She's A Backstabber

  • Shes A Backstabber.

    Shes A Backstabber. MP3

    Made this wiith my best fraaand Taay(: her yooutube is: OHmyTaay Check her out also (: This isn't that greaaat but enjoy (:

    Tags: tay, laura, webshow, movie, short horror, backstabber, OHMyTaay, Dweee24, xButtercup11, Kesha, Ouija, scary, music, etc

  • Rihanna Backstabber NEW SONG 2009 downlode link

    Rihanna Backstabber NEW SONG 2009 downlode link MP3

    link NEW SONG 2009 Lady Gaga Demo submitted to Rihanna. LYRICS: down lode at ...

    Tags: Rihanna, Emergency, Room, Roll, Out, Give, It, The, Fire, Damn, Boy, Jealous, Panic, Sleeping, With, Enemy, Ugly, Think, Twice, Got, Eyes, Lie, Evidence, Monaco, Reaction, Silly, Mastermind, Terminator, Hallucination, Delays, Wash, My, Hands, Of, You, Nauseous, Just, Do, Survive, Liar, Proof, Burning, Flame, Slow, Me, Down, Backstabber, LYRICS, down, lode, link

  • Backstabber Selena vs. Miley

    Backstabber Selena vs. Miley MP3

    i tried my best... for once lol um yeah so....... on to the plot Plot: Miley liked Taylor and was besties with selena. but taylor nvr noticed miley but noticed selena, ...

    Tags: Backstabber, kesha, miley, selena, gomez, cyrus, disney, channel, fights, fight, taylor, lautner, twilight, jacob, black

  • Backstabber (Disney)

    Backstabber (Disney) MP3

    Song: Backstabber Artist: Ke$ha Movies Used: The Little Mermaid Hercules The Hunchback of Notre Dame Aladdin Sleeping Beauty Beauty and the Beast ...

    Tags: Backstabber, The, Little, Mermaid, Hercykes, Hunchback, on, Notre, Dame, Aladdin, Sleeping, Beauty, and, the, Beast

  • Kesha - Backstabber

    Kesha - Backstabber MP3

    4th video post right here! Here's the song "Backstabber" by new artist Kesha. I don't know much about her or when she's releasing her album, but I hope it's soon ...

    Tags: Kesha, backstabber, back, stabber, pop, alternative, unsigned, punk, lady, gaga, katy, perry, avril, lavigne, electropop, electronic

  • Backstabber Semi Story ONESHOT!

    Backstabber Semi Story ONESHOT! MP3

    HEY LOOK AT THE VIDEO! Thnx this is for a contest! Song:Backstabber By Ke$ha! --------------------------------------------- Selenas POV --------------- I sat down with ...

    Tags: Semi, Backstabber

  • Sasha banks botches backstabber again

    Sasha banks botches backstabber again MP3

    Two weeks after her debut on the main roster and her first singles .match she botches the backstabber. Nearly injuring paige. Yeah she's the best.

    Tags: Sasha, banks, WWE, NXT

  • Dovepaw Backstabber

    Dovepaw Backstabber MP3

    Tags: Dovepaw, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Tigerheart, Starclan, Darkforest, Ivypaw, POOP

  • Mean Girls - Backstabber (Collab with LuckyxSammie)

    Mean Girls - Backstabber (Collab with LuckyxSammie) MP3

    WATCH IN HD.Hey guys! This is a collab I made with my friend Sammie (LuckyxSammie), she asked me to make a Mean Girls collab and I definitely say yes ...

    Tags: Mean, Girls, Regina, George

  • Backstabber Preview; [HD]

    Backstabber Preview; [HD] MP3

    Tags: HorsesForeva95

  • ~ Kasumi - BACKSTABBER. ♥ 「HBD Rissy」

    ~ Kasumi - BACKSTABBER. ♥ 「HBD Rissy」 MP3

    Watch in HD * Basic Information: Anime; Get A Life. Couple; I think it's Pokeshipping / Anti Pearlshipping. I don't even know it myself.xD Dedicated to: Rissychan ...

    Tags: Pokemon, Hikari, Satoshi, Kasumi, Dawn, Ash, Misty, Love, Pokeshipping, VS, Pearlshipping, Anti-pearlshipping, Rissy, Rissychan, Birthday, Video, AAML, SatoKasu, Anime, AMV

  • Backstabber- Ke$ha [Stina Version]

    Backstabber- Ke$ha [Stina Version] MP3

    NOTE: I did this before Tinachan (as awesome as her version is) so it isn't a copy or response, if you dun believe me check the date of my WIPS, also, Rainyskyy ...

