EB.TV #83 - 27.10.2015 Sometimes you have to trash preconceived ideas and let the moment dictate the result. This is the case in this very open and candid ...

    Tags: Carl Craig (Musical Artist), Matthew Dear (Musical Artist), Detroit Techno (Musical Genre), Audion, Planet e, Ghostly International (Record Label), Spectral Sound (Record Label), C2, Paperclip People, Detroit Love, Slices Uncut, Music Production, Studio, Electronic Beats, Electronic Beats TV, Telekom

  • GEORGE FITZGERALD (Slices Tech Talk)

    GEORGE FITZGERALD (Slices Tech Talk) MP3

    EB.TV #61 - 26.05.15 Slices gets behind the controls of George FitzGerald's studio on this Tech Talk for Electronic Beats TV. Take a look into the environment ...

    Tags: George FitzGerald, Fading Love on Double Six, Domino Records, Full Circle, Crystalize, Tech Talk, Slices, Studio, Roland SH-101 (Synthesizer), Analog, Hotflush, Double Six, Aus Music, Jon Hopkins (Musical Artist), Jessie Ware (Musical Artist), Ableton Live (Software), TR-909, Electronic Beats, Electronic Beats TV, Telekom

  • DAMIAN LAZARUS (Slices Feature)

    DAMIAN LAZARUS (Slices Feature) MP3

    EB.TV #74 - 25.08.2015 Damian Lazarus has spent years building his reputation as one of the world's leading taste makers. His profile as a DJ, producer, label ...

    Tags: Damian Lazarus (Musical Artist), Damian Lazarus, Ancient Moons, Message from the other side, Crosstown Rebels, Cosmic, Vermillion, Slices, Techno, DJ, Producer, Interview, Feature, Spiritual, Electronic Beats, Electronic Beats TV, Telekom, Eating, Dogs, Create The Age, We Will Return, Amber Palace, Disc Jockey (Profession), Trip Hop (Media Genre)

  • BOO WILLIAMS (Slices Uncut)

    BOO WILLIAMS (Slices Uncut) MP3

    EB.TV #72 - 11.08.2015 It's been a while since Slices Uncut has graced Electronic Beats TV, but we knew we had to revive it when we had Chicago legend Boo ...

    Tags: Boo Williams, Boo, Williams, Electronic Beats, Telekom, Electronic Beats TV, Interview, Uncut, Chicago, House Music (Musical Genre), Marshall Jefferson (Record Producer), Larry Heard (Musical Artist), Cajual, Relief, Peacefrog Records (Record Label), DJAX, Rush Hour, 909, Recording Studio (Industry), Willie Griffin, Eternal Mind, Teleport, Robotic Slaves, Last of the Past Mortal Trance, Flashback, Trance Music (Musical Genre)

  • ZENKER BROTHERS (Slices Feature)

    ZENKER BROTHERS (Slices Feature) MP3

    EB.TV #60 - 18.05.15 Munich's Zenker Brothers are the focus of this week's Slices feature for Electronic Beats TV. As solo artists, Dario and Marco Zenker have ...

    Tags: Zenker Brothers, Marco Zenker, Dario Zenker, Iliantape, Techno, Studio, TR-909, Juno-6, Optimal Records, Recording Studio (Industry), Slices, Feature, Interview, Isar, Disc Jockey (Profession), Record Producer (Profession), Ilian Tape, Electronic Beats, Electronic Beats TV, Telekom, Rote Sonne, Upstart

  • DJ TENNIS (Slices Feature)

    DJ TENNIS (Slices Feature) MP3

    EB.TV #84 - 03.11.2015 Manfredi Romano is better known to all of us as DJ Tennis. The Italian DJ and Producer has soaked up all the musical influence ...

    Tags: DJ Tennis (Musical Artist), Electro House (Musical Genre), Slices, Feature, Interview, Cooking, Miami, Disc Jockey (Profession), Space Ibiza, Techno, Tale Of Us, Italy (Country), Recondite, Elita Festival, Electronic Beats, Electronic Beats TV

  • DJ HELL (Slices Feature)

    DJ HELL (Slices Feature) MP3

    EB.TV #62 - 02.06.15 Helmut Geier has pretty much seen it all in electronic music. His illustrious career as DJ Hell has spanned more than three decades and ...

