Slithering (Desert Abduction)

  • Electrophonic Ghost - Slithering (Desert Abduction)

    Electrophonic Ghost - Slithering (Desert Abduction) MP3

    Tags: Drone, experimental, asheville, headway

  • SOS, by dep

    SOS, by dep MP3 Left on this planet by accident. Looking for a ride home. More information about this beautiful area here: ...

    Tags: music, electronica, electronic, Experimental, Ambient, Chill, electronic music, dep

  • Nature Report: Rattlesnakes

    Nature Report: Rattlesnakes MP3

    The South Texas wildlands are home to some very large diamondback rattlesnakes, and Richard Moore shares an encounter with an impressive six foot rattler.

    Tags: South Texas wildlands, diamondback rattlesnakes, Richard Moore, six foot rattler, coyotillo, deadly snake, danger, poisonous plant, brush country, rabbit, roadrunner, cold blooded creatures, Action 4 News, Nature Report, Sunrise, Barrington Broadcasting, Rio Grande Valley, Texas

  • I am just a Pupil @ Static Age Records

    I am just a Pupil @ Static Age Records MP3

    live in Asheville, NC Playing in support of Electrophonic Ghost release on Headway Recordings.

    Tags: experimental, experimental music, drone, ambient, noise, north carolina

  • Future West - Ghosts Are Everywhere

    Future West - Ghosts Are Everywhere MP3

    Directed and filmed by Cal Jones and Scott Hubener.

    Tags: Future West, postpunk, Asheville, Future West band, music video

  • How These Rocks Move By Themselves

    How These Rocks Move By Themselves MP3

    The “Sailing Stones” of Death Valley have long puzzled scientists but now the mystery has been solved! The 4th Annual Streamys are Here! Vote SourceFed for ...

    Tags: sailing stones, mystery, puzzle, death valley, trisha hershberger, matt lieberman, Trish Hershberger, Trisha Hershberg, Tisha Hershberger, Matt Leiberman, Matthew Lieberman, c-sciencefed, sourcefed, sourcefednerd, sourcefed nerd, source fed, philip defranco, Phillyd, 082814sf, txt

  • Ghost Farm - Country Song @ Mike

    Ghost Farm - Country Song @ Mike's Side Pocket MP3

    In March of 2012, the members of Balloon Animal Farm and Electrophonic Ghost played Mike's Side Pocket, and to close the night, they performed this original ...

    Tags: country, live, music, asheville, north carolina, swamping, balloon animal farm, electrophonic ghost