Shit That Be Said

  • Shit Civic Owners Say

    Shit Civic Owners Say MP3

    Some of you may have heard the shit Civic owners say. Make sure to check out Robert Lovely's '92 Honda Civic. It's real fuckin nice. Remember, #lowlifeornolife ...

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  • Shit Diesel Owners Say

    Shit Diesel Owners Say MP3

    NEW VIDEO! "Shit Sport Bike Owners Say" This is for all those diesel fans out there! This was a highly ...

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  • More Shit Marines In Twentynine Palms Don

    More Shit Marines In Twentynine Palms Don't Say MP3

    A lot of shit gets said around here. Here's some shit you won't ever hear.

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  • Shit Crazy Girlfriends Say

    Shit Crazy Girlfriends Say MP3

    This is why boys can never win an argument with the girls! Share this video with your girlfriend/wife/ex and make them feel guil.. I mean, self aware. ps. we ...

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  • Shit Donald Trump Says

    Shit Donald Trump Says MP3

    He also said his daughter has a good figure and that he would date her if she wasn't his daughter, forgot to include that. Also, he said Snowden should be ...

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  • Shit League Players DON

    Shit League Players DON'T say 3 MP3

    G2A your #1 source for Digital PC Games. Use code SKY on any purchase for a 3% discount. TWITTER!

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  • Shit White Girls Say To Latinas

    Shit White Girls Say To Latinas MP3

    Note: Almost 80% of these quotes have actually been said to me. Don't hate! Love- Christina I Twitter: @chrixtina.

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  • Shit Alexis Says

    Shit Alexis Says MP3

    This video is about the stuff Alexis Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan says. #Dynasty #JoanCollinsJustice #AlexisMorellCarringtonColbyDexterRowan.

    Tags: Joan Collins (Author), Dynasty (TV Program), Alexis Colby (Fictional Character)

  • Shit NEVER said during the Olympics

    Shit NEVER said during the Olympics MP3

    Troy Kinne Twitter: @TroyKinne Nick Cody Max Price ...

    Tags: shit, never, said, at, the, olympics, olympic, games, london, 2012, troy, kinne, nick, cody, max, price, elliot, loney, Funny, people say, She, Again, Loves, Gold, You, gay, people, say, black, girls

  • Sh*t Sorority Girls Say

    Sh*t Sorority Girls Say MP3

    Fugging sorority girls say all kinds of shit. OUTTAKES: Watch her vlog: Inspired by the original "Shit ...

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  • Shit Rancid Gay Guys Say

    Shit Rancid Gay Guys Say MP3

    Shit Rancid Gay Guys Say. Oh Sugar Trust! With Mike Diamond, Giggles, Nick Stryker, and Mike 3.0.

    Tags: Shit Gay Guys Say, Mike Diamond, shit rancid gay guys says, plaza queen, pier queen, Gay (Film Genre)

  • Sh*t Guard Instructors Say

    Sh*t Guard Instructors Say MP3

    These are things we have all heard.....or guard instructors.

    Tags: Comedy, color guard, drum corp, marching band, winter guard, indoor guar, WGI

  • Shit Donald Trump said at his Presidential Announcement -- He loves CHINA but hates Mexico

    Shit Donald Trump said at his Presidential Announcement -- He loves CHINA but hates Mexico MP3

    Things Donald Trump said at his Presidential Announcement in 2 minutes.

    Tags: Donald Trump (Organization Leader), Donald Trump, China, President

  • Sh%t Southern Women Say, Episode 1

    Sh%t Southern Women Say, Episode 1 MP3

    Subscribe to see upcoming episodes! Twitter: Facebook: ...

    Tags: Female (Gender), southern, Shit southern women say, southern belles, southern girls, shit southern girls say, southern darlin, southern sayings, country, clemson, ole miss, country sayings, sheila Hawkins, julia Fowler, country girls, country women, funny, country funny, southern humor, southern comedy, country dialogue, southern dialogue, humor, Women (band), Miss, Mississippi (US State), United States (Country), California

  • Big Noyd feat. Havoc of Mobb  Deep - Shit That He Said

    Big Noyd feat. Havoc of Mobb Deep - Shit That He Said MP3

    Exclusive Visit Us On Tumblr

    Tags: hip-hop, rap, havoc, prodgy, big, noyd, infamous, mobb, queens, bridge, exclusive, old, school, hnic2



    Who said French boys were: -Arrogant -Rude -Dirty -Impolite? But soooo French. One love from PARIS!!!

    Tags: shit, french, boys, say, paris, 93, france, cliche, stereotype, girl

  • Shit Never Said During The Ashes - Australia 2015

    Shit Never Said During The Ashes - Australia 2015 MP3

    Shit Never Said During The Ashes - Australia 2013 - Max Price, Troy Kinne, CJ Fortuna and Des Dowling discuss Test Cricket between Australia and England, ...

    Tags: Shit Never Said During The Ashes, The Ashes 2013, The Ashes 2013 Australia, The Ashes Day, Decision, umpire, Ashes Highlights, Max Price, Troy Kinne, Neel Kolhatkar, Adelaide Test

  • Shit Saskatchewanians Say

    Shit Saskatchewanians Say MP3

    check out more local videos at Created by: Nathan Howe Chris Stoicheff Dale Richardson Derek Wilson Thanks to Devon Hennig and ...

    Tags: Shit People Say, humour, Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Comedy, Shit Saskatchewanians Say

  • Shit Cosplayers say

    Shit Cosplayers say MP3

    Ello!~ Admit it. We've all said/done one of these things at least once...DON'T LIE! Ohhhh good times... This video was all for the fun of it. We weren't trying to ...

