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    Let's Play Tales of Xillia [Jude Run] [Blind], Episode 81: Finale MP3

    And that's all folks! Thanks so much for joining me on this run of this amazing game. I really enjoyed just about every minute of this adventure and I had so much ...

    Tags: Tales Of Xillia, Tales (Video Game Series), Video Game (Industry)

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    Let's Play Hyrule Warriors [German][Blind][#81] - Einer muss es ja machen! MP3

    Hier machen es alle: *** Nils ist einfach nochmal mit dabei für eine Weile. Und zusammen merken wir, dass es mit dem System, zwei Fliegen ...

    Tags: lookslikeLink, lookslikelink, lets play, play, link, timeline, zelda, hyrule warriors, direct, legend, legend of zelda, alle, all, hyrule, herzteile, herzcontainer, heartpieces, final boss, review, release, lana, ganondorf, ruto, darunia, cia, zanto, midna, shiek, impa, limited edition, test, music, theme, intro, soundtrack, rubine, tempel, remake, DLC, ost, speedrun, trailer, ending, gameplay, walkthrough, playtrough, german, deutsch, iso, rom, cheats, guide, gronkh, marcel, nintendo, wiiu

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    Let's Play Ōkami [German][Blind][#81] - Foltermethoden und Blitzgewitter! MP3

    Ein Wettrennen gegen ein Stück Papier? Wie schwer kann das bitte sein, wenn man bedenkt wie schnell so ein Stück fliegen kann. Aber dieses Blatt ist anders ...

    Tags: lookslikeLink, Okami, lets, play, Wii, Amaterasu, Wolf, Nagi, Pinseltechniken, Nintendo, Capcom, HD, Issun, Susano, Kushi, Sakuya, Orochi, walkthrough, playtrough, german, marcel, RPG, japan, manga, anime, fun, funny

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    Let's Play Pokémon Alpha Saphir [Blind / German] - #81 - Gezähmte Kätzchen MP3

    Wir sind ganz lieb: ▻ Werde Teil der wuuunderbaren Community: *▻ "Pokémon Alpha Saphir" kaufen?

    Tags: Suishomaru, Lets, Play, ORAS, Alpha Sapphire, Omega Ruby, 3DS, Nintendo, german, deutsch, pokemon

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    Let's Play Xenoblade Chronicles [100%/Deutsch/BLIND] #81 Wo sind die andern? MP3

    So Leute es wird mal wieder Zeit für etwas mega episches uzwa hab ich mir hier einen großen Stein geschnappt Xenoblade Chronicles. Es ist 2011 erschienen ...

    Tags: Xenoblade, Lets Play Xenoblade Chronicles, Lets Play Xenoblade, Xenoblade Chronicles, Lets Play Xenoblade Part 1, Shulk, Reyn, Monado, Mechon, RPG, Wii, TheLastStory, Pandoras Tower, 2011, Nintendo, TheZeroOfTime, TheZero, OfTime, ZeroOfTime, Chronicles, Xenoblade German, Xenoblade Gameplay, Xenoblade Deutsch, Das neue Monado, Mumkhar, Shulk Fiora

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    Let's Play Zelda Skyward Sword [German][Blind][#81] - Der Schatz des Kapitäns! MP3

    zur kapitänskajüte: *** «The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword» Action Adventure von Nintendo (2011) Die offizielle Seite: ...

    Tags: lookslikeLink, lets, play, zelda, skyward, sword, Wii, german, gronkh, nintendo

  • Surprise Kamiizumi V2! - Let

    Surprise Kamiizumi V2! - Let's Play Bravely Default (BLIND) - Part 81 MP3

    Guess where he popped up this time? Give Up? IN A SEPARATE BOSS FIGHT!!! Subscribe Today! - Bravely Default Playlist: ...