    Tags: Hell (Musical Artist), DJ Hell, Gigolo Records, Bryan Ferry (Musical Artist), Slices, Feature, Lagerfeld, Flushing Meadow, My Definition of House Music, You can dance, Peter Kruder, Work That Motherfucker, Grace Jones (Musical Artist), P Diddy, House Music (Musical Genre), New Wave, Klaus Nomi, Electronic Beats, Electronic Beats TV, Telekom

  • KOMA ELEKTRONIK (Slices Tech Talk)

    KOMA ELEKTRONIK (Slices Tech Talk) MP3

    EB.TV #81 - 13.10.2015 It's Slices Tech Talk time on Electronic Beats TV, but in this episode we take the focus off the artist and onto the companies that make the ...

    Tags: Koma Elektronik, Audio, Gear, Hardware, Berlin (German State), FX Pedals, Sequencer, Studio, Tech Talk, Komplex Sequencer, RH301, FT201, BD101, Electronic Music (Media Genre), Pro Audio, Electronic Beats, Electronic Beats TV, Telekom

  • LOCO DICE (Slices Feature)

    LOCO DICE (Slices Feature) MP3

    EB.TV #76 - 08.09.2015 Despite his success, Loco Dice is never far from his native Düsseldorf, which is the setting for this Slices feature on Electronic Beats TV.

    Tags: Loco Dice (Musical Artist), Richie Hawtin (Musical Artist), Cocoon Recordings (Record Label), Underground Sound Suicide, Desolat recordings, Desolat, Ultra, Desolat label, Minus label, Cadenza, Ovum, Slices, Deep House (Musical Genre), Minimal Techno (Musical Genre), Hip Hop (Musical Genre), House Music (Musical Genre), Techno (Musical Genre), Ultra Music (Record Label), Electronic Beats, Electronic Beats TV, Ibiza, 7 Dunhame Place, Martin Buttrich



    EB.TV #80 - 06.10.2015 Get your hands dirty with the new Slices series “72 Hours On Tour With…” on Electronic Beats TV. This series does what it says on the ...

    Tags: Modeselektor, Siriusmodeselektor, Sirius, Monkeytown, Dekmantel, Tour, Nightliner, Slices, Feature, Gernot Bronsert, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Aarhus, Concert, Live, Sebastian Szary, KRSN, Pfandfinderei, 72 hours on tour, Interview, Backstage, Behind the scene, Electronic Beats, Electrnic Beats TV, Telekom, Moderat, Apparat (Musical Artist)

  • TRUNCATE (Slices Feature)

    TRUNCATE (Slices Feature) MP3

    EB.TV #68 - 14.07.15 Los Angeles native David Flores is a man with many aliases, but his Truncate project has steadily become one of the most talked-about in ...

    Tags: Truncate, David Flores, Luke Slater (Musical Artist), Mote Evolver, 50 Weapons, KiNK, Surgeon, Vagabund Brauerei, Beer brewing, Craft beer, Microbrewery, Microbreweries, Slices, Electronic Beats, Electronic Beats TV

  • GUY GERBER (Slices Feature)

    GUY GERBER (Slices Feature) MP3

    EB.TV #75 - 01.09.2015 Guy Gerber is an artist heavily connected to Ibiza, and in this feature Slices travels to the White Isle for some boating around Es Vedra ...

    Tags: Guy Gerber (Composer), Cocoon Recordings (Record Label), Puff Daddy, P Diddy, Dixon, Timing, Ibiza, Cafe Mamboo, Rumours, Cadenza, Visionquest, Electronic Beats, Live, Electronic Beats TV, DJ

  • GERD (Slices Feature)

    GERD (Slices Feature) MP3

    "The most fun part of making music is making the basic sketch" — GERD feature, taken from Slices Issue 1-13. Watch more Slices features here: ...

    Tags: Video, Slices DVD, Festival, Music, Live, Feature, Interview, TV, EB, Magazine, DVD, Telekom, Online, Electronic Beats

  • GABRIEL ANANDA (Slices Feature)

    GABRIEL ANANDA (Slices Feature) MP3

    EB.TV #67 - 07.07.15 Around 10 years ago, Gabriel Ananda's tunes, which arrived via labels like Karmarouge, Treibstoff and Platzhirsch Schallplatten, rocked ...

    Tags: Gabriel Ananda (Musical Artist), Friend Of All That Lives, The Space Between Us, Traum Schallplatten (Record Label), Selected Techno Works, Bambusbeats, Dominik Eulberg (Musical Artist), Gabriel Ananda Presents Soulful Techno, Yoon, Boundaries, Let It In And Let It Out, Slices, Electronic Beats, Electronic Beats TV, Karmarouge, Triebstoff, Westerwald (Mountain Range)



    Mechas mais marcadas e espaçadas com um resultado incrível!

