• What Is Socialism?

    What Is Socialism? MP3

    Subscribe! What do Scandinavia, Bernie Sanders, and the Soviet Union have in common? Arguably the most misused theory of all time: ...

    Tags: socialism, Bernie Sanders, finland, bernie 2016, Soviet Union, scandinavia, what is socialism, socialist, bernie sanders the socialist, socialist bernie sanders, equality, socialism removes class distinctions, us capitalist society, socialism vs capitalism, socialism explained, class inequality, utopian society, nazi, ussr, nordic countries, social democracy, marxism-leninism socialism, china, cuba, sweden, welfare system, testtube, evan puschak, test tube, News

  • What is a Socialist?

    What is a Socialist? MP3

    A brief overview of the word, "Socialist". Take the Political Compass Test here And subscribe to HipHughes to keep the ...

    Tags: ideology, communism, socialism, keith hughes, hiphughes, crash course, politics, apgov, ap government, review, american government, karl marx, lenin, hip hughes

  • Bernie Sanders Explains Why "Socialist" Isn

    Bernie Sanders Explains Why "Socialist" Isn't a Dirty Word - Late Night with Seth Meyers MP3

    The presidential candidate explains why democratic socialism is good for America. » Subscribe to Late Night: » Get more Late Night ...

    Tags: Late Night, Seth Meyers, Bernie Sanders, Socialist, Dirty Word, NBC, Television, Talk Show, comedy, humor, stand-up, satire, political satire, news satire, improv, sketch comedy, snl, saturday night live, television host, snl seth meyers, Parody, Jimmy Fallon, Bill Hader, promo, seth, NBC TV

  • Libertarian vs. Socialist heated debate ensues

    Libertarian vs. Socialist heated debate ensues MP3

    At a time when the economy is still insecure, why is there an endless debate over capitalism versus socialism and which financial system actually works?

    Tags: Wayne Allyn Root, Libertarian Party, VP nominee, Michael Prysner, socialism, capitalism, Chile, miners, US, Obama, Libertarian, economy, benefits, soldiers, healthcare, finance, Cuba, China, presidential candidate, debate, RTAmerica, RT America

  • 5 Ways America Is Already Socialist

    5 Ways America Is Already Socialist MP3

    Socialism, turns out the dirtiest word in U.S. politics is as American as apple pie. From the U.S. labor movement to the New Deal to corporate subsidies, America ...

    Tags: Socialism (Political Ideology), socialism explained, socialism in america, socialism 2015, socialism for dummies, new deal crash course, the new deal, new deal, labor movement, us labor movement, minimum wage, United States Of America (Country), news, ajplus, al jazeera, CT

  • Jeremy Corbyn Proud to Be a Socialist

    Jeremy Corbyn Proud to Be a Socialist MP3

    Exclusive interview for teleSUR with Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn

    Tags: United Kingdom (Country), Jeremy Corbyn (Politician), Politics (TV Genre), Socialism (Political Ideology), Labour Party (Political Party), Interview, European Union, Trade Union (Organization Type), Democracy, Participatory Democracy (Form Of Government)

  • Democratic Socialist Gets An Economics Lesson

    Democratic Socialist Gets An Economics Lesson MP3

    Socialist isn't an economics major and doesn't understand the Federal Reserve. Go Figure.

    Tags: democratic socialist, libertarian, capitalism, free markets, minimum wage, philadelphia, march for minimum wage

  • Socialist Economics 101 | YouTube Comments - Rebutted!

    Socialist Economics 101 | YouTube Comments - Rebutted! MP3

    Stefan Molyneux discusses socialist economics, supply and demand, money corrupting government climate science and scare-mongering for the purpose of ...

    Tags: state, god, family, atheism, atheist, anarchy, anarchism, government, freedomain, libertarian, philosophy, history, economics, classical liberalism, capitalism, freedom, free market, objectivist, objectivism, ayn rand, Stefan Molyneux, Freedomain Radio, Infowars, Alex Jones, climate change, Socialist Economics, climate skeptics, global warming

  • Bernie Sanders: "Call Me A Democratic Socialist"!

    Bernie Sanders: "Call Me A Democratic Socialist"! MP3

    U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders joins Thom Hartmann for their weekly town hall meeting, Brunch with Bernie, and says he's proud to be called a Democratic ...

    Tags: thom hartmann program, thom hartmann, tom hartman, news, talk, radio, television, pacifica, entertainment, government, liberal, conservative, politics, political, democrat, republican, progressive, tdps, united, states, america, cnn, nbc, cbs, msnbc, fox, senate, house of representatives, congress, rt, Democratic Socialism (Political Ideology), Democracy (Quotation Subject), jobs, middle class, universal health care, sweden, living wage

  • Jon Stewart Says He

    Jon Stewart Says He's A Socialist - Fox News President Roger Ailes MP3

    "Roger Ailes' latest comments about Jon Stewart will surely raise a few eyebrows. The Fox News chief claimed that Stewart once admitted that he was a socialist ...