    Tags: Bravely Default, Let, Play, Square Enix (Organization), 3DS, Capture, Card, Board, Zabuza, ZabuzaoftheWater, Trainer Zabuza, Game, Role-playing Video Game (Media Genre), Video Game (Industry), Square Enix (Video Game Developer), Action Role-playing Game (Video Game Genre), Video Game Culture, Kamiizumi

  • Dr Katz, Professional Therapist Season 3, Episode 21 of 81 Blind Date cartoons

    Dr Katz, Professional Therapist Season 3, Episode 21 of 81 Blind Date cartoons MP3

    Cathy Ladman, Jeffrey Ross Julie sets Dr. Katz up on a blind date with Beth, a woman from the Midwest. Eventually, Beth cancels through Julie. Meanwhile, Ben ...

    Tags: Professional Therapist, Psychiatrist, Doctor, Psychiatry, Receptionist, Season Episode, watch, Full

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    Let's Play The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess (German Blind) #81 - Fliegender Feuerdrache MP3

    Wir stoßen auf den Endboss, der nicht ganz so leicht zu besiegen ist.

    Tags: The, Legend, Of, Zelda, Link, Twilight Princess, Wii, Princess Zelda, Epona, Twilight, lper, lp, Blind, Blind lp, Deutsch, gaming, gameplay, walktrough, Hyrule, Action, NES, Ocarina Of Time, The Adventure Of Link, Links Awakening, A Link To The Past, Oracle Of Ages, Majoras Mask, Nintendo 64, The Wind Waker, Adventure, Rollenspiele, Game, Spiel, Gamecube

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    Let's Play Dragon Age: Origins (blind) part 81 MP3

    Dragon Age is role-playing video game created by BioWare and published by Electonic Arts. It was released in 2009. I am playing the Ultimate Edition of the ...

    Tags: Dragon age origins, lets play, bioware, electronic arts

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    Let's Play Final Fantasy VII [Blind]: Part 81 - Battle On, Hero! MP3

    Completely underestimating Battle Square, I decide to give it another go to get Cloud's final limit. I think there was a point in there where I lost about 4 or 5 battles ...

    Tags: lp, ragi, gameragi, game, gameplay, playthrough, walkthrough, commentary, final, fantasy, vii, blind, cloud, midgar, shinra, barret, tifa, aeris, mako, reno, avalanche, soldier

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    Let's Play Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bros. Part 81: Der Gold-Laden und Kampfarena Comeback MP3

    Let's Play Mario & Luigi 4 Dream Team [German/Blind] Part 81: Der Gold-Laden und Kampfarena Comeback Nachdem wir das Böse erfolgreich besiegt und den ...

    Tags: Domtendo, Geilkind, Walkthrough, Playthrough, deutsch, german, Peach, Toadsworth, Antasma, La Dormita, RPG, Glitzerstern, Bowser, Yoshi, Traumbert, Claude, Pillo, Orden, 3DS, Nintendo

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    Let's Play Mass Effect 3 (blind) - Part 81: Citadel Part 5, Maximum Surprise MP3

    The HELL!? Dun dun dunnnnnn! NO SPOILERS! I have some wonderful people who have decided to dedicate time to my ME3 Elite Spoiler-Free Task Force.

    Tags: mass effect 3, mass, effect, three, lp, shepard, rpg, bioware, blind, blind lp, playthrough, video game, citadel, dlc, citadel dlc, gameplay, commentary, garrus, grunt, jacob, kasumi, legion, miranda, mordin, samara, tali, thane, zaeed, cerberus, collectors, reapers, normady, liara, kaidan, wrex, eve, javik

  • Watch Me Fail: Kingdom Hearts (Blind) - Episode 81 - "Memory Lane"

    Watch Me Fail: Kingdom Hearts (Blind) - Episode 81 - "Memory Lane" MP3

    Hey, these places seem familiar... Hopefully you enjoy! ▻TWITTER: ▻FACEBOOK: ...

    Tags: Watch Me Fail, Lets Play, Kingdom Hearts Blind Gameplay, Kingdom Hearts Blind Lets Play, Kingdom Hearts Blind LP, Kingdom Hearts (Video Game), Blind, Kingdom Hearts (Video Game Series), Disney, Square Enix (Video Game Developer), Walkthrough, Playthrough, Complete, buckyboy, buckyboy2009, Sora (Fictional Character), Episode 81, Part 81

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    Let's Play Oblivion | ARMOR OF TIBER SEPTIM | Part 81 BLIND HD MP3

    How about we play...Oblivion? Part 81 BLIND HD I apologize for the fact that the real recording between this and the last was corrupted, so you won't be able to ...