    Tags: como fazer, mechas, como fazer mechas, luzes, cadiveu, tutorial, passo a passo, dicas de expert, loira, slices hair, tendencia

  • Samurai slices 100 mph baseball in two halfs

    Samurai slices 100 mph baseball in two halfs MP3

    Want to see a 100mph baseball cut in half by a Samurai? Of course you do! Isao Machi holds a number of world records and it is not hard to see why after ...

    Tags: Samurai (Profession), Sword (Fictional Object), Isao Machi, samurai

  • KINK (Slices Feature)

    KINK (Slices Feature) MP3

    EB.TV #52 - 24.03.2015 Electronic Beats TV goes to KiNK country in this Slices feature. The native Bulgarian, born Strahil Velchev, gave us a close-up view into ...

    Tags: Kink, Strahil Velchev, Matthew Dear, Deetron, Nina Kraviz, Tech Talk, Slices, Feature, Interview, Gear, MFB, Roland Aira, Live, DJ, Analogue, Running Back, Macro Records, Ovum Recordings (Record Label), Remixes, Experimental, Ableton Live (Software), Electronic Beats, Electronic Beats TV, Telekom

  • STIMMING (Slices Tech Talk)

    STIMMING (Slices Tech Talk) MP3

    EB.TV #49 - 03.03.2015 Watch as the technically astute and highly organised producer MARTIN STIMMING gives Electronic Beats TV a tour of his audio gear in ...

    Tags: Stimming, Martin Stimming, Wankelmut, Ian Pooley, Deadmau5, Claude VonStroke, Solomun, Diynamic, Electronic Beats, Telekom, Electronic Beats TV, Tech Talk, Hamburg, Studio, Slices, November morning

  • ULRICH SCHNAUSS (Slices Tech Talk)

    ULRICH SCHNAUSS (Slices Tech Talk) MP3

    EB.TV #57 - 28.04.15 Electronic Beats TV takes a step into Ulrich Schnauss's layered and synth-laden production world on this Slices Tech Talk. As a solo artist, ...

    Tags: Electronic Beats, Telekom, Electronic Beats TV, Ulrich Schnauss (Musical Artist), Tech Talk, London, Studio, Slices, Interview, Feature, Analog Science Fiction And Fact (Publication), OB-8, Waldorf, E-MU, Recording, Tangerine Dream (Musical Artist), Voyetra

  • MAX GRAEF BAND live at JRS Studio (Slices Live Special)

    MAX GRAEF BAND live at JRS Studio (Slices Live Special) MP3

    EB.TV #79 - 29.09.2015 Berlin's Max Graef first came to our attention with his unmistakable style as a solo artist. When word arrived that he was putting together ...

    Tags: Max Graef, Max Graef Band, JRS Studio, Axel Reinemer, Dog, Tangerine, Dice, Box aus Holz, Slices, Live, Live Special, Funk (Musical Genre), Soul Music (Musical Genre), Jazz (Musical Genre), Jazzanova, OYE Records, Electronic Beats, Electronic Beats TV, Kaese Schinken Floete, Recording Studio (Industry)

  • Drum Pads 24 Hip Hop Slices Tutorial

    Drum Pads 24 Hip Hop Slices Tutorial MP3


    Tags: hip hop, beats, Hip-hop Dance (Sport), Hop, Rap, Drum, Hip Hop Music (Musical Genre), Drums (Musical Instrument), Cover, Bass, Practice Pad, Jungle, Drum And Bass (Musical Genre), Remix, Rouge, Underground, Dub, Drum Bass, Electronic, Dub (Musical Genre), Records, Step, Mix, Beat, Liquid, Baton, Breaks, Rave, Dark, drum pads 24



    Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for ...

    Tags: Cooking show, kitchen treats, recipe, how to, food, cook, recipes, instructional video, cuisine, eating, homemade, chef, candy, instructions, educational video, video recipe, chocolate, dessert, shopping, online, ingredients, learn, basic, simple, tasty, main meal, dinner, lunch, breakfast, side dish, accompaniment, tutorial, help, Restaurant, tips, simplecookingchannel, Kitchen

  • RICHIE HAWTIN - Pioneers of Electronic Music (70 Min.) - SLICES Special

    RICHIE HAWTIN - Pioneers of Electronic Music (70 Min.) - SLICES Special MP3

    Slices - Pioneers of Electronic Music Vol. 1: Richie Hawtin Slices - Pioneers of Electronic Music portrays the life and work of prominent artists or 'pioneers' within ...