    Tags: jon stewart socialist, jon stewart fox news, jon stewart roger ailes, the daily show, jon stewart daily show, roger ailes fox news, jon stewart, roger ailes, fox news, what is socialism, comedy central, fox news socialist, tyt, young turks, the young turks

  • Bernie Sanders: "Socialist" is not a dirty word

    Bernie Sanders: "Socialist" is not a dirty word MP3

    Web extra: The president candidate running as a Democratic Socialist tells Jim Axelrod that conventional political wisdom is wrong.

    Tags: video, cbs, news, Sanders, clinton, obama, white, house, trump

  • Stop Calling Bernie a Socialist!

    Stop Calling Bernie a Socialist! MP3

    Independent Journalist Thor Benson, The New Republic joins Thom. Sen. Bernie Sanders announced that he is seeking the democratic nomination for president ...

    Tags: Thom Hartmann, Big Picture, theBigPictureRT, RTAmerica, RT America

  • How Cuba

    How Cuba's Socialist Dream Failed MP3

    The Capitalist Comandante (2003): Whereto next for crisis struck Cuba? Subscribe to Journeyman for news and science reports every weekday: ...

    Tags: Socialism (Political Ideology), Cuba (Country), castro, fidel castro, fidel, che guevara, havana, embargo, cuban cigars, communism, journeyman pictures, documentary, news current affairs, world news

  • Ron Paul explains a SOCIALIST!!!

    Ron Paul explains a SOCIALIST!!! MP3

    EVERYONE -- ** PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH FRIENDS!! We won't let them do this! -- We will let the people know the truth!! JOIN THE REVOLUTION: ...

    Tags: Ron Paul (Author), Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Economic, Crisis, Economy, Freedom, Reserve, Beck, Glenn, Collapse, Dollar, Gold, Bank, Schiff, Financial, Government, Fed, Fox, Jones, News, Glenn Beck, Market, Revolution, Silver, Alex, America, Economics, Street, Capitalism, Alex Jones (Film Editor), Inflation, Meltdown, Jim Rogers, Economic Crises

  • Socialist Songs: Do You Hear The People Sing?

    Socialist Songs: Do You Hear The People Sing? MP3

    From the play based on the masterpiece Les Miserables Lyrics: Do you hear the people sing, Singing a song of angry men? Is the music of a people who will not ...

    Tags: Socialism (Political Ideology), Song, France (Country), Communism (Political Ideology), fight for 15, fight for fifteen, Working Class (Idea), revolution

  • (Democratic Debate) Bernie Sanders explains Democratic Socialism

    (Democratic Debate) Bernie Sanders explains Democratic Socialism MP3

    Sen. Bernie Sanders explains why he describes himself as a Democratic Socialist at the CNN Democratic Debate in Las Vegas.

    Tags: CNN, News, CNN TV, CNN Newsroom, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, democratic debate, 2016 presidential race, lincoln chafee, jim webb, 2016 democratic candidates, democratic candidates for president, debate, politics, las vegas, first democratic debate, las vegas presidential debate, default

  • UK Elects Socialist Leader Jeremy Corbyn. Will He Succeed?

    UK Elects Socialist Leader Jeremy Corbyn. Will He Succeed? MP3

    The election of Jeremy Corbyn to be the head of UK's labour party is paying off at the very least for the party itself. Their membership rolls have soared to ...

    Tags: TYT, The Young Turks, Cenk Uygur, News, Liberal, Progressive, Politics, TYT Network, Jeremy Corbyn, UK, Great Britain, England, Labour, Party, Leader, Left, Socialist

  • Pulp - Cocaine Socialism (Proper Version)

    Pulp - Cocaine Socialism (Proper Version) MP3

    Audio only. I'm not very fond of slideshow vids, but this amazing song deserves one. Enjoy!

    Tags: Pulp, Jarvis, Cocker, Steve, Mackey, Candida, Doyle, Mark, Webber, Nick, Banks, This, Is, Hardcore, Cocaine, Socialism, Britpop, 1998

  • Was Jesus a Socialist?

    Was Jesus a Socialist? MP3

    It's not uncommon to hear it said that Jesus was a socialist and that the early Church practiced socialism. None of this is true, and our guest takes us through all ...

    Tags: Jesus Christ (Deity), Socialism (Political Ideology), Thomas Woods (Author), Tom Woods

  • Socialism DOES Work | Jeremy Corbyn | Oxford Union

    Socialism DOES Work | Jeremy Corbyn | Oxford Union MP3

    Jeremy Corbyn gives his argument that Socialism does work. SUBSCRIBE for more speakers ▻ Jeremy Corbyn addresses the issue of ...

