Slammin Unit

  • Curotto Can Slammin Eagle

    Curotto Can Slammin Eagle MP3

    A video of a new Curotto Can Slammin Eagle on an older McNeilus FL. This one looks like another demo unit, the local WM location seems to get a lot of them...

    Tags: Garbage, Truck, Trucks, Trash, Curotto, Can, Slammin, Eagle, McNeilus, FL, AFL, automated, Front, load, loader, WM, Waste, Management

  • GARY 138 D  //  01.04.1994  //  "Slammin"  //  EUROPE,GERM,HAMBURG/

    GARY 138 D // 01.04.1994 // "Slammin" // EUROPE,GERM,HAMBURG/ MP3

    GARY 138 D // 01.04.1994 EUROPE GERMANY HAMBURG Location: Studio (U.N.I.T.) Ort/Place: Container Records Name/Name: Gary 138 D DJ / Event: ...

    Tags: Front, Palladium, Hamburg, Party, Techno, Trance, House, Gary D, Arek, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, JR-Project, KONTOR, Martink, Gary 138 D, Kai Tracid, Lucky Strike, East Side, Koch, TB Craft, Container Records

  • Mack LE Heil DuraPack Half/Pack Garbage Truck w/ The Curotto-Can Slammin

    Mack LE Heil DuraPack Half/Pack Garbage Truck w/ The Curotto-Can Slammin' Eagle MP3

    Say hello to the newest truck in my local WM yard's fleet! She's a real beauty! Here we have a Heil DuraPack Half/Pack body mounted on a Mack LE chassis.

    Tags: Garbage, Trash, Refuse, Truck, Recycle, Recycling, Trucks, Waste, Collection, Vehicle, Sanitation, Disposal, Rubbish, Heil, DuraPack, Front Loader, FL, Freedom, Mack, LE, LEU, Low-Entry, TerraPro, The Curotto-Can, Curotto, Can, FEL, Front, Load, Loader, Residential, TrashMonkey22, ClassicRefuseTrucks

  • Good Dubstep Bass Songs w/ EXO

    Good Dubstep Bass Songs w/ EXO's 6 18" Subwoofer Setup Slammin 5 Bassy Tracks | Loud Demo Music 2015 MP3

    Discovering some pretty sick sounding bass tracks from Scarrell & Big Boi's collections - Check them out! Download links included :) Follow Me Here ...

    Tags: exo, bass, track, tracks, song, songs, beats, beat, drop, drops, best, ever, biggest, big, sounding, awesome, epic, bassy, top, 10, 100, 25, all, time, rap, worlds, loud, loudest, dubstep, list, 2014, 2015, electronic, dance, pop, slow, deep, deepest, low, lowest, sound, system, subwoofer, subwoofers, playing, insane, crazy, extreme, massive, lows, car, audio, good bass songs, best bass songs, greatest, good bass song, best bass song, for, hard, hitting, pounding, slamming, hardest, trip, hop, hip, favorite, popular, most, stereo

  • 6 18" Subwoofers SLAMMIN on 15,000 Watts | EXO

    6 18" Subwoofers SLAMMIN on 15,000 Watts | EXO's Sound System w/ 8 Logic Car Audio Batteries MP3

    Slammin' the truck apart with some nasty lows. Evidently my dashboard likes to dance along to the beat, and the passenger side door weatherstripping has ...

    Tags: exocontralto, stereo, system, spl, setup, loud, car, audio, 6 18s, 15000, watt, watts, 18, 15kw, inch, woofer, dash, extreme, window, sound, crazy, insane, inverted, loudest, sub, woofers, subwoofers, subwoofer, flex, flexing, best, subs, speakers, songs, song, ever, biggest, bass, demo, exo, Speaker, 18 inch, excursion, xmax, crescendo, big

  • Gary 138 D - U.N.I.T.

    Gary 138 D - U.N.I.T. MP3

    Slammin' (Cut The Midrange) EP Label: Container Records Hamburg, Metronome Catalog#: CR 20, 855 791-1 Format: Vinyl, 12" Country: Germany Released: ...

