• Subsonics - Break Away

    Subsonics - Break Away MP3

    Band : Subdigitals/Subsonics Music : Break Away.
  • Subsonics - Live 1997 - Full Show

    Subsonics - Live 1997 - Full Show MP3

    8.97 @ The Point, Atlanta.

    Tags: subsonics, live, 1997, the, point, atlanta, full, show, good, violence, everythings, falling, apart, follow, me, down, clay, lou, reed, go, dancer, electric, feather, frock, shady, side, street, johns, car, please, kleen

  • The Subsonics - Frankenstein

    The Subsonics - Frankenstein MP3

    Recorded in 1998 at the studios of WRAS in Atlanta, GA and aired on the short-lived public access show Wide Angle Music Magazine in Chapel Hill, NC.

    Tags: Subsonics, Frankenstein, WRAS, Atlanta

  • Subsonics - Peanuts

    Subsonics - Peanuts MP3

  • Subsonics - I

    Subsonics - I'm In Love With My Knife MP3

    Made using uMusic! this is a stand-out track from the 1992 self titled release by the Subsonics on Worrybird records.

    Tags: Subsonics, foggoravencha

  • Subsonics - Live 1994

    Subsonics - Live 1994 MP3

    3.94 @ The Point, Atlanta ..Magnapop @ end btw Videographer - Ed Video.

    Tags: subsonics, good, violence, live, atlanta, point, 1994, voodoo, doll, rain, on, you, dime, dance, girl, love

  • Subsonics - Frankenstein

    Subsonics - Frankenstein MP3

    Follow Me Down LP, 1998.

    Tags: subsonics, frankenstein, follow, me, down, halloween, monster, rock

  • 223 Subsonic Ammo

    223 Subsonic Ammo MP3

    Bud's Gun Shop: Shooting subsonic 223 basics.

    Tags: Mossberg MVP, suppressor, silencer, subsonic, supersonic, MVP, Daniel Defense M4, DDM4, AR15, bolt gun, bolt action, Marlin Model 60, ACOG

  • Subsonics - Too Damaged

    Subsonics - Too Damaged MP3

    Subsonics "Too damaged" taken from "In The Black Spot" (LP Slovenly Recordings 2012) ...

    Tags: kicks, from, boot, garage, punk, slovenly

  • Subsonics (Attack 19.5.2013.)

    Subsonics (Attack 19.5.2013.) MP3

    Subsonics Live @ Attack 19.5.2013. Zagreb (Croatia) ...

    Tags: Subsonics, Attack, Zagreb, Garage Rock, Punk Rock, Atlanta, Live Concert

  • Gunshot Training a Puppy! Suppressed Subsonics

    Gunshot Training a Puppy! Suppressed Subsonics MP3

    The General is a son of Ebor Ot Vitosha, the current National IPO Champion in both the AWMA and the AWDF. You can learn more about my pup here: ...

    Tags: Suppressor, Puppy (Animal), Shooting Sport (Sport), Animal (Film Character), Dog, Dogs, gunshot, ot vitosha, ivan balabanov, malinois, belgian, dog training, puppy training, silencer

  • Excision - Subsonic

    Excision - Subsonic MP3

    Excision - Subsonic Excision has got to be my favourire dubstep producer, he brings some right stonking tunes to the table. heres one of them! enjoy!

    Tags: Excision, Subsonic, high quality

  • Code Lyoko By Noa (Subsonics Theme)

    Code Lyoko By Noa (Subsonics Theme) MP3

    Tribute to Code Lyoko, one of my favourite cartoons ... Enjoy ! Voici un petit hommage à Code Lyoko, l'un de mes dessins animés préférés... Pour changer, j'ai ...

    Tags: xana, comics, sissi, odd, aelita, cartoons, lyoko, tribute, yumi, code lyoko, subsonics, jeremie, widescreen, noa, theme, ulrich

  • The Shooting Show - ultimate .22 subsonics test PLUS the Clay Shooting Classic

    The Shooting Show - ultimate .22 subsonics test PLUS the Clay Shooting Classic MP3 Taking six brands of .22 subsonic ammunition, we're considering what makes a good rimfire hunting round – and we've ...

