Sorid Eenya

  • The Sordid Tale of Getting Poshua92

    The Sordid Tale of Getting Poshua92's Packages MP3

    2012 - Episode 101 I received a couple of massive packages of awesome from long time YouTube viewer Poshua92! But before we get to opening them up and ...

    Tags: package, opening, poshua92, ups, purolator, courier, service, hell, story, tale, experience

  • Kylie - 2 Hearts (Sordid Soundz Edit)

    Kylie - 2 Hearts (Sordid Soundz Edit) MP3

    Sordid Soundz remix of the Kylie hit!!!

    Tags: Kylie, Sordid, Soundz

  • The Banshee!

    The Banshee! MP3

    Tags: Banshee, lunar, silver, star, story, horror, movie, comedy, chainsaw, massacre, legend, Irish, mythological, beast, monster, scream

  • Lions Part 2

    Lions Part 2 MP3

    Described as king of the beasts, the African lion is one of the most appropriate symbols of Africa: the proud and majestic warrior. However, in recent years, ...

    Tags: Lions, Lion, Conservation, Africa, South Africa, Hunting, Animals, Wildlife, Safari, Canned hunting, Wild, Animal, Human, Nature, Life, Balance, 5050, SABC, SABC 3

  • Appalachia: Wildflowers of Kentucky

    Appalachia: Wildflowers of Kentucky MP3

    Wildflower photos taken while I walked through woods, along streams and roadsides. In my journeys, they would often catch me by surprise, growing in rocky ...

    Tags: Appalachia, Wildflower, Nature, Photography, Kentucky, Mountains, Flowers, tourism, eastern, mountain, region, Evanesence

  • Sevin "Symphonic Sermon" 14 -- All or None 2001

    Sevin "Symphonic Sermon" 14 -- All or None 2001 MP3

    Regardless of genre, it is imperative that an artist have a trademark. Whether that is a specific sound, look, or type of content, there must be something that ...

    Tags: sevin, rap music, Tupac Shakur (Rapper), Snoop Dog, (Rapper), Hiphop, all or none, Christian Rap, Symphonic Sermon