• Whitest Kids U

    Whitest Kids U' Know - Classroom Skit MP3

    The Classroom Skit from the WKUK: the teacher gets the class to guess which students mother died and the details of it...Catch WKUK on IFC (Formerly Fuse) ...

    Tags: WKUK, Whitest, Kids, Know, Classroom, Skit

  • School Visit - SNL Highlight

    School Visit - SNL Highlight MP3

    As a part of the Cops in Classrooms program, Officer Rosen warns students about the danger of strangers in vans with candy. Subscribe for more: ...

    Tags: We Did Stop, SNL, Miley Cyrus, John Boehner, Michele Bachmann, Taran Killam, Saturday Night Live (TV Program), Television, Comedy, Tina Fey, Kenan Thompson (Comedian), Noel Wells, Lorne Michaels, NBC, NASA, Government Shutdown, Saturday Night Live, Bruce Willis, Nasim Pedrad, Kenan Thompson, Kate McKinnon, School Visit, Officer Rosen, Classrooms

  • Skit Guys - Mom Goggles

    Skit Guys - Mom Goggles MP3

    Download this video at: Sometimes we wonder how moms do it. From dirty diapers, to cheering on the next ...

    Tags: mom, mommy, mother, women, wife, wives, husband, man, marriage, children, family, spouse, love, skit guys, skit guys studios

  • 기리보이 (Giriboy) - Skit (feat. Swings)

    기리보이 (Giriboy) - Skit (feat. Swings) MP3

    기리보이 (Giriboy) - Skit (feat. Swings) 기리보이 (Giriboy) - Skit Release Date: 2013.11.12 Genre: Rap / Hip-Hop Language: Korean Track List: 01. Skit (feat.

    Tags: girlboy skit, Swings, Skit, Giriboy

  • Hyobin & Swings & Giriboy - SKIT

    Hyobin & Swings & Giriboy - SKIT MP3

    2LSON Company & Just Music Presents Giriboy Original SKIT (Feat. Hyobin & Swings) Film directed by CAMP BREAD Facebook ...

    Tags: hyobin, swings, giriboy, skit, 2lson, camp bread, campbread, gh2

  • Christian Drama Switchfoot

    Christian Drama Switchfoot 'This is your life' skit MP3

    This drama shows a young girls life and how she gets caught up in different things. She is searching for truth. This truth is only discovered in Jesus Christ.

    Tags: Your, Life, Truth, Jesus, Christian, Drama, Switchfoot, This is your life, This is your life skit, Christian Drama, Search for Truth, Christianity, christian skit, Christian Dramas, Savious, Youth Group, The Well, life in jesus christ, freedom in Jesus, Purpose, Purpose in Jesus, Youth Dramas, Christian Youth, Everything Lifehouse, Switchfoot (band), Own, Trials, Saved, Salvation, Forgiveness, Salvation (Christianity), at Odyssey, Belfast, eyes, evangelical

  • Talent Show Skit

    Talent Show Skit MP3

    This is a SILENT skit we did for our ward talent show. Setting: Movie Theater.

    Tags: Talent, Show, Skit, 001

  • Drake Blake & Chris Brown ESPYS 2014 skit

    Drake Blake & Chris Brown ESPYS 2014 skit MP3

    Drake vs Blake & Chris Brown 2014 ESPYS.

    Tags: Drake vs Blake, chris brown, drake espys 2014, drake 2014 espys, drake, espys 2014, 2014 espys, drake vs blake skit, drake skit, drake espys skit, drake performance, drake song

  • School Visit - Skit / ItsIssie

    School Visit - Skit / ItsIssie MP3

    felt like uploading a skit so i did it took forever to film urgg the thumbnail is lame i know and Im bad at acting so urm follow mee instagram - @itsissiex twitter ...

    Tags: VideoStarApp

  • Hand Clap Skit - The Original!

    Hand Clap Skit - The Original! MP3

    These young men did this for a youth conference talent show. Headphone users be advised that the applause at the end is VERY LOUD! Have fun watching.

    Tags: LDS, Church Group, Hand Clap Skit, Talent Show, winning, Hands, talent, rhythm, boys, Youth conference, Mormon, lovell, LDS Talent Show, Clapping, Mark, Cody, Handclaps (Musical Instrument), Youth Talent Show, skit



    DON'T FORGET TO SHARE AND THUMBS UP FOR MORE VIDEOS follow us on twitter: @itsreal85 @pu55nboot5vids Instagram: itsreal85vids.

    Tags: gta 5 lowriders skit hilarious moments, FAIL FUNNY LOWRIDER HYDRAULICS GTA MOMENTS ITSREAL85VIDS ITSREAL85 VOICEOVER, Grand Theft Auto (Video Game Series)

  • Lifehouse

    Lifehouse's Everything Skit MP3

    Skit done on Saturday night at Winterfest in Knoxville TN. 2006.

    Tags: awesome, skit, need, to, watch

  • Senator - American Dream [Comedy Skit]

    Senator - American Dream [Comedy Skit] MP3

    Senator drops another comedy skit, this time lustfully landing himself in trouble while chasing his American dream. Find out what happens after this. #Senator ...

    Tags: Senator, American Dream, comedy, comedy video, Freemedigital, freeme digital, senator jokes, Nigerian Comedy, Latest Senator Jokes

  • "Set Free" Skit (HQ)

    "Set Free" Skit (HQ) MP3 (PLEASE READ) Did you know that Demons Tremble at the name of Yeshua? Satan is defeated, this is a visual example of how ...