    Tags: Socialism Does Work, Jeremy Corbyn, Oxford Union, Socialism, Does, Work, Jeremy, Corbyn, Oxford, Union, Socialist, Social, Healthcare, NHS, Education, Housing, Benefits, Capitalism, Left Wing, Right Wing, Politics, Ideology, Poverty, Economy, Equality, Communism, Wealth, Rich, Poor, Failed, Britain, UK, Argument, Opposition, Proposition, Oxford Union Society, Oxford University, University, Debates, Debating, Interview

  • "Socialist!" by Roy Zimmerman

    "Socialist!" by Roy Zimmerman MP3

    words and music by Roy Zimmerman Please like me on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: ...

    Tags: satire, song, socialism, capitalism, tea, party, government, glenn, beck, rush, limbaugh, rand, paul, sarah, palin, conservative, medicare, Obamacare, bail, out, public, school, park, library

  • Milton Friedman Versus A Socialist

    Milton Friedman Versus A Socialist MP3

    To Watch the Entire Free to Choose series: Website: ...

    Tags: milton friedman, socialist, common sense capitalism

  • Socialist China

    Socialist China's Billionaire Playboys MP3

    The Orient Excess (2013): Inside the decadent society that has resulted from three decades of Chinese economic liberalization For downloads and more ...

    Tags: The Orient Excess, journeyman pictures, documentary, news, current affairs, world news, far-east, the orient, china, the ka-ching dynasty, chinese capitalism, chinese communism

  • National-Socialist Germany Tribute- Feel the Power, see the Glory

    National-Socialist Germany Tribute- Feel the Power, see the Glory MP3

    Free Germany |1933-1945| History repeats itself, United Europa once more. Triarii-Victoria.

    Tags: Triarii (Armed Force), Germany (Country), War (Quotation Subject), Adolf Hitler Tribute, Wehrmacht, Waffen SS, National Socialist Germany, Occupied Europe by immigrants

  • Olof Palme - Därför är jag demokratisk socialist

    Olof Palme - Därför är jag demokratisk socialist MP3

    Olof Palme i partiledaredebatten vid 1982 års val där han förklarar för Fälldin och Ullsten varför han är socialist. Videoklippet är från SVT.

    Tags: Olof Palme, Palme, Ullsten, demokratisk socialist, socialist, 1982, riksdagsval, val

  • American Nazi - Harry Hughes & the American National Socialist Movement.

    American Nazi - Harry Hughes & the American National Socialist Movement. MP3

    We spent a day in the Arizonan desert with Harry Hughes, The South West Regional Director of the American National Socialist Movement. Harry discusses race ...

    Tags: nazi, nsm, 88, national, socialist, american, harry, hughes, adolf, hitler, the, final, solution, arizona, border, patrol, politics, world, war, two, right, wing, white, supremasism, racist, race, holocaust, Germany, Ww2, Army, History, Power, Third, reich, Military, socialism, movement, West, Documentary, hughees, nsm88, film, union, features, National Socialist Movement (Organization), Culture, Civil, Battle, mexican, migrants, Immigration To The United States (Film Subject), nazism, The Holocaust (Film Subject), american nazi

  • National socialist - Totenkopf

    National socialist - Totenkopf MP3

    Artist: Totenkopf Album: SS Totenkopf Year: 1995 Genre:RAC Country: Sweden When I see the national flag in the wind I get so proud what I believe in I feel so ...

    Tags: Totenkpf, rac, national socialist, waffen, waffen SS, skinhead, white power, wp, wpww, flag, ns, nazi, hh, 1488, valhalla, 88, pride, white pride, europe

  • The Socialist ABC

    The Socialist ABC MP3

    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises The Socialist ABC · Alex Glasgow · William Southgate · Christopher Taylor · Murray Khouri · Michael Laird ...

    Tags: Alex, Glasgow, William, Southgate, Christopher, Taylor, Murray, Khouri, Michael, Laird, Marylin, Sansom, Songs, of, The, Socialist, ABC

  • Bill Maher Demystifies Socialism & Compares the American Model with the European Model

    Bill Maher Demystifies Socialism & Compares the American Model with the European Model MP3

    America gets stuck with bank bailouts and imperialist wars; Western Europe gets public transportation, low school tuition, and universal healthcare. I DO NOT ...

    Tags: Bill, Maher, Real, Time, New, Rule, Socialism, Socialist, European, American, Europe, America, United, States, US, USA, compare, contrast, difference, corporatism, war, wars, neocolonialism, imperialism, corn, subsidies, HFCS, high, fructose, syrup, glucose, sugar, GMO, Frankefood, health, care, happiness, education, university, hypocrisy, Palin, Bachmann, Faux, News

  • INTERNACIONAL - Inglês 2.mp3 MP3
  • Sum-Up Ferguson Socialist Fightback (2014).m4a MP3
  • 04 - 1945.mp3 MP3
  • 05 - Krieg.mp3 MP3
  • National Socialist Black Metal Movement.mp3 MP3
  • 02 - Verwustung.mp3 MP3
  • 03 - Winterkrieg.mp3 MP3