• Pamina

    Pamina's Suicide Aria, Valmontone Italy, 2008 (Alia Center) MP3

    The Three Spirits: Alia (center), Ashley, and Catherine with Jacquelynne Fontaine as Pamina. Il Flauto Magico, 2008Tuscia Opera Festival Tour.

    Tags: opera Tuscia, mozart magic flute, pamina, tuscia festival, flauto magico, flauto magico 2008, stefano vignati

  • I write Sins not Tragedies (P!ATD) in Flute

    I write Sins not Tragedies (P!ATD) in Flute MP3

    So I just picked up a flute to learn like a month ago. I am nothing but a rookie still, but I wanted to play this song badly even if it was just a little bit. I am a huge ...

    Tags: panic, at, the, disco, write, sins, not, tragedies, flute, meyer, Andrea, Martinez, Teruel, Lieta, de, la, Fere, rookie, learning, flauta, patd

  • "Stay" : Rihanna - Flute Cover

    "Stay" : Rihanna - Flute Cover MP3

    Here's a recording/cover I did out of boredom! Thanks for listening and enjoy!

    Tags: Stay Rihanna Flute