    Tags: gary, 138d, gary-d, container, classic, techno, hard, trance, hardtrance, acid

  • 8 18" Subs on 10,000 Watts | Richard

    8 18" Subs on 10,000 Watts | Richard's Loud Ass Sound System Slammin' Some Deep BASS Test Songs MP3

    Funny Ending* Here's some raw footage of Techforce Richard's 8 18's tearing up the parking lot down in South Carolina on our visit with Kelly TheRattRodder ...

    Tags: EXOcontralto, EXOabigdeal, car, audio, big, 18s, stereo, 18, sub, sound, woofers, system, spl, flexing, dash, subs, subwoofers, setup, subwoofer, inch, breaking, biggest, demo, 10000, epic, watt, good, watts, glass, loudest, music, best, test, crazy, awesome, ass, bass, greatest, loud, insane, song, songs, deep, speaker, flex, window, beat, record, beats, drop, lines, rap, famous, slammin, tester, world, speakers, sounding, mekanik, drops, ever, extreme, mechanic, ultimate, worlds, sbn 2012, spring, break, nationals, 2012, sbn, exo, deepest, Sounds

  • Neon FM: Brisk & Trixxy - Eye Opener

    Neon FM: Brisk & Trixxy - Eye Opener MP3

    Time to bust out the glowsticks and drop some Unit-e! Track: DJ Brisk & Trixxy - Eye Opener (Original Mix) © Slammin' Vinyl. All Rights Reserved. Game page: ...

    Tags: Music Video Game (Media Genre), Rhythm Game (Media Genre), Hardcore Techno (Musical Genre), bemani, Dance Dance Revolution (Video Game), Beatmania (Video Game), Beatmania IIDX (Video Game), rerave, Drum And Bass (Musical Genre), Arcade Game (Video Game Platform), Video Game (Industry), Ddr, red zone, Electronic Music (Musical Genre), Eye Opener (Musical Recording), Happy Hardcore (Musical Genre), dj brisk, trixxy

  • LOUD Car Audio BASS Demos w/ 8 18" Subwoofers | Rick

    LOUD Car Audio BASS Demos w/ 8 18" Subwoofers | Rick's 10,000 Watt Sound System Slammin 3 Good Songs MP3

    Another throwback special from Techforce Rick's old Yukong giving out some ear-plugging bass demos at ASF Flordia! Thanks For Watching Everyone :) Check ...

    Tags: car audio, 8 18s, 8 18, 18 inch, 18s, sub, subs, subwoofer, subwoofers, woofer, woofers, loud sound system, flexing, flex, excursion, funny, demo, reaction, bass, spl, loud, loudest, watt, 10000, watts, amp, loud subwoofers, loud car audio, loud car audio system, 18 inch subs, 18 inch sub, inch, best, crazy, extreme, tap out, insane, low, deep, song, songs, music, beat, beats, lowest, sounding, hard, hitting, boosted, ever, greatest, top, drops, drop, loud bass songs, loud bass, Audio, Sound, System, slam, slammin, slamming, 18

  • 2 12" Fi BL

    2 12" Fi BL's Slammin MP3

    Alpine head unit, RF T2000.1 BD amplifier, wal-mart battery, stock alternator, and 2 Fi BL's.. kinda weak I didn't have my optimal installed yet, but it did the job at ...

    Tags: mobile, cars, vehicle, automobiles, mobile video

  • DMX - Shot Down

    DMX - Shot Down MP3

    LYRICS HERE!!!! (feat. 50 Cent, Styles P) [DMX] Grrrr... ARF! ARF! [50 Cent] Move on over, I done told ya boyyyy I'm a G-Unit motherfuckin soldier boyyyy And ...

    Tags: dMX, dark, man, rap, hardcoe, grand, champ, dogs, out, the, great, depression, DMX, Flesh, Of, My, Blood, Dark, And, Hell, Is, Hot, Year, The, Dog

  • Stakka & Skynet @ Unit A - 24.01.2001 [FULL SET]

    Stakka & Skynet @ Unit A - 24.01.2001 [FULL SET] MP3

    Stakka & Skynet @ Unit A - 24th of January 2001. Tracklist below (thanks to "xuxsoadman" and "meThodBreaKz")! Tracklist: 1. Stakka & Skynet Feat. Skinny ...

