV Genre), Naruto Sasuke, Monty Oum (TV Program Creator), Opening, Volume 2, Volume 3, Production Diary, Shane Newville, Trailer, Teaser, Television (Invention), Official