    Tags: manga, animation art, animation, emo, angst, bitchy, girls, backstabber

  • B A C K S T A B B E R //Shut your mouth// MEME

    B A C K S T A B B E R //Shut your mouth// MEME MP3

    Finally!Finally! Dang took a while for me to animate this...=__= Well enjoy! The video is about this girl who has a 'friend' but her 'friend' gossips and tells lies to ...

    Tags: backstabber, stinathebizzare, lenservantevil

  • 90210 | Degrassi | One Tree Hiill | Backstabber

    90210 | Degrassi | One Tree Hiill | Backstabber MP3

    Ahh it's been forever we know but we're back with our latest collab. This is dedicated to a certain 'friend' who thinks shes better than us now. You know who you ...

    Tags: FilthyHotMessProdz, Gotiffyourself, Banapplefizz, Msgossipgirlxo

  • Haruhi Eclair -- Backstabber.wmv

    Haruhi Eclair -- Backstabber.wmv MP3

    I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoo! This video is dedicated to my friend Cherryblossoms210 ♥ I hope you like it!!! :D It's from Haruhi's point of view.

    Tags: haruhi, eclair, ouran, backstabber, kesha, amv, anime

  • Sam/Freddie/Carly - Backstabber

    Sam/Freddie/Carly - Backstabber MP3

    please comment and rate!(: carly is such a backstabber! lol plot: carly is always trying to steal freddie from sam, and sam is tired of it, so she starts fighting back ...

    Tags: freddie, sam, carly, benson, backstabber

  • Selena Gomez // Backstabber

    Selena Gomez // Backstabber MP3 watch this :) thank-you to Miley9095 [x THIS IS NOT A HATE VIDEO. REPEAT NOT A HATE VIDEO. don't ...

    Tags: selena, gomez, backstabber, tik, tok, nelena, niley, miley, cyrus, demi, lovato, nemi, barney, wizards, of, waverly, place, the, movie, hannah, montana, brothers, nick, joe, kevin, danielle, frankie, jonas

  • Rosalie Hale - Backstabber

    Rosalie Hale - Backstabber MP3

    I love love love twilight and Rosalie is my FAVE! Shes so different from Bella and Alice that she made a huge impact on me. I just wish the books had more of her ...

    Tags: Rosalie Hale, Twilight, New moon, eclipse, breaking dawn, backstabber, fanmade, video

  • Richy Nix - Backstabber

    Richy Nix - Backstabber MP3

    A new song off of Richy Nix's new mixtape, Light Years, hosted by DJ Don Cannon. I do not own the rights to this song, I am just making a video to help spread ...

    Tags: Richy, Nix, Backstabber

  • backstabber PMV

    backstabber PMV MP3

    ok, i'm just gonna tell you guys how this friendship breakup began, we were at school, in recess, i went to her and said hi and stuff and started thinking outloud ...

    Tags: backstabber, PMV, Cadance, Twilight, MLP, FIM

  • Backstabber (original song by Lara)

    Backstabber (original song by Lara) MP3

    HEYY so it's been a while since I last posted a video.. so here's a new one don't forget to like & subscribe! ❤   Lyrics: Backstabber Verse 1: don't get me wrong ...

    Tags: cover, music, backstabber, taylor swift, taylor swift cover, one direction, the vamps, video, youtube, youtubers, tyler oakley, taylor, swift, Singing, Music Video (TV Genre), Cover Band (Musical Genre), Video Clip (Media Genre), Television (Invention), friend, Friends, Ladies, You, Belong, Story, Fearless, Love Story, Horse

  • Backstabber || Blair & Jenny

    Backstabber || Blair & Jenny MP3


    Tags: gossip, girl, blair, waldorf, jenny, humphrey, backstabber, lying, manhattan, upper, east, side, new, york

  • Lauren Tanner is such a backstabber! [SVC10]

    Lauren Tanner is such a backstabber! [SVC10] MP3

    A character i HATE!!! I usually like bitchy characters but i really cant stand Lauren. She's always complaining. She acts like a victim but it's her fault if everybody ...

    Tags: lauren, tanner, make, it, or, break, kaylie, carter, cassie, scerbo

  • S.Gomez ;;Backstabber

    S.Gomez ;;Backstabber MP3

    Just to be clear and people don't get it wrong . I love Selena and she's amazing (: When I heard the song it just screamed for Selena :D ...

    Tags: Gomez

  • Girl, you

    Girl, you're such a backstabber. [Tori and Jade] MP3

    If you can't tell, I do NOT like Tori. But Jade, she's my favorite. I flipping love her. This was one of those vids that started out AWESOME and ended way different ...

