Stygian Decimator

  • Clever Square - Stygian Decimator

    Clever Square - Stygian Decimator MP3

    Track 8 from the album "Nude Cavalcade" out march 25th 2015 on Flying Kids Records. BUY IT HERE: CD: ...
  • T6 Stalgard

    T6 Stalgard's Decimator WD Bounty Run MP3

    A short Test run showing the damage for Stygian Desolator with a Hybrid pet build. For its damage output, refer to below.
  • Conan the Adventurer - The Demons of Decimation

    Conan the Adventurer - The Demons of Decimation MP3

    Mesmira, along with a mind controlled Conan, confront Wrath-Amon with the intent to destroy him and take his place. The tables turn when Wrath-Amon is ...

    Tags: Hasbro Studios, Hasbro, Conan the Adventurer, Conan, Animation, Clips

  • [DOOM 2] Hellbound - MAP22 "Stygian Depths" UV-Max

    [DOOM 2] Hellbound - MAP22 "Stygian Depths" UV-Max MP3

    Wad: Hellbnd.wad Map: Map22 (Stygian Depths) Time: 14:47 Category: UV-Max Port: GlBoom-Plus Link: ...

    Tags: doom, ultimate, plutonia, tnt, slaughter, baron, cacodemon, caco, demon, spectre, imp, former, human, hurt, me, plenty, nightmare, pain, elemental, knight, arch, vile, revenant, super, shotgun, rocket, launcher, bfg9000, plasma, gun, chain, saw, secret, uv, max, ultra, violence, rayzik, map01, pwad, mod, new, map, Level, game, fps, first, person, shooter, ownage, skill, performance, explosion, music, graphic, speedrun, master, perfect, metal, Tournament, Unreal, Custom, Games, Quake, Levels, Gameplay, Editor, Software, Challenge, Maps, Stygian, Depths, Hellbound

  • Iced Earth - Travel in Stygian (cover)

    Iced Earth - Travel in Stygian (cover) MP3

    Me covering the song as heard on the "Alive in Athens" disc (phenomenal live album). This is a right hand KILLER!!! ARGH! The opening riff is probably the ...

    Tags: iced, earth, travel, in, stygian, alive, athens, power, metal, thrash, fractal, axe, fx, aria, SG, gibson, guitar

  • Suffocation - Marital Decimation (cover)

    Suffocation - Marital Decimation (cover) MP3

    Arrgh! This is a tough song for sure. It was almost harder to transcribe though... BtS is an awesome, awesome album but god damn does it have some muddy ...

    Tags: suffocation, brutal death metal, technical death metal, breeding the spawn, marital decimation, fractal audio, axe-fx, axe-fx ultra, guitar, jackson ps-4, bill lawrence

  • T6 Stygian Desolator WD Damage Test

    T6 Stygian Desolator WD Damage Test MP3

    Surprisingly decent. By itself, damage is about 15 to 16 million crits. All that damage is linear Area of Effect, not something to be scoffed at, given WDs lack of ...
  • Decimation - Never Forgiven

    Decimation - Never Forgiven MP3

    Band: Decimation Song: Never Forgiven Album: The Dark Embrace [demo] Year: 1990 Genre: Thrash Metal Country: Ohio, USA.

    Tags: american, old school

  • Mesmira, Queen of Stygia

    Mesmira, Queen of Stygia MP3

  • Altimira - Provenance (Full Album)

    Altimira - Provenance (Full Album) MP3

    00:00 Torn and Broken 03:13 Submission 08:42 Segue 10:00 The Ranks of the Silent 14:21 Déjà vu 18:05 The Stygian Shore If you would like to purchase the ...

    Tags: altimira, band, death, metal, thrash, groove, rock, music, heavy, song, full, album, drum, bass, Death Metal (Musical Genre), Thrash Metal (Musical Genre), Rock Music (Musical Genre), guitar, vocals, growl, growling, scream, screaming, brutal, solo, new, cover, Drums, Lyrics, Full Song, Bass (instrument), Drumming, Drummer, provenance, EP, Extended, play, demo, Screen, good, dance, headbang, head, bang

  • Heave the Sun - Scissor Defloration

    Heave the Sun - Scissor Defloration MP3

    Tags: Heave the Sun, Inferno, 2012, HD, Finland, finnish, black metal, death metal, blackened death metal, doom metal, atmospheric, symphonic, industrial, industrial black metal, industrial death metal

  • Acherontas - Lunar Transcendence & The Secret Kiss Of Nut  +lyrics

    Acherontas - Lunar Transcendence & The Secret Kiss Of Nut +lyrics MP3

    Ma​-​IoN (Formulas Of Reptilian Unification) 2015 NEW ALBUM ...

    Tags: greece metal world terror committee Germany, Acherontas (Musical Group), acherontas black metal death metal greece metal world terror, new, album, 2015, Brand

  • Otargos - Time Quantaeon

    Otargos - Time Quantaeon MP3

    Tags: Otargos, Black, Metal, Kinetic, Zero, Time, Quantaeon

  • Axis of Advance - Strike - Curtailing Factors of Interference

    Axis of Advance - Strike - Curtailing Factors of Interference MP3

    Axis of Advance - Strike Death to Mankind November 2001 CD for sale at

    Tags: Axis, of, Advance, Strike, Curtailing, Factors, Interference, black, metal, death, brutal, pagan, heathen, viking, nordic, slavic, greek, celtic, war, germanic, vinland, american, nationalist, tribalism, aryan, thrash, rock music