    Tags: eminem, recovery, hip, hop, rap, heavy, metal, casting, crowns, skit, set, free, christian, skits, demons, tremble, yeshua, name, above, all, names, jesus, christ, saviour, satan, defeated, cross, im, depressed, angry, anxious

  • Mask Skit

    Mask Skit MP3

    Tutorial for MCA Missions Class I do not own any rights for music. David Crowder Band - Come Awake.

    Tags: Mask Skit, David Crowder Band, Come Awake, MCA, Morrison, Missions, Christian Skit

  • Skit Guys - Little Billy: My God is So Big

    Skit Guys - Little Billy: My God is So Big MP3

    Download this video at: From singing songs backwards, tags sewn in underwear and of course...the ...

    Tags: pain, trials, suffering, hurt, death, loss, grief, faith, little billy, skit guys

  • The Game - New York Skit (Prod. Stat Quo)  [The Documentary 2.5]

    The Game - New York Skit (Prod. Stat Quo) [The Documentary 2.5] MP3

    The Game - New York Skit (Prod. Stat Quo)

    Tags: video

  • Skit Guys - Hurting Helpline

    Skit Guys - Hurting Helpline MP3

    Download this video at: This is a lighthearted skit- a radio call in show, featuring Tommy's many (and sometimes ...

    Tags: hurting, helpline, skit guys, funny, comedy, live, skit

  • The Game - Sex Skit  [The Documentary 2.5]

    The Game - Sex Skit [The Documentary 2.5] MP3

    The Game - Sex Skit (Prod. Bongo)

    Tags: video

  • Front Hoodie Skit

    Front Hoodie Skit MP3

    Thanks for watching! Make sure to subscribe for weekly videos! Don't forget to give the video a thumbs up if you liked it! Click below for more vids, my website, ...

    Tags: Hoodie (Garment), Fashion (Industry), nash, nash grier, hayes grier, jai brooks, nash grier skit, meg deangelis, o2l, magcon, cameron dallas, nash grier vine, nash grier vine compilation, nash grier sister, nash grier vines, nash grier and cameron dallas, nash grier interview, front hoodie, front hoodie skit, Sketch Comedy (TV Genre), sketch, shawn mendes, Parody, Spoof, Funny, jack and jack, nash grier channel, griernash, yeezy, nash grier homophobic vine

  • Animaljam - Funny Skit - School

    Animaljam - Funny Skit - School MP3

    Hope you liked this video. Sorry I haven't been uploading recently I've been sick. D:

    Tags: School (Building Function), AJ, Funny

  • "Funniest Mad TV Skit" HQ

    "Funniest Mad TV Skit" HQ MP3

    Mad TV - East Side Locos Tagging [HQ] (FUNNY)

    Tags: Mad, TV, East, Side, Locos, Tagging, (FUNNY)

  • Skit Guys - Back to the Church

    Skit Guys - Back to the Church MP3

    Download this video at With the end of Daylight Savings upon him, watch how Pastor Bob motivates the ...

    Tags: Church (Project Focus), Back To The Future (Award-Winning Work), DeLorean Time Machine (Fictional Object), Darth Vader (Film Character), time machine, Daylight Saving Time (Literature Subject), fall back, clocks, church, christian, Christianity (Religion), skit guys, parody, movie, film

  • First Day of Gymnastics (Skit)

    First Day of Gymnastics (Skit) MP3

    For this video we decided to re-enact some funny moments from our first time at gymnastics! Can you relate to these? Make sure to come back to our channel on ...

    Tags: thecheernastics2, gymnastics, cheer, cheerleading, fitness, health, exercise, tc2, tumbling, stunting, bars, beam, floor, vault, beginning gymnastics, gymnastics skit, first day, first day skit

  • The Pastor

    The Pastor's Chair pstor skit guys tribute MP3

    By the Skit guys, a thanks to all pastors.
  • Growbox - Ostry skit

    Growbox - Ostry skit MP3

    Z płyty Growbox - "Growbox" Asfalt Records AR-C136. Oficjalna premiera 25/09. Kup limitowany album 2CD (wyłącznie w!)

    Tags: Asfalt, Records, Shop, Rap, Hip-Hop, Growbox, OSTR, Ostry, Soulpete

  • Skit Guys - Being Mom

    Skit Guys - Being Mom MP3

    Download this video at We all have a hard time putting ourselves in other people's shoes, but imagine literally being ...

    Tags: wives, wife, mother, mom, mum, bride, spouse, family, woman, women, children, husbands, expectations, selfishness, proverbs 31, skit guys Dad Funny Daddy

  • Skit Guys - Romantically Challenged

    Skit Guys - Romantically Challenged MP3

    Download this video at A group of men gather to discuss their lack of romantic inclinations, when a more ...

    Tags: valentine, love, romance, marriage, communication, commitment, intimacy, husbands, wives, men, women, small group, support, agape, Ephesians 5, skit guys, comedy, mini-movie

  • Animal Jam: Hacking Skit

    Animal Jam: Hacking Skit MP3

    Thanks to snowflakenice2 for helping me with this skit. No one was hacked in the making of this video, THIS WAS ALL ACTING. Hopefully, everyone learns from ...

    Tags: sunsh9 aj, sunsh9, animal jam, short sad skit, sad skit, hacking skit, scamming skit, sad short skit, snowflakenice2, hacked, lilacpetal hacker, hacking, twinkle hacking, twinkle0122 and lilacpetal, twinkle and lilac hacking julian2, hacking julian2, mightysquad, wretchedjungle, hacker 2015, stop hacking, total jamaa, smammer alert, scamming, scam snowflakenice2, scam sunsh9

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  • Machine Gun Kelly - 50 (Interlude) (Feat. French Montana) (Skit By Donnel Rawlings) [Prod. By Burd N Keyz] (11131098PfNC).mp3 MP3
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