    Tags: Richie Hawtin, Plastikman, Plus8, Plus 8, Minus, Time Warp, Detroit DEMF, Detroit Techno, Derrick May, Daniel Miller, Mute, Mike Banks, John Acquaviva, Magda, Clonk, Robotman, Circuit Breaker, Trac-X, UTK, Windsor, Record Time, Cocoon Ibiza, Pollerwiesen, Love Family Park, Matthew Hawtin, Final Scratch, Beatport, minimal, interviews, cox, inspirational, music, Spastik, Novamute, Richard Hawtin, Richie Hawtin (Musical Artist), Maren Sextro, Holger Wick

  • IAN POOLEY (Slices Tech Talk)

    IAN POOLEY (Slices Tech Talk) MP3

    EB.TV #44 - 27.01.2015 Blessed with a career of over 20 years, Ian Pooley stands up and continues to be true and original, with a slew of releases on labels ...

    Tags: Ian Pooley (Musical Artist), Tech, Slices, Interview, Feature, Tech Talk, Studio, Memorymoog, MPC 3000, Space Cube, Pooled Music, Record Producer (Profession), Recording Studio (Industry), Disc Jockey (Profession), Ian Pinnekamp, Analog Equipment, Roland Space Echo, TR 909, TR 727, Roland Jupiter-8 (Synthesizer), Electronic Beats

  • DIXON (Slices Uncut)

    DIXON (Slices Uncut) MP3

    "If long-term thinking is the basis, you're going to die, if you've got one big hit and just repeat that four times. That's why I believe it's really important to not satisfy ...

    Tags: Dixon, Video, Slices DVD, Sonar Kollektiv, Germany, Innervisions, Live, Feature, Interview, Steffen Berkhahn, Henrik Schwarz, Berlin, Uncut, DJ, Electronic Beats

  • Miniature doll glass, cup, mug or jar and fruit slices tutorial - Dollhouse DIY

    Miniature doll glass, cup, mug or jar and fruit slices tutorial - Dollhouse DIY MP3

    Learn how to make a mini glass, cup, mug or jar and tiny fruit lemon, kiwi and orange slices to play with your dolls, to decorate a dollhouse or just because you ...

    Tags: glass, cup, mug, jar, glasses, cups, mugs, jars, fruit slice, fruit slices, lemon slice, kiwi slice, orange slice, miniature, miniatures, dollhouse, dolls house, doll, dolls, how to, diy, handmade, toy, craft, mini, girl, girls, dollcrafts, dollcraft, make, video, tutorial, cute, kawaii, miniatures and dollhouse

  • Drum Pads 24.Preset Hip-Hop Slices.All Styles Battle.

    Drum Pads 24.Preset Hip-Hop Slices.All Styles Battle. MP3


    Tags: Drums (Musical Instrument), Music Education (Field Of Study), Experimental Hip Hop (Musical Genre), Battle, Rap, Hip Hop Music (Musical Genre), Preset, Electronic, Boss, Ambient, Ambient Music (Broadcast Genre), Noise

  • Chocolate Dipped Candied Orange Slices (Orangette) 輪切り オランジェット ギフト ラッピング Recipe

    Chocolate Dipped Candied Orange Slices (Orangette) 輪切り オランジェット ギフト ラッピング Recipe MP3

    "Orangettes" are candied orange slices dipped in dark chocolate. They take a while to prepare, but are easy to make, very tasty, and look fancy and colorful!

    Tags: Japan, food, cooking, Japanese Cuisine (Cuisine), recipe, Cooking (science), Kitchen, Tokyo, sweets, sweet, candy, confection, orange, chocolate, confit, Eating, kitchen, restaurant, Orangette, Japanese, present, gift, wapping, tips, hack, homemade, handmade, diy, how to, how to make, how to cook

  • AGORIA (Slices Feature)

    AGORIA (Slices Feature) MP3

    EB.TV #64 - 16.06.15 Slices travels to Paris to catch up with the prolific Agoria in this feature for Electronic Beats TV. Since first appearing on Slices five years ...

    Tags: Agoria, Hotflush, PIAS, Tricky, Blossom, House Music (Musical Genre), Techno (Musical Genre), Infine, Innervisions, Kompakt (Record Label), Arturia, Synthesizer (Musical Instrument), Drum Machine (Musical Instrument), Electronic Beats, Electronic Beats TV, Electronic Beats Slices, Telekom, Slices

  • The Slices - Better Place.mp3 MP3
  • The Slices - No Other (Original Mix).mp3 MP3
  • Chris Angel Slices his Body5389.WMA MP3
  • Dj 3dYsS3 mix miguel.mp3 MP3
  • Take Me 2 Slices Away Mix 2 44.1-16.wav MP3
  • Candy Slices by Bexz.mp3 MP3