• ♥♫  KEVIN KERN  - Sundial dreams ♥♫

    ♥♫ KEVIN KERN - Sundial dreams ♥♫ MP3

    This post is edited by Andreea(oceanflower1) For STEREO sound and HIGHER picture clarity STOP the video and CLIK this link ...

    Tags: kevin, kern, music, new, age, sundial, dreams, ambiental, muzica, sunset, sunrise, dreaming, bauty, nature, swans, waves, sun

  • Using a Sundial to Tell Time

    Using a Sundial to Tell Time MP3

    Using a Sundial to Tell Time - Science Fun For more video lessons created by teachers visit:

    Tags: Time (Dimension), science, sun, telling time, sundial, Primary School (School Category), almost a third grader, third grade

  • Sundials

    Sundials MP3

    For thousands of years, people used sundials to tell the time. The first sundials were used more than 3500 years ago in Egypt. The sundial showcased in this ...

    Tags: astronomy, Sundials, Sundial, artefact, artifact, Astronomy, Ottawa, Canada, Science, and, Technology, Museum, Dominion, Observatory, Virtual, Program, Exploration, Guide, Teaching, Resources, Education, International, Year, of, IYA, 2009, Pritchard, Andrews, Otto, Klotz, Paterson, senator

  • 750 Year Old Sundial at Konark, India - Moondial too?

    750 Year Old Sundial at Konark, India - Moondial too? MP3

    Let's take a look at the accuracy of the Sundial at Konark Sun temple in India built in 1250 A.D. People still use it today to tell time. Let me show you a short clip of ...

    Tags: India (Country), Konark Sun Temple (Listed Site), Sundial (Literature Subject), Moondial, Odisha (Indian State), Ancient India, Ancient Inventions (TV Program), Mystery (Literary Genre), Ancient Sundial, Sun dial, Sun (Astrology), ancient sience, Astronomy (Professional Field), moon dial, Moon (Astrology)

  • Build A Horizontal Sundial

    Build A Horizontal Sundial MP3

    Here's a how -to video about building your own horizontal sundial! Everything you'll need is probably in your home office. Check out the Hack A Week project ...

    Tags: sundial, horizontal sundial, diy, how to, project, science, geography

  • John Shultz Explains How A Sundial Works

    John Shultz Explains How A Sundial Works MP3

    Craftsman John Shultz explains how various types of sundials are designed, crafted from copper and brass and how they work under real-life conditions.

    Tags: copper, sundial, john shultz, brass

  • Setup a Sundial

    Setup a Sundial MP3

    Download/DVD: A short video showing how to set up a horizontal sundial. Learn more about sundials here: ...

    Tags: sundial, time, astronomy

  • How to make a sundial

    How to make a sundial MP3

    This is an instructional video that shows viewers how to make a sundial.

    Tags: final

  • How to make a homemade sundial

    How to make a homemade sundial MP3

  • Wolfmother - Sundial

    Wolfmother - Sundial MP3

    WMG Copyright Wolfmother - Sundial I do not own this song.

    Tags: wolfmother, dimension, white, unicorn, woman, where, eagles, have, been, apple, tree, joker, and, the, theif, colossal, minds, eye, pyramid, witchcraft, tales, from, forest, of, gnomes, love, train, vagabond, california, queen, new, moon, rising, feather, sundial, 10000, feet, in, morning, cosmic, egg, far, away, pilgrim, castle, phoenix, violence, sun

  • Time, Stonehenge and Sundials

    Time, Stonehenge and Sundials MP3

    Purchase: A short video moving through the history of human attempts to measure and record time. Daniel Boorstin, author of "The ...

    Tags: time, sundials, Stonehenge, Galileo, pendulum, Druids, Captain, Cook, John, Harrison, latitude, astronomy, rotating, earth, solstice

  • Sundials and Latitude

    Sundials and Latitude MP3

    Download/DVD: Designing a sundial for the top of the earth, the North Pole, is easy. Move to another latitude and it becomes more ...

    Tags: sundial, time, latitude, navigation, astronomy

  • Sundial Aeon - Apotheosis [Full Album]

    Sundial Aeon - Apotheosis [Full Album] MP3 01 Sacred Plants 0:00 02 Iced-Melancholy Spectacle 5:58 03 Pleasure Impact 11:31 04 Hybrydisy 18:51 05 ...

    Tags: psybient, psychill, downtempo, ambient, Ambient Music (Musical Genre)

  • The Sundial That Works 24 Hours A Day

    The Sundial That Works 24 Hours A Day MP3 - - In Svalbard, in the Arctic Circle, there's a sundial that works 24 hours a day! Sort of. When it's sunny. Which it ...

    Tags: tom scott, tomscott, amazing places, Svalbard (Administrative Division), Sundial (Literature Subject), sundial, latitude

  • Mysterious Megalithic SunDial at Coral Castle, Florida

    Mysterious Megalithic SunDial at Coral Castle, Florida MP3

    We are at Coral Castle in Florida and in this video let's take a look at the Sun Dial. Coral Castle is a very mysterious place because it was built single handedly ...

    Tags: Coral Castle (Tourist Attraction), Megalith, Sundial (Literature Subject), Tourist Destination, Florida (US State), Edward Leedskalnin (Deceased Person), Clock (Collection Category), Mystery (TV Genre), Ancient History (Field Of Study), analemma, Ancient Aliens (TV Program), Weird Science (Film), ancient aliens florida

  • Sundial Ring from ThinkGeek

    Sundial Ring from ThinkGeek MP3

    An extremely low tech but high-cool factor way to tell the time. Just ad sunlight! Music by Bert Jerred.

