Specials, The

  • The Specials - FULL ALBUM

    The Specials - FULL ALBUM MP3

    The Specials! 1. A Message To You Rudy 2. Do The Dog 3. It's Up To You 4. Nite Klub 5. Doesn't Make It Alright 6. Concrete Jungle 7. Too Hot 8. Monkey Man ...




  • The Specials - Gangsters

    The Specials - Gangsters MP3

    Music video by The Specials performing Gangsters Click here to order your copy of 'More or ...Less The Specials Live' taken from the 2011 tour.

    Tags: The Specials, The Specials AKA, The Special AKA, Ska, Two tone, Rude Boys, Rude Boyz, Skank, Jerry Dammers, Terry Hall, Neville Staple, Neville Staples, John Bradbury, Free Nelson Mandela, Roddy Radiation, Horace Gentleman, Lynval Golding, Coventry, More Specials

  • The Specials - The Very Best of The Specials and Fun Boy Three (full album)

    The Specials - The Very Best of The Specials and Fun Boy Three (full album) MP3

    Tracklist: Our Lips Are Sealed (feat. Jane Wiedlin) Man at C&A A Message to You Rudy Rude Boy's Outta Jail Leave it Out You're Wondering Now Running ...
  • The Specials - Ghost Town

    The Specials - Ghost Town MP3

    The Specials - Ghost Town.

    Tags: Official, Specials, Ghost, Town, ska, music, videos, The, video

  • Pure History Specials - The Pilgrims Journey Into The Unknown

    Pure History Specials - The Pilgrims Journey Into The Unknown MP3

    For many Americans, the journey of the Mayflower symbolizes the birth of their nation. But what more is there to the story? How did the pilgrims' persecuted ...

    Tags: concord, England, pilgrims, William Bradford, movie, free, united states, Lexington, catholic, church, civil war, documentary, History Specials (Award-Winning Work), American, Pilgrims (Film Subject), wompanaug, Christian, massachussets, Indians, james town, persecution, Virginia, Plymouth, History (TV Genre), native americans, Iroquois, Documentary, revolution

  • Pure Nature Specials - The Gorilla Whisperer

    Pure Nature Specials - The Gorilla Whisperer MP3

    Angelique Todd has spent a decade earning the trust of the silverback gorillas. Her mission is to infiltrate the home and hearts of the troop to decode the ...

    Tags: free, Pure Science, jungle, orangutan, lions, Pure History, tribe, spiritual, amazon, earth, movie, nile, australia, papua new guinea, anaconda, SpaceRip, elephants, caiman, documentary, sharks, Pure Nature, ritual, worship, Cosmic Journeys, snakes, exorcism, ancestors, aboriginee, Alliant, serpents, jaguars, chimpanzee, africa, religion, alligator, apes, big cats, Crocodiles, egypt, avatar, south america, Pure Adrenaline, gorilla

  • Pure Nature Specials - The Crystal Ocean

    Pure Nature Specials - The Crystal Ocean MP3

    Nowhere in the world is the pulse of the seasons more dramatic than in the waters surrounding Antarctica. The great ocean becomes so cold that it freezes solid.

    Tags: bail ball, nature, life, panda, global warming, penguin, polar, pure nature, xivetv, antarctic, documentary, wild, movie, pure nature specials, conservation, gannet, honey, aquarium, arctic, ocean, tiger, china, change, shark, frozen, seal, water, full, free, documentaries, baby bear, wwf, lab, climate, show, animal, tv

  • Pure History Specials - The Pharaohs Holy Treasure

    Pure History Specials - The Pharaohs Holy Treasure MP3

    In 1952, a young archaeologist discovered two mysterious green objects buried in a cave by the Dead Sea. 53 years on, and British metallurgist Robert Feather ...

    Tags: world, found, jerusalem, Pharaoh (Noble Title), rehab, empires, south america, temples, lawyer, oldest, temple, documentary, ancient world, maya, mayan, israel, archaeology, discovery, aztec, rome, incredible, aztecs, earth, jewish, hosting, holy land, pyramid, solomon, jew, holy, egypt, technology, history, culture, treatment, education, pyramids, empire, greece, civilization, attorney, ancient, heritage, lost, Judaism (Religion), educational, explorers, planet, treasures, recovery, mortgage, native, discovered, amazing

  • Pure History Specials - The Waldseemuller Map

    Pure History Specials - The Waldseemuller Map MP3

    Uploaded under license from Sky Vision. A map, a globe, and a text to shock 16th century Europe. The Waldseemuller map was the first to include America as a ...