    Tags: Clay Pigeon Shooting (Sport), Shooting Sport (Sport), rimfire, subsonic, ammo, ammunition, test, hunting, eley, rws, winchester, gel, ballistic, slo, mo, slow, motion, 20000, 22500, fps, bullet, flight, impact, 22lr, clay, shooting, classic, 2015, mark, winser, cci, fiocchi, remington

  • PMC Moderator Subsonic 22 ammo

    PMC Moderator Subsonic 22 ammo MP3

    Visit my FACEBOOK Fan Page at A quick video on the PMC Moderator 38grn subsonic ammo. This is running way ...

    Tags: PMC moderator, subsonic, 22lr, suppressed ruger, ruger mk3, savage fvsr, suppressed pistol, shooting suppressors, Shooting Sport (Sport), silencerco sparrowSS, AWC archangel T, 22 ammo

  • .223 Subsonic Reloads

    .223 Subsonic Reloads MP3

    We demonstrate how quiet a .223 Subsonic Reload can be. We use a 69 grain Sierra Boat Tail HP with 4.5 grains of IMR Trail Boss powder. We compare it with ...

    Tags: Suppressed rifles, Tactical Innovations

  • Barret M107 50 Cal BMG QDL Suppressed with Subsonic Ammo QUIET

    Barret M107 50 Cal BMG QDL Suppressed with Subsonic Ammo QUIET MP3

    Barret M107 50 Cal BMG QDL Suppressed with Subsonic Ammo QUIET : High Powered Armory demonstrating different types of 50 Caliber BMG ammo with a ...

    Tags: Barret 50 Cal BMG QDL Suppressed with Subsonic Ammo QUIET, Suppressor, Barrett Firearms Manufacturing (Business Operation), Ammunition, Subsonic Ammunition, 50 Cal Suppressed, Suppressed 50 BMG, 50 BMG subsonic, Subsonic Suppressed 50 Cal, Subsonic Suppressed 50 BMG, 9mm, Barrett Sniper Rifle with Suppressor, Barret Suppressed 50 Sniper Rifle, Barrett M82, High Powered Armory 50 BMG, Barret QDL, Barret M107 QDL, Barrett M107

  • .308 WIN Subsonic Ammo Test

    .308 WIN Subsonic Ammo Test MP3

    We'll shoot some of these with a suppressor this weekend.

    Tags: 308, subsonic, range, test

  • 9mm subsonic ammo comparison

    9mm subsonic ammo comparison MP3

    Read me: To purchase Firearms or Suppressors email me: [email protected] A quick comparison between subsonic ammo. Fiocchi 158 was the ...

    Tags: 9mm, subsonic, ammo, comparison

  • Handloading Subsonic .308 WIN Ammo

    Handloading Subsonic .308 WIN Ammo MP3

    Special thanks to Chad for making this video for the good of the group. Let me know what you think of the video quality. It's possible that we may be able to use ...

    Tags: Reloading, handloading, reloading, 300, black, out, whisper, suppressed, quiet, silenced

  • Suppressed 300 BLK subsonics VS HOG

    Suppressed 300 BLK subsonics VS HOG MP3

    Finally was able to get another pig in front of me. This time a boar during daylight in the evening hours. This is the first pig I've taken with the PNW Arms ...

    Tags: hog hunting, feral hog, hogs, pigs, boar, texas, hunt, adventure, offroad, Wild Boar (Animal), Pig (Animal), Deer, season, night, vision, atn, xsight, scope, tactical, 300, blk, blackout, subsonic, suppressed, silent, silencer, Hunting, Dallas, Wildlife, Suppressor, 300 AAC Blackout, specwar, silencerco

  • Suppressed FN Five-seveN! Factory Subsonics, Splinter Cell!

    Suppressed FN Five-seveN! Factory Subsonics, Splinter Cell! MP3

    Finally getting around to purchasing a threaded Five-seven barrel :) I went with the EFK mainly because EA does a polish job on them, and installs the 20lb ...

    Tags: High Definition, HD, 720P, 1080P, Guns, Weapons, Firearms, Shooting, Second Amendment Rights, Shooting Sport, Outdoor Range, Canon HF R500 Camcorder, Shooting Sport(Sport), Firearm (Sports Equipment), Zoom H5 Handy Recorder, FNH, Five-seveN, FSN, FN Five-seven, SB193, 55gr Subsonic Amunition, Huntertown Arms Kestrel 22, SilencerCo Osprey 45, Silencer, Suppressor, Supersonic crack

  • Will your AR15 shoot subsonic .223/5.56?