    Tags: Stakka, Skynet, dnb, Drum and Bass, Drum And Bass (Musical Genre), Unit A, 2001, Mix, live, UK, United Kingdom (Country), oldschool, drum, bass, remix, drums, Full Set, full, set, oldschool drum and bass, oldschool dnb, Jungle, oldschool drum n bass, DJ Stakka, DJ Skynet, Disc Jockey (Profession), Unit, London, England, Music, Musik, Elektronische Musik



    ZEPHYR主催ダンスイベント「GROOVE LINE」での「SLAMMIN' POSSE」の映像です。

    Tags: Hiphop, HIRO, HIROYA

  • EXO REBORN: Insane LOUD Bass w/ 6 18" PSI Subwoofers 60FPS Excursion & Violent XXX Car Audio FLEX

    EXO REBORN: Insane LOUD Bass w/ 6 18" PSI Subwoofers 60FPS Excursion & Violent XXX Car Audio FLEX MP3

    Now that the system is slammin, lets get down to business! Please SHARE this video if you enjoy it, and stick around for some BONUS BASS footage at the end!

    Tags: exo, bass, flex, excursion, subwoofer, sub, woofer, flexing, subwoofers, subs, psi, car, audio, stereo, system, sound, setup, install, 6 18s, speaker, speakers, custom, door, pods, best, loud, loudest, ever, spl, big, biggest, installation, inverted, deep, deepest, tricks, trick, hair, evil, brutal, insane, extreme, crazy, huge, massive, lows, low, sounding, amazing, songs, song, woofer porn, craziest, systems, wall, walled, console, breaking, glass, window, shatters, windshield, breaks, frankenstein, reborn, 60, fps, high, 30, slow, motion

  • Focal krx2 slammin

    Focal krx2 slammin MP3

    A little video playing some dubstep on pandora. Just showing the excursion, they slam.
  • DJ Dag HR3 Clubnight 30.04.1994 Complete (Good Quality)

    DJ Dag HR3 Clubnight 30.04.1994 Complete (Good Quality) MP3

    DJ Dag in der HR3 Clubnight vom 30.04.1994 Habe alle anderen DJ Dag Clubnights von 94 - 96 ebenfalls hochgeladen V-TRACKS - Heretic Voices (Hotside ...

    Tags: Omen, Sven, Frankfurt, Classics, Trance, Oldschool, Dorian, Gray, Techno, Dance, YouFM, Mark, Spoon, Dance2Trance, Peyote, Rave, Set

  • StarCraft Firebat Quotes

    StarCraft Firebat Quotes MP3

    Firebat Firebats do Splash damage. The Splash damage affects only enemy units. It will not hurt your own units even in close tight battles. Equipped with ...

    Tags: StarCraft, SC, Firebat, quotes, Terrain, units, jokes, MagneticMicro, voice

  • TRH Bass Demo w/ 6 JBL GTI 12

    TRH Bass Demo w/ 6 JBL GTI 12's & 4 GTO14001 Amps | Clean Car Audio Install & Great Sounding Too! MP3

    SBN Bass Demo w/ TRH's 6 JBL 12's slammin' like a champ on nearly 5000 watts! This install was ultra clean, it looked and sounded great. I don't know what his ...

    Tags: EXOcontralto, EXOabigdeal, car, audio, stereo, good, system, setup, loud, build, sounding, 12s, 12, inch, sub, woofers, subs, subwoofer, ever, flexing, bass demo, awesome, tweeters, enclosure, tweeter, how, to, channel, ported, speakers, sq, spl, setups, cleanest, gto14001, box, amp, sealed, door, flex, music, amps, world, amplifier, jbl, record, big, songs, demo, loudest, speaker, crazy, no, wall, install, worlds, sbn 2012, song, sprig, break, nationals, 2012, insane, sbn, Bass, Sound, Amazing, spring break nationals 2012, Nice, Best, Cool

  • 18" CT Sounds EXO Subwoofers WALLED OFF w/ Jons Nasty 5000 WATT Car Audio System & LOUD BASS FLEX

    18" CT Sounds EXO Subwoofers WALLED OFF w/ Jons Nasty 5000 WATT Car Audio System & LOUD BASS FLEX MP3

    Another sick sounding system straight from Slamfest 2014! Today we got Jon's EXO series woofers from CT Sounds slammin' on nearly 5000 watts of power!