    Tags: how about we play, Sancre Tor, tiber septim, oblivion sancre tor, ris grestar, blood of the divines, hd gameplay, hawp, part eightyone, oblivion tiber septim, ris greystar, blind lp, part 81, oblivion blood of the divines, oblivion, oblivion hd, armor of tiber septim, risgrestarsfx, ris, dean richards, oblivion armor of tiber septim, part eighty-one

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    Let's Play Final Fantasy VI ROTDS (blind) - Part 81: Don Gordo's Art Gallery of Evil MP3

    Hit the like button if you enjoyed this video. It's much appreciated~ Subscribe! ▻ This dungeon is absolutely brutal. Playlist: ...

    Tags: Final Fantasy VI Return of the Dark Sorcerer, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy III, Return of the Dark Sorcerer, ROTDS, Squaresoft, Square Enix, SNES, Hack, RPG, Super Nintendo, Gi Nattak, Role-playing Video Game (Media Genre), Final Fantasy (Video Game Series), Schaly, Exodus, Atma, Ray, Sky, Ceres, Torch, Dovi, Binary, Lance, Gil, Leo, Dave, Plum, Zuriel, Starsail Eclipse, Twilight Vista, Dark Widow, Relentless, Jade Fox, Hell Cat, Sniphead, Dullahan, Lancer

  • Let´s play Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Part 81 - Schüttelschiebeschattenscheiße [BLIND]

    Let´s play Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Part 81 - Schüttelschiebeschattenscheiße [BLIND] MP3

    schwere Mission, die mich einige Versuche gekostet hat. Und irgendwie schien auch danach nicht so wirklich mein Tag zu sein ;) Mit diesem Part läute ich die ...

    Tags: play, Super, Mario, Galaxy, Part, 81, WiihawkLP, Blind, German

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    Let's Play Fallout 4 (BLIND) - Episode 81 MP3

    It has been a long wait, but we finally have it! Fallout 4! One of my biggest most anticipated games of all time. More than Far Cry 4 in-fact. Join me in this blind ...

    Tags: Fallout 4, four, BLIND, Episode 81, eighty one, mrkelly88kelly, RariDash, bandicam, Steam, PC, Tigerfrost, Bethesda

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    Let's Play Thief: Gold (Blind) part 81 MP3

    Thief: The Dark project was developed by Looking Glass Studios, published by Eidos Interactive, and released in 1998. It is a stealth based first person game, ...

    Tags: Thief, Thief Gold, The Dark Project, Looking Glass Studios, Eidos Interactive

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    Let's play The Witcher 2 [interaktiv] [blind] #81 Beweis für Ele'yas Schuld [german] MP3

    Alle Infos zum Projekt + Screenshots: Kooperations-Website: Kooperations-Forum: ...

    Tags: play, The, Witcher, Witcher2, blind, part, german, deutsch, Assassins, of, Kings, interaktiv, Vergen, schweren, Herzens, Rittersporn, singt, lockt, Sukkubus, aus, Versteck, der, Elf, Iorweth, interaktives, LP, lets, Play, Geralt, von, Riva, walkthrough, playthrough, TheXardas94

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    Let's Play Persona 4 Blind - Episode 81: The Culture Festival MP3

    So, we have now learned that Rioki makes the second best girl of my male cast... that Naoto very well might not even own any feminine clothing, and that King ...

    Tags: Persona 4, Blind

  • blink-182 - I Miss You

    blink-182 - I Miss You MP3

    Music video by blink-182 performing I Miss You. (C) 2003 Geffen Records.

