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  • Movies That Come to the Rescue Mashup

    Movies That Come to the Rescue Mashup MP3

    'Perfect Situation' by Weezer remains courtesy of Geffen Records. Please respect copyrighted material of talented artists by visiting iTunes: ...

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  • Superheroes Supercut

    Superheroes Supercut MP3

    Superheroes Supercut: Celebrating 35 Years of Crime Fighters, Do-Gooders and Other Chosen Ones Thank you for watching UPDATE TO POPULAR ...

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  • Superhero Rewind: Dick Tracy Review

    Superhero Rewind: Dick Tracy Review MP3

    "Dick Tracy," (1990). Warren Beatty, Madonna. Directed by Warren Beatty.

    Tags: geekvolution, superhero, rewind, comic, book, late, night, geeks, not, nerds, dick, tracy

  • Comic Hero Romances

    Comic Hero Romances MP3

    An examination of the romantic side and love lives of comic book protagonists translated to film. (with subtitles for the deaf or hard of hearing) A fairly thoroughly ...

    Tags: exophrine, exofrin, exorphin, exorphine, comic, book, protagonist, superhero, superheroes, love, romance, romantic, lives, life, movie, movies, film, supercut, montage

  • What Time is it (Everything Montage)

    What Time is it (Everything Montage) MP3

    This is probably one of the most craziest and insane videos I've made. Anyways, I used the song What Time Is It From High School Musical 2 to make a video ...

    Tags: what, time, is, it, high, school, musical, ghostbusters, hellboy, leprechaun, wall-e, robocop, the, breakfast, club, 10, things, hate, about, you, dark, knight, dick, tracy, grease, departed, bring, on, incredible, hulk, iron, man, spiderman, dawn, of, dead, lost, world, jurassic, park, tim, roth, daniel, radcliffe, selena, gomez, vanessa, hudgens, guns, zac, efron, cinderella, from, dusk, till

  • Superhero Rewind: Batman and Robin Review

    Superhero Rewind: Batman and Robin Review MP3

    "Batman and Robin," (1997). George Clooney, Uma Thurmon. Directed by Joel Schumaker.

    Tags: joel schumaker, batman and robin, batman forever, superheroes, dc, comics, superhero rewind, geekvolutin

  • Superhero Rewind: Punisher (2004) Review

    Superhero Rewind: Punisher (2004) Review MP3

    "The Punisher," (2004). Tom Jane, John Travolta. Directed by Jonathan Hensleigh.

    Tags: geekvolution, punisher, marvel, superheroes, comic