• Whip-cream Challenge

    Whip-cream Challenge MP3

    Hello! I'm Ava and this is my first youtube video! My friend Paige came up with the whip-cream challenge, which was extremely fun to film. The object of the ...

    Tags: Cream (Ingredient), Whipped Cream (Food), Food (TV Genre), Challenge (TV Network), challenges, Question And Answer (Musical Album), Q and A

  • Bluefin Baitball

    Bluefin Baitball MP3

    The bluefin tuna is a hunter swifter than a dolphin and as bold as a great white shark. But little is known of their world. Radio tracking reveals that tuna travel ...

    Tags: National, Geographic, WIld, Chronicles, ocean, marine, blue, fin, tuna, bait, ball, Gulf, of, Mexico