    Tags: exo, subwoofer, subwoofers, subs, sub, exo subwoofer, exo subwoofers, exo sub, exo subs, ct sounds, ct, sounds, dual, two, 2 18s, 18s, loud, bass, walled, 5kw, 5k, 5000, watts, watt, sound, system, setup, install, audio, car, installation, huge, big, flex, flexing, excursion, woofer porn, songs, song, best, good, sounding, music, exos, slamfest, wall, speakers, speaker, test, biggest, ever, spl, demo, ct sounds exo, meso, tropo, strato, review, memphis, m class, amps, amp, amplifier, amplifiers, rms, nasty, drop, drops, stereo, stereos

  • Gary 138 D - Slammin

    Gary 138 D - Slammin'(Cut The Midrange).wmv MP3

    Genre:Electronic Style:Acid, Hard Trance Year:94.

    Tags: UNIT, Tunnel, 90er, Techno, Raver, Containerrecords, Trance, Mayday, Gerald Malke

  • Bomberman

    Bomberman '94 (TG) - Slammin' Sea Theme MP3

    Play Bomberman '94 for Turbo Grafx Online: Submitted by vizzy900 of using the RGR ...

    Tags: Turbo Grafx, tg, video games, retro, classic, online, play, gameplay

  • kicker compr 12

    kicker compr 12's slammin MP3

    Tags: kicker, compr 12, hifonics, pioneer head unit

  • BRAND NEW E-Z Pack FEL with CurottoCan Slammin

    BRAND NEW E-Z Pack FEL with CurottoCan Slammin' Eagle 1-27-11 MP3

    Looks like E-Z Pack has that curved cab shield now too. This truck is BRAND NEW. This video was made at the Waste Equipment and Parts LLC Open House ...

    Tags: Peterbilt, 320, E-Z, Pack, FEL, Curotto-Can, Eagle, ez, curotto, can, curottocan, automated, FL, front, end, load, loader, frontload, frontloader, residential, truck, Hercules, garbage, trash, refuse, rubbish, sanitation, waste, collection

  • Michelle

    Michelle's Ultra Crispy Sound System w/ 4 10" MOJO Subs & Clean Sounding OXYGEN Car Audio Speakers MP3

    Chilled out car audio video tuning up Michelle's mids and highs & slammin some songs in her 2006 Chevy HHR w/ 4 10 inch MOJO subs and a single AQ 2200d ...

    Tags: EXOabigdeal, EXOcontralto, techforce, bass, song, wire, ported, insane, box, cool, songs, amplifier, flexing, crazy, doors, awesome, oxygen, o2, stereo, beat, aftermarket, beats, loud, door, flex, sound, system, sub, woofer, subwoofer, subs, subwoofers, chevy, hhr, mojo, amp, amps, tuning, how, to, record, four, world, build, tune, car, worlds, enclosure, audio, loudest, 10s, 10, installation, tutorial, speaker, install, neo, speakers, tweeters, dome, demo, woofers, porn, sounding, port, radio, ever, gain, best, installing, exo, excursion, contralto




    Tags: NEW

  • Bumpin 5 Loud Bass Songs on 8,000 Watts w/ EXTREME Slow Motion SUBWOOFER EXCURSION & RAP Woofer Porn

    Bumpin 5 Loud Bass Songs on 8,000 Watts w/ EXTREME Slow Motion SUBWOOFER EXCURSION & RAP Woofer Porn MP3

    Slammin' 5 more bass songs from my visit with Techforce Richard, and the fellow YouTube bros down in Tennessee! Watch your speakers guys, Frankenstein ...

    Tags: EXOcontralto, EXOabigdeal, car, audio, stereo, system, sound, aq, setup, ever, bass, loud, top, 18, 15, subs, bump, beats, sub, hdc4, woofer, beat, woofers, boosted, most, sounding, porn, subwoofer, slowed, song, insane, 25, lowest, speaker, excursion, songs, 10, slow, motion, tracks, famous, big, loudest, crazy, slomo, intense, bassy, deepest, track, rap, extreme, slowmo, low, mo, music, deep, speakers, 50, screwed, subwoofers, ultimate, greatest, chopped, worlds, flexing, best, flex, exo, biggest, powerful, 100, world, 2012