    Will your AR15 shoot subsonic .223/5.56? MP3

    This question gets asked a lot and I think we did a good job answering "Will your AR15 shoot subsonic ammo?" ** You can now support I'm with Chaos by ...

    Tags: chaos311clarity, imwithchaos, im, with, chaos, iwc, subsonic, 223 remington, supersonic, transonic, bullets, ammo, sbr, lwrc, suppressed, silencers, ar15, assault rifle

  • SUBSONICS "Too Damaged" - Wakayama, Japan

    SUBSONICS "Too Damaged" - Wakayama, Japan MP3

    (Old Time live house)

    Tags: Subsonics, slovenly, Atlanta, garage, rock

  • Subsonic vs Supersonic ammo w/ Suppressor = HUGE difference. Liberty Mystic silencer CZ SP-01

    Subsonic vs Supersonic ammo w/ Suppressor = HUGE difference. Liberty Mystic silencer CZ SP-01 MP3

    Finally got the tax stamp back for my Liberty Mystic suppressor (silencer)! I only had the booster mount when I filmed this, so I brought my CZ SP-01 to do some ...

    Tags: sp-01, cz 75 sp-01, Suppressor, tornado technologies, liberty suppressors, liberty cans, liberty mystic, silencerco, aac, silencer, nfa, sonic boom, supersonic, subsonic, 9mm, 9x19, 115 grain, 147 grain, test, review, shooting, shoot, testing, gemtech, first round pop, shooting review, tabletop, noise level, dB, steel target, shooting suppressed, tax stamp, class 3, class III, nrr, Shooting Sport (Sport), Pistol, range review, handgun, accuracy

  • Com Truise - "Subsonic" (Official Video)

    Com Truise - "Subsonic" (Official Video) MP3

    Click here now to subscribe to THUMP: Everyone's favorite robotic astronaut continues his journey into the furthest reaches of ...

    Tags: Com Truise (Musical Artist), Tom Cruise, 80s, kavinsky, synth, Drive (Film), remix, mix, edm, electronic music, electronic dance music, trap, house, electro, funk, disco, dj, thump, music, new, 2014, vice, noisey, crazy, party, sexy, fun, beat, production, majestic, ukf, grime, dub, dub step, garage, trance, mashup, video, Electro (Musical Genre), Trance Music (Musical Genre), Dub (Musical Genre)

  • Subsonic 22LR - Ruger 10/22 vs CZ 452

    Subsonic 22LR - Ruger 10/22 vs CZ 452 MP3

    Just playing with a few different loads to compare volume levels. The 24.8" CZ is much quieter than the 18" 10/22 even with full power loads. This CZ was almost ...

    Tags: firearms, pistol, rifle, highjak86, highjak, cz 482, cz 452-2e zkm, subsonic, 22lr

  • Roll Your Own Subsonic 308

    Roll Your Own Subsonic 308's MP3

    Subsonic 308 Reloading data and field footage with a 26 inch Remington 700 police suppressed and an 18 inch M1A Scout Squad. YHM 7.62QD Suppressor ...

    Tags: Subsonic 308 Reloading Data, Subsonic 308, M1A Suppressed Silenced, M1A Subsonic Suppressed, IMR Trailboss, Alliant Reloader 15, Winchester Olin Brass, Remington Brass, Sierra 175 grain Matchkings, Sierra 18 grain Gamekings, Leupold M8EER, Nightforce NXS, Badger Bolt Knob

  • 300 blackout shooting subsonics

    300 blackout shooting subsonics MP3

    James shooting a 300blk with subs.

    Tags: 300, Blackout, Blk, Ar15, Sbr, Short, Barreled, Rifle

  • 22 LR Subsonic Ammo vs standard 22 LR Ammo

    22 LR Subsonic Ammo vs standard 22 LR Ammo MP3

    Here I show you the difference in sound between a Sub Sonic 22LR and a standard velocity 22 LR. The difference in person was more significant than can be ...

    Tags: Survival, Wilderness Survival, Urban Survival, Primitive Survival, Survival Kit, Bug Out Bag, Prepping, Survival Gear Reviews, Survival Skills, Survival Training, EDC Gear Reviews, Disaster Preparedness, JJ Johnson, Reality Survival, Ammunition, Shooting Sport (Sport), subsonic 22 rifle, sub-sonic 22 long rifle, how much quieter is a subsonic 22 rifle, Subsonic Ammunition, subsonic vs regular 22 long rifle