• Struttin

    Struttin' MP3

    An old drunk redneck interrupts Huntsville reporter with his opinion of anyone who may be "struttin' that ass"

    Tags: struttin, that, ass

  • Struttin (played very slowly)- Tommy Emmanuel/Jerry Reed

    Struttin (played very slowly)- Tommy Emmanuel/Jerry Reed MP3

    Link to the detailed lesson: This video is for the people that like to learn visually. It's not perfect but good enough ...

    Tags: chet atkins, fingerstyle, travis picking, finger picking, collings, o1a, boom chick, alternating bass, tutorial, lesson, slowed down, close up, Cover

  • Struttin

    Struttin' [Jerry Reed/Tommy Emmanuel cover on a Martin HD-35] MP3

    Written by Jerry Reed Guitar: Martin HD-35 Mics: Rode NT2-A & AKG C214 Pickup: Sunrise S-2.

    Tags: Ludovico Cipriani, Guitar Cover, Martin, Jerry Reed (Musical Artist), Unplugged, Acoustic Guitar, Sunrise S-2, Acoustic, Rode NT2-A, Acoustic Music (Musical Genre), Martin Guitar, AKG C214, Guitar, Struttin, Cover, Tommy Emmanuel (Musical Artist), Fingerstyle, Martin HD-35, Fingerpicking

  • Jerry Reed - Struttin

    Jerry Reed - Struttin' MP3

    A Rare never before seen clip of Jerry playing one his classics instrumentals recorded by the great Chet Atkins.......Struttin'!!!!!!!!

    Tags: Jerry Reed, Chet Atkins

  • Struttin

    Struttin MP3

    Tommy Emmanuel playing Jerry Reed song struttin.

    Tags: Tommy, Emmanuel, acoustic, guitar

  • Struttin Tommy Emmanuel CAAS 2014

    Struttin Tommy Emmanuel CAAS 2014 MP3

    Struttin Tommy Emmanuel CAAS 2014.
  • Tommy Emmanuel plays Struttin

    Tommy Emmanuel plays Struttin' on my guitar! MP3

    I was lucky enough to meet Tommy before his gig in the Helix, Dublin. It was surreal seeing the guy you've watched 100's of times on youtube up close.

    Tags: Tommy, Emmanuel, plays, on, my, Personal, Jesus, Johnny, Cash, Jerry, Reed, Struttin, Dublin, Ireland, The, Helix, Takamine, Song, music, acoustic, chet, atkins, fingerstyle, instrumental, solo, unplugged, chords, tabs, fingerpicking

  • Struttin - Todd Hallawell

    Struttin - Todd Hallawell MP3

    Performed by Todd Hallawell at Front Porch Radio 2008. Todd aces this classic Jerry Reed fingerpicking masterpeice. You can check Todd out at ...

    Tags: jerry, reed, todd, hallawell, fingerpicking, guitar, walnut, valley, festival

  • Richard Smith - Struttin

    Richard Smith - Struttin' MP3

    One of Jerry Reed's all-time classics. The greatest composer for fingerstyle guitar in history. We miss you, Jerry! ...

    Tags: Fingerstyle, Guitar, Country, Chet, Atkins, Jerry, Reed

  • Chet Atkins "Struttin

    Chet Atkins "Struttin'" MP3

    Chet picks on Jerry Reed again.This tune has a GREAT beat to it, but is a bear to play because of this crazy bar with the little finger...that bar is a killer to nail.

    Tags: Chet, atkins, jerry, reed, struttin, guitar, mr, finger, pickin, country

  • The Lions - Jungle Struttin

    The Lions - Jungle Struttin' (Full Album) MP3

    This content is not owned by the uploader, instead it is owned by the artist that created it-- Track List: 1. Thin Man Skank 2. Ethio-Steppers 3. 'Jungle Struttin' 4.

    Tags: The Lions, Jungle, Struttin, Jungle Struttin, Reggae, Full album, Album

  • Smokin

    Smokin' Joe Robinson - Struttin It MP3

    Smokin' Joe Robinson is one of the finest young guitar players in the world today. He has an extraordinary life ahead of him, yet he remains as down to earth ...

    Tags: Tommy Emmanuel, Collings Guitar

  • Struttin

    Struttin' That Ass - Remix MP3

    Free download coming soon... This my remix of "Old Man Struttin That Ass." There are a lot of struttin remixes on here, but none that strut as hard mine.

    Tags: struttin, that, ASS, strutting, strut, remix, mix, song, music

  • Funky Struttin

    Funky Struttin' ~60's & 70's Deep Funk Selection Vol.2~ MP3

    さすらいの数奇者セレクター、禁忌異堕武豪洲斗(Kinky Dub Ghost)プレゼンツ。ファンキー・ダイナマイトなあなたに贈る、グッと“腰にくる”デ...