    Tags: thinkgeek, think, geek, sundial, ring, jewelry

  • Using CAD to Create Custom Horizontal Sundial

    Using CAD to Create Custom Horizontal Sundial MP3

    This video documents the necessary steps in using VCarve Pro to create a traditional horizontal sundial. We plan on eventually casting the final design in ...

    Tags: hardware, workshop, computer, make, DIY, build, project, school, tech, specialist, help, pi, smart, Computer Aided Design (Software Genre), Do It Yourself (Hobby), Hobby (Interest), Technology (Industry), time, clock, shadow, gnomon, north, latitude, tod, Sundial (Literature Subject), vcarve, cnc, techno, carve, cad, cam, machine, mold, concrete, time of day, am, pm, daylight, dst, primitive, instrument, device, gadget, garden, cut, design, learn

  • [EN] Mojoptix ep. #001: Digital Sundial

    [EN] Mojoptix ep. #001: Digital Sundial MP3

    The pilot episode of the Mojoptix podcast ! For more details, the blog: The gift shop: ...

    Tags: Digital sundial, Invention, Open Source Hardware, Podcast (Website Category)

  • Sun Dial - Red Sky

    Sun Dial - Red Sky MP3

    Song: Red Sky Band: Sun Dial AKA Sundial Album: Acid Yantra This song is from the album Acid Yantra one of my favorite songs from this band, noticed it ...

    Tags: Sundial, Sun, Dial, Acid, Yantra, Red, Sky, Music

  • Flash Mob Sundial School 2014 - Soca Shuffle

    Flash Mob Sundial School 2014 - Soca Shuffle MP3

    "We Can Move More" Pre-St. Maarten Day Celebration 2014 Soca Shuffle feat. Singing Olivia.

    Tags: Soca Music (Musical Genre), School



    SUBSCRIBE FOR THE BEST MUSIC COLLECTION EVER MADE!!! 1. Preface 2. Synchronicity 3. Biotransmission 4. Artifact 5. Crystal Genesis 6. Aerospace ...


  • Sundial Aeon [Hypnosis]

    Sundial Aeon [Hypnosis] MP3

    Artist: Sundial Aeon Album: Hypnosis Released: 15 August 2013 Tracklist: 1. Rise Of The New Aeon 0:00 2. The Northern Hemisphere Balance 5:59 3. Myth Of ...

    Tags: sundial aeon, sudial aeon hypnosis full album, hypnosis full album, full album

  • Demonstration of An Equatorial Sundial

    Demonstration of An Equatorial Sundial MP3

    Prof. Iadevaia demonstrates the workings of an equatorial sundial. From August to November the shadow can be seen on the top face then the bottom face.

    Tags: sundial, equatorial sundial, prof iadevaia, tucson, astronomy

  • Speaker of the House - Sun Dial

    Speaker of the House - Sun Dial MP3

    Welcome Speaker of the House back to the channel with this uplifting electro track! ...

    Tags: MrSuicideSheep, Speaker of the House, Sun Dial, Finding You, Electro House, Electro, House, Progressive House, Progressive, Uplifting, Dubstep, Chillstep, Melodic House, Mix, EDM, Bass, Electronic

  • Nomos Sundial

    Nomos Sundial MP3

    The Nomos Glashutte Sundial, using a generic Copernican movement. Calibrated for 51 degrees North, sold to the world.

    Tags: Sundial, review, unboxing, sydney, australia, sun, cloud, steel, Nicolaus Copernicus (Astronomer), solar, green

  • Timelapse: Digital Sundial

    Timelapse: Digital Sundial MP3

    [ENGLISH] Check out the blog for more details: [FRANCAIS] Allez faire un tour sur le blog pour plus de details:
  • Sundial In The Shade

    Sundial In The Shade MP3

    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group International Sundial In The Shade · Paul Heaton · Jacqui Abbott Wisdom, Laughter And Lines ℗ 2015 Virgin ...

    Tags: Paul Heaton Jacqui Abbott Wisdom, Laughter And Lines Sundial In The Shade

  • Sundial Aeon - Mimesis [2011] . HQ

    Sundial Aeon - Mimesis [2011] . HQ MP3

    Album: Mimesis (2001)

    Tags: sundial, aeon, hq, ambient, dub, electro, idm, downtempo, psy, trance, goa, electronic, music, electronichq, psyambient, psybient, psy-trance, psytrance, psychedelic, psychill, chill, chillout, mimesis

  • Sundial Aeon - Pleasure Impact

    Sundial Aeon - Pleasure Impact MP3

    Sundial Aeon - Pleasure Impact.

    Tags: psychill, ambient, electronic, progressive, psytrance, relax, psybient, chill, out, dub, goa, trippy, psychedelic, space

  • Kala Pocket Sundial - How To (HD)

    Kala Pocket Sundial - How To (HD) MP3

    The KALA Pocket Sundial is the most charming timepiece of its kind. Crafted with traditional materials, based on ancient knowledge, this sundial will be a ...

    Tags: Pocket Sundial, Kala Pocket Sundial, Michael Kala Sundial, HMKala Pocket Sundial, Sundial Instructions, Portable sundial, portable sunwatch, Sundial, Equinoctial sundial, Equinoctial sundials, ring sundial, ring sundial how to, sunwatch instructions, ring sundial instructions, portable sundial instructions, portable sundial how to

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