    Tags: movie, documentary, free

  • Pure Science Specials - The Diva Mummy

    Pure Science Specials - The Diva Mummy MP3

    Scientists perform an autopsy on the best preserved mummy ever discovered: that of a Han aristocrat named Lady Dai. More than 2000 years after her death her ...

    Tags: mummy, diva mummy, movie, pure science specials, the diva mummy, ancient, king tut, han aristocrat, china, isis, gods, sarcophagus, inca, maya, nile, tomb, yellow river, columbus, exploration, explore, xi river, tutenkamen, osiris, mountain, archeology, free, best preserved mummy, coffin, xivetv, egypt, dynasty, pharoah, indiana jones, emporer, documentary, film subject, valley, river delta, aztec, pyramid

  • Hyrule Warriors: ALL Characters, All Weapons, All Combos, All Specials the Complete Compilation

    Hyrule Warriors: ALL Characters, All Weapons, All Combos, All Specials the Complete Compilation MP3

    List of characters and when they appear. Link Zelda 6:08 Lana 9:06 Sheik 13:54 Impa 15:48 Darunia 19:02 Princess Ruto 21:13 Midna ...

    Tags: Hyrule Warriors (Video Game), all characters, all weapons, all specials, all focus spirit, all cutscenes, all boss fights, great fairy, zelda baton, link gauntlet, adventure mode, unlockables, zant, link, princess ruto, ghirahim, ganondorf, lana, spiritgate, darunia, hyrule warriors, hyrule warrior guide, movie, hyrule movie, zelda movie

  • Pure Nature Specials - The Devil

    Pure Nature Specials - The Devil's Playground MP3

    Uploaded under license from Off The Fence. Deep inside a mountain lair, hidden cameras reveal the shocking private life of a Tasmanian she-devil. In these ...

    Tags: pure nature, pure adrenaline, australia, alliant, owls, scavenger, kangaroo, conservation, wildlife, predator, NHNZ, pure science, wolverine, Cradle Mountains, free, marsupial, new zealand, wombat, koala, movie, documentary, mating, natural history new zealand, pure history, hidden cameras, tasmanian devil

  • Pure Science Specials - The Devil

    Pure Science Specials - The Devil's Sea: Beyond the Bermuda Triangle MP3

    Why have so many ships met their doom in the sea off the south coast of Japan? Could this stretch of water be the Bermuda Triangle of the Pacific? One man ...

    Tags: Cosmic Journeys, missing, conspiracy theory, Pure Science, movie, pearl harbor, plane, explore, ufo, ships, submarine, atlantic, radar, investigation, missing in action, nautical, Bermuda Triangle, deep sea, exploration, explorer, Sea (Geographical Feature Category), Boat, sea, unexplained, xivetv, unexplainable, Ocean, RMS Titanic (Ship), disappearance, free, pacific, Science (TV Genre), pure science specials, Mystery, wreck

  • Pure History Specials - The Extraordinary Tale Of William Buckley

    Pure History Specials - The Extraordinary Tale Of William Buckley MP3

    This incredible docudrama tells the remarkable true story of an escaped convict who spent 32 years living with an Aboriginal tribe in Australia before white ...

    Tags: wildlife, nature, natural history, game reserves, movie, history, government, australia, national parks, earth, asia, archeology, oceans, animal films, africa, ancient world, documentary, photography, sydney, cosmic journeys, animals, europe, war, pure science, pure nature, guns, wild, great war, pure history, kangaroos, outlaw, culture, free, planet, revolution, historical, climate, alliant, england

  • Pure Nature Specials - The Lion Tree

    Pure Nature Specials - The Lion Tree MP3

    A giant fig tree marks the territory of a pride of lions, who have thrived for years in a remote flood plain in North Western Zambia, but, when the pride male ...

    Tags: Lions, africa, wolves, wolf, elephant, nature, natural history, earth, climate, national parks, wildlife, wild, game reserves, animals, planet, animal films, photography, europe, asia, australia, oceans, sealife, Lion (Animal), Animal (Film Genre), Gray Wolf (Animal), National Park (IUCN Category), Wild Life (Pupil Album), Zoo, pure nature specials, north western zambia, pride male vanishes, lion tree, giant fig tree, the lion tree, xivetv documentaries, material world, natural world, females

  • Pure History Specials - The Search for Sherlock Holmes

    Pure History Specials - The Search for Sherlock Holmes MP3

    He is one of the most loved characters of all time, and the main novel of his adventures is said to be the third most read publication in the world behind the Bible ...