    Tags: Deep Funk, Afro Beat

  • Wynton Marsallis - Struttin

    Wynton Marsallis - Struttin' With Some Barbecue - Jon Faddis & Doc Cheatham (Official) MP3

    Wynton Marsallis Salutes Louis Armstrong - Struttin' With Some Barbecue - Jon Faddis & Doc Cheatham Recorded Live: 8/17/1990 - Newport Casino - Newport, ...

    Tags: Wynton Marsallis Salutes Louis Armstrong, Newport Jazz IM, live music, music vault, Newport, Newport Casino, Newport Jazz Festival

  • Struttin

    Struttin' With Some Barbecue arranged by Rick Stitzel MP3

    To purchase or for more info go to Easy Jazz Ensemble - Grade 2 Here is a fresh take on one of the all-time standards of early jazz made ...

    Tags: Hal, Leonard, Jazz, Ensemble, Score, ScorePlay, 07012471, Louis Armstrong (Musical Artist), Rick Stitzel (Composer), Lillian Harden Armstrong, Don Raye (Songwriter), Belwin, Alfred, Kendor, FJH

  • Louis Armstrong: Struttin With Some Barbecue

    Louis Armstrong: Struttin With Some Barbecue MP3

    Louis Armstrong Struttin With Some Barbecue from The Great Satchmo.

    Tags: louis armstrong, great satchmo, struttin with some barbecue

  • Struttin’ with some barbecue (L. Hardin)

    Struttin’ with some barbecue (L. Hardin) MP3

    Homenaje a unos cuantos de martes quemado a la noche, con esta hermosa tonada de los Hot Five de 1927. (Self LTA en varios pasajes.)

    Tags: Music (TV Genre), Malosetti, Armstrong, Hardin, Jazz, Bajo, Lil Hardin Armstrong (Musical Artist), Hot Seven, Hot Five, Sanata

  • The Marsalis Family - Struttin

    The Marsalis Family - Struttin' With Some Barbecue MP3

    Tags: jazz, marsalis, armstrong, live

  • Sonnny Clark   Cool Struttin

    Sonnny Clark Cool Struttin MP3

    Tags: Sonnny, Clark, Cool, Struttin

  • Carolina Struttin #2

    Carolina Struttin #2 MP3

    Some more badass Carolina trucks. Follow us on Instagram: Struttinisahabbit lifted_hoes carolina_finnessin carolina_flossin follow me on instagram ...


    WELCOME TO ALYSON'S CHANNEL! Now Playing: "Struttin' My Stuff" by Elvin Bishop...

    Tags: Elvin Bishop, Struttin My Stuff, Swamp Rock, Mickey Thomas

  • Carolina Struttin

    Carolina Struttin MP3

    Slideshow of some badass Carolina Struttin trucks. Go follow us on Instagram @struttinisahabbit follow me on instagram @davidmatthew78_.
  • The Black Crowes - Struttin

    The Black Crowes - Struttin' Blues.wmv MP3

    From "Shake Your Money Maker" - 1990 Chris Robinson - vocals Rich Robinson - guitar Jeff Cease - guitar Johnny Colt - bass guitar Steve Gorman - drums ...

    Tags: the, black, crowes, chris, robinson, southern, rock, Blues

  • Struttin´

    Struttin´ MP3

    k, here´s the original Buster B Jones..

    Tags: Buster, Jones

  • Struttin primal scream

    Struttin primal scream MP3

    Tags: struttin, rock, Struttin, primal, scream, give, out, up, you

  • Funky Struttin

    Funky Struttin' ~60's & 70's Deep Funk Selection Vol.1~ MP3

    さすらいの数奇者セレクター、禁忌異堕武豪洲斗(Kinky Dub Ghost)プレゼンツ。ファンキー・ダイナマイトなあなたに贈る、グッと“腰にくる”デ...

    Tags: Deep Funk (Musical Genre), New Orleans

  • Tommy Emmanuel @ CAAS 2009 - Wabash Cannonball & Struttin

    Tommy Emmanuel @ CAAS 2009 - Wabash Cannonball & Struttin' MP3

    Wabash Cannonball & Struttin'

    Tags: Tommy, Emmanuel, Chet, Atkins, Merle, Travis, CAAS, 2009, Wabash, Cannonball, Guitar, Acoustic

  • Struttin

    Struttin': The Real Story MP3

    So when Huntsville, Alabama reporter Jamey Tucker's former co-worker came across a 1995 news blooper, he thought it would be internet gold! Since the video ...

    Tags: Huntsville, Alabama, News Blooper, WHNT News 19, David Wood

  • 10 Think (About It).mp3 MP3
  • 43 Struttin' Out A.wav MP3