    Tags: Cosplay (Hobby), shit cosplayers say, cosplayers, anime, otaku

  • Violator (Big Noyd) - Shit that he said

    Violator (Big Noyd) - Shit that he said MP3

    Tags: Violator (album), big, noyd, shit, that, he, said

  • Shit People Say In LA

    Shit People Say In LA MP3

    Written by Heidi Niedermeyer and Elena Crevello. Based on a true story. Watch our COACHELLAAAA!!! sketch!!!! Like "The ...

    Tags: Heidi Niedermeyer, Elena Crevello, Shit People say In LA

  • Awesome Shit My Drill Sergeant Said

    Awesome Shit My Drill Sergeant Said MP3

    Tags: Sergeant (Military Rank), Army, Team

  • Shit Steve Harvey Says

    Shit Steve Harvey Says MP3

    My mom asked me about my disdain of Steve Harvey so I made this little compilation video to succinctly explain my ire. Think of it as a Powerpoint in video form.

    Tags: fuck, steve, harvey, boobsandbravado, boobs, and, bravado, black, women, act, like, lady, think, man, bullshit, advice, homophobia, sexism, rape, culture, atheism, shit, says, religion, irreligion

  • Shit St. Louisans Say

    Shit St. Louisans Say MP3 "Like" The Bull on Facebook here: Twitter: ...

    Tags: Shit, Saint, Louisans, Say, St, Missouri, Mason, Remy, KSD, The, Bull, Girls, Guys

  • Shit Gamers Say To Their Girlfriends

    Shit Gamers Say To Their Girlfriends MP3

    Based on a True Story. Shit Gamers Say to Their Girlfriends Cast Mike ...

    Tags: Shit, Gamers, Say, Girlfriends, Shit Girls Say, the warp zone, shit gamers say, gf, gfs, comedy, funny, video, games, thewarpzone, huskystarcraft, joyceirl

  • Eamon - F**k It

    Eamon - F**k It MP3

    Eamon's official music video for 'F**k It'. Click to listen to Eamon on Spotify: As featured on I Don't Want You Back.

    Tags: single, hq, how, could, you, bring, him, home, album, remix, Eamon live, download, official video, fuk it, lyrics, vs frankee, cover, Sony, f it, acoustic, official, live, music, Jive, hd, Eamon lyrics, Eamon, fuck it


    Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back)


    See, I don't.. know why.. I liked you so much, I gave you all of my trust.. I told you.. I loved you.. Now that's all down the drain.. You put me through pain.. I wanna let you know how I feel.. ::CHORUS:: Fuck what I said.. It don't mean shit now.. Fuck the pres[...]
  • Shit AMDA Kids Say

    Shit AMDA Kids Say MP3

    Stuff we've all said or heard during our time at AMDA.

    Tags: Shit, AMDA, Kids, Say, The, American, Musical, and, Dramatic, Academy, Theater, Broadway, College, Drama, Arts, Richard, Realivasquez, Alison, Alwine, Theatre, Broadway Theatre, Comedy, Funny, Cabaret, Estevan, Valdes, Cameron, McLendon, Angelita, Tores, Belting

  • Shit REAL Chicagoans Said

    Shit REAL Chicagoans Said MP3

    CHICAGO!! slight tweak to the "Shit People Say" meme -- now it's REAL! created entirely from pre-existing YouTube videos (that's why some of it looks / sounds ...

    Tags: Shit, REAL, Chicagoans, Say, Epic, Mash-up, Mashup, Barack Obama, Sweet Home Chicago, Blues, Brothers, Oprah, Michael, Jordan, Da, Bulls, Bears, Cubs, White, Sox, Blackhawks, World, John, Malkovich, Blago, Wiener, Circle, Hot, Dogs, Polish, Sausage, President, Southside, Northside, Wrigley, Field, Kanye, West, Kelly, Obama, sings, Hugh Hefner, Homer Simpson, Mike Ditka

  • Sh*t Fashion Girls New York Fashion Week!

    Sh*t Fashion Girls New York Fashion Week! MP3

    See what's next on Maker.TV ▻ RSVP to keep up with your favorite ladies: Join The Platform!

    Tags: shit girls say, fashion, shit fashion girls say, parody, mcqueen, style, the platform, platform, comedy, funny, totes amaze, new york, fashion week, new york city, taxi, cab, shoes, derek blasberg, gwyneth paltrow, chic, milk studios, bryan boy, valencia, filter, cee lo, olsen, jason wu, joan rivers, madonna, super bowl, alexander wang, karlie kloss, cathy horyn, nicki minaj, victoria beckham, glitter, booties, mary kate, ashley, elizabeth, wwd

  • Shit College Freshmen Say

    Shit College Freshmen Say MP3

    From that awkward time in your life - Inspired by "Shit Girls Say" Follow @ralfwyn on Twitter: *NEW* LIKE "RALF WYN" ON ...

    Tags: Bros, frats, fraternity, fraternities, sororities, college, university, alcohol, drinking, drugs, freshmen, freshman, frosh, Shit girls say, shitgirlssay, shitfatpeoplesay, gay, lgbt, glut, jeffery, self, satire, spoof, comedy, nobody, tyler, tripp, black, white, shit, say, Funny, Parody, Students, Campus, Study, Beer, frat, bros, bro, flipcup, sorority, Shit sorority girls say, melohouse, melo, house, meLOLhouse, sdstever, suranjan, melodores