    Tags: blink-182, Geffen, Pop


    I Miss You


    Hello there The angel from my nightmare The shadow in the background of the morgue The unsuspecting victim Of darkness in the valley We can live like Jack and Sally If we want Where you can always [...]
  • Let´s Play Agarest generation of war(Ger/blind) Teil 81 Der Boss so leicht

    Let´s Play Agarest generation of war(Ger/blind) Teil 81 Der Boss so leicht MP3

    Let´s Play Agarest generation of war(Ger/blind) Teil 81 Der Boss so leicht ▻Das ende ist nah ▻Facebook ▻Kaufen ...

    Tags: Germany (Country), Play (Musical Album), German Democratic Republic (Country)

  • Amen 81 - Zyklop

    Amen 81 - Zyklop MP3

    der staat ist so böse und auf dem rechten auge blind dann würd ich gern mal wissen, wo die linken augen sind ...was da helfen könnte, wär ein npd-verbot und ...

    Tags: Amen81

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    Let's Play Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rot [Blind / German] - #81 - Letzte Hoffnung: Lightflame MP3

    Niemals aufgeben: -------------- Gut... das soll er nun also sein: Der letzte Versuch. Bitte enttäusch' uns nicht - Los geht's Lightflame! Thumbnail ...

    Tags: Suishomaru, Lets, Play, Mystery, Dungeon, Team Rot, Pokemon, Game, Boy, Advance, GBA, Nintendo, german, deutsch

  • Lets Play Tales of Xillia 2 (German/Blind) Part 81 - Katzenjagd

    Lets Play Tales of Xillia 2 (German/Blind) Part 81 - Katzenjagd MP3

    Ja und so kommt es nun mal das man endlich ein paar "fehlende" Katzen bekommt! Warum nicht vorher?!

    Tags: Tales (Video Game Series), Tales Of Xillia 2 (Video Game), let, lets, play, tales, of, xillia, zwei, ii, german, deutsch, blind, hennylps, hennysmusic

  • Lets Play Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix (German/Blind) Part 81 - Geschenke aus Liebe!

    Lets Play Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix (German/Blind) Part 81 - Geschenke aus Liebe! MP3

    So Leute ihr wisst was das heißt oder?

    Tags: Kingdom Hearts II (Video Game), Kingdom Hearts (Video Game Series), Kingdom Hearts (Video Game), let, lets, play, kh, kingdom, hearts, zwei, ii, fm, final, mix, german, deutsch, blind, hennylps, hennysmusic

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    Let's Play - Resident Evil 5 [Deutsch/Blind/HD] #Part 81 - Albert ist gut drauf MP3

    Ja, Albert ist in diesem Part wirklich gut drauf. Er rächt sich endlich an den Reapern, die ihm in den letzten Parts so viele Probleme beschert haben, dazu setzt ...

    Tags: Qisou, Resident Evil 5, Chris Redfield, CAPCOM, Kijuju, Afrika, Albert Wesker, Zombie, Umbrella, T Virus, Ganados, Sheva Alomar, BSAA, STARS, Irving, Resident Evil (Video Game Series), Playthrough, Survival Horror, Horror, Nadesu, Parasite, Raccoon City, Jill Valentine, Action, Fun, HD, BLIND, Zombiehund, Raben, Emblem, Archivum, Ndipaya, BOW, Las Plagas, Reaper, Uroboros, Tricell, Excella Gionne, Duvalia, JJ, Wokubule, Elton, Licker

  • Lets Play The World Ends With You (German/Blind) Part 81 - Wieder so ein Schwein...

    Lets Play The World Ends With You (German/Blind) Part 81 - Wieder so ein Schwein... MP3

    Oh man langsam kann ich auch kein Schweinefleisch mehr sehenxDD.

    Tags: let, lets, play, twewy, the, world, ends, with, you, german, deutsch, blind, hennylps, hennysmusic

  • blink-182 - All The Small Things

    blink-182 - All The Small Things MP3

    Music video by blink-182 performing All The Small Things. (C) 2000 Geffen Records.

    Tags: blink-182, Geffen, Pop


    All The Small Things


    All the small things True care, truth brings I'll take one lift Your ride, best trip Always I know You[...]