    Tags: pure science, baker street, pure nature, Sherlock (TV Program), mystery, Stephen Fry (Celebrity), hound of the baskervilles, documentary, crime, detective, investigation, benedict cumberbatch, john watson, History (TV Genre), martin freeman, sherlock, free, pure history, movie, england, Arthur Conan Doyle (Author), sherlock holmes, pure adrenaline, alliant, The Search For Sherlock Holmes, The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes (Book), moriarty

  • The Specials-The Skinhead Symphony

    The Specials-The Skinhead Symphony MP3

    Classic 2 Tone Ska,from a John Peel session 1980.

    Tags: Tone, the, specials, skinhead, symphony, Ska

  • Pure History Specials - The Norse: An Arctic Mystery

    Pure History Specials - The Norse: An Arctic Mystery MP3

    The History books say that the first European to contact the Native Americans was Christopher Columbus. New evidence tells a different story, showing that ...

    Tags: German, Conquest, France, documentary, Pure Science, Wales, Empire, Viking, Pure adrenaline, Duke, Pure History, Pure Nature, Ireland, Norman, Scotland, movie, Britain, Rome, Crusade, Braveheart, Alliant, Normandy, free, War, Norse

  • Pure History Specials - The Queen

    Pure History Specials - The Queen's Coronation MP3

    The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II was a glittering triumph for the House of Windsor. But behind the scenes was a story of jealousy and rivalry; a clash ...

    Tags: Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Phillip, Queen Victoria, Britain, United Kingdom, UK, Royal Family, Television, BBC, TV, Crowning, President, Parliament, Winston Churchill, Tradition, Diana, Princess, Charles, war, history, europe, governments, historical, hitler, stalin, england, france, germany, nazis, world war ii, ww2, Elizabeth II (Monarch), Coronation Of Queen Elizabeth II (Event), Coronation (Literature Subject), History Specials (Award-Winning Work), Nazism (Political Ideology), Documentary, America

  • Pure Science Specials - The World

    Pure Science Specials - The World's First Time Machine MP3

    Time travel is one of mankind's favorite fantasies. But what if it were possible to build a real time machine? To travel into the future, or the past? Scientists are ...

    Tags: book, Time Machine, free, dystopia, movie, documentary, the time machine, laser, Back to the Future, Physics, Alliant, Cosmic Journeys, xivetv, Specials, impossible dream, Time, Pure Science, Spacerip, Black hole, Quantum Physics, Gigawatt, dimension, Space, favorite fantasies, pure science specials, time travel in fiction, Ronald Mallet, Time travel, real time machine, String Theory, Science, Einstein, tv genre, Parallel Universe

  • Pure History Specials - The Vanishing Tattoo

    Pure History Specials - The Vanishing Tattoo MP3

    A grueling journey deep into the jungle of Borneo takes two men in search of the last remaining traditional tattoo artists. Pushing inland along the 'River of Death' ...

    Tags: bomb, cold war, spies, ww2, world war, vietnam, korea, germany, iron curtain, history, england, israel, israeli, palestine, palestinian, uganda, commando, army, military, communism, berlin wall, vietcong, pentagon, mia, pow, missing in action, prisoners, hostages, alliant, pure nature, pure science, cosmic journeys, ancient, egypt, indigenous, indian, borneo, pure history specials, tattoo, the vanishing tattoo, xivetv, traditional tattoo artists, vanishing tattoo, ancient practices, visual art form

  • Pure History Specials - The Oldest Mummies in the World

    Pure History Specials - The Oldest Mummies in the World MP3

    Uploaded under license from Sky Vision. Nine thousand year-old mummies have been found, not in Egypt as we would expect, but in Northern Chile.

    Tags: telescopes, einstein, milky way, science, space, saturn, orbit, documentary, astronomy, venus, neptune, exploration, supernova, history, free, black holes, Earth, alliant, universe, rocket, planets, interstellar, sun, pure science, scientific, movie, moon, speed of light, superships, stars, uranus, hawking, jupiter, hubble, mars, marine machines, ET, apollo, photons, galaxies, light, aliens, cosmic, explosions, solar system, astronauts, nasa, planetary, cosmic journeys, anti-matter

  • Pure History Specials - The Real History of England

    Pure History Specials - The Real History of England MP3

    Uploaded under license from DRG. The Anglo-Saxon settlement of England marked a new age for Britain. But with new archeological evidence, the very identity ...

    Tags: archeology, pure nature, lancelot, tradition, pure history, documentary, pagan, AD, movie, anglo-saxon, philosophy, knights of the round table, invasion, arthurian legend, free, pure adrenaline, roman, holy grail, england, britain, monty python, camelot, alliant, pure science, cosmic journeys

  • Pure Science Specials - The First Human Clone

    Pure Science Specials - The First Human Clone MP3

    This powerful documentary looks at the controversial attempts to clone a human being by a small group of doctors and scientists, led by Dr. Panos Zavos, in the ...

    Tags: Human (Quotation Subject), kids, pure science specials, human, Human Cloning (Literature Subject), genetics, first aid, science, documentary, history, cloning, Science (TV Genre), medicine, religion, clones, human clone, bbc, children, unholy, abomination, parenting, somatic cell nuclear transfer, panos zavos, degradation, movie, clone, boys from brazil, free

  • Pure History Specials - The Princess and the Gangster

    Pure History Specials - The Princess and the Gangster MP3

    Uploaded under license from DRG. He was one of Britain's most notorious gangsters. She was a princess, at one time second in line to the British throne.

    Tags: culture, documentary, mobster, Diana, John Binden, 007, war, queen, mob, england, cover-up, history, James Bond, Princess Margaret, ww1, Mustique, ancient world, Scandal, coronation, photography, heist, Bank robbery, free, movie, europe, royalty, pure history, Royals, Princess, governments, gangland, pure nature, cosmic journeys, Crime, family, pure science, great war, queen elizabeth, alliant, Mi5, Mi6

  • The Specials- Today

    The Specials- Today's Special (Full Album) MP3

    Comenten, LIKE y Suscribanse! DESCARGATELO: http://adf.ly/riORB https://twitter.com/Raztecafari http://www.facebook.com/selassie.mcgrath Tracklist 01 Take ...

    Tags: The Specials, Ska, Reggae, Selassie McGrath, Roots, Dub

  • The Specials – 30th Anniversary Tour: Found Tapes

    The Specials – 30th Anniversary Tour: Found Tapes MP3

    Found Tapes is a new weekly show that highlights some of the rarest, weirdest, and sometimes just really cool videos that people send to us. This week, hitch a ...

    Tags: Found Tapes, The Specials, 30th Anniversary, Tour, Terry Hall, Neville Staple, Lynval Golding, Roddy Radiatio, Sir Horace Gentleman, John Bradbury, Jerry Dammers, BBC Two, Jools Holland, Wolverhampton Civic Hall, 2009, Coventry, noisey music, party, crazy, official music video, new music, 2014, reviews, opinions, interview, vice, vice magazine, punk, hip-hop, rap, rock, noisy, noisy music, punk rock, electronic music, live, alternative, indie, new

  • Pure Nature Specials - The Last of the White Giraffes

    Pure Nature Specials - The Last of the White Giraffes MP3

    A herd of only 165 white giraffes remain in West Africa. To save them means a change of life for the humans attempting to habitat the same area. Will the conflict ...

    Tags: elephants, lions, tigers, tanzania, africa, hippopotamus, rhinocerus, kilimanjaro, mountains, conservation, baboons, zebra, photography, pure science, pure history, pure nature, pure adrenaline, alliant, cosmic journeys, spiritual, sacred, forest elephant, indian, african, tusks, ivory, crocodiles, migration, giraffe, faze rain, Nature (TV Program), Baboon (Animal), Zoo, Hunting, Deer, Animals, Wildlife, Elephant, pure nature specials, xivetv, the last of the white giraffes, white giraffes, nature, animal

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  • A Message To You Rudy.mp3 MP3
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  • 12 Rat Race.mp3 MP3
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  • Doesn't Make It Alright.mp3 MP3
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  • 11 Rascist Friend (Instrumental).mp3 MP3
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  • 19 Racquel.mp3 MP3
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  • 02 do the dog.mp3 MP3
  • 02 - Do The Dog.mp3 MP3
  • Doctor Who Series 4 The Specials Soundtrack- Disc 2- 24. Vale Decem.mp3 MP3
  • The SpeCiaLs - No Big DeaL.mp3 MP3
  • The SpeCiaLs -STanD UP.mp3 MP3
  • 04 The Boiler.mp3 MP3
  • Friday Night, Saturday Morning.mp3 MP3
  • 18 Friday Night, Saturday Morning.mp3 MP3
  • The SpeCiaLs - RuNNing AwaY.mp3 MP3
  • The SpeCiaLs -TeaRs in My BeeR.mp3 MP3
  • Desmon Dekker & The Specials - Carry Go Bring Come.mp3 MP3
  • 08 Version.mp3 MP3
  • 01 a message to you rudy.mp3 MP3
  • The SpeCiaLs -CaLL Me NameS.mp3 MP3
  • The Specials - 09 - Do The Dog.mp3 MP3
  • The SpeCiaLs - aLL GoNe wRong.mp3 MP3
  • the specials - monkey man.mp3 MP3
  • The SpeCiaLs - IT's U.mp3 MP3
  • The Specials - 15 - Concrete Jungle.mp3 MP3
  • 02 do the dog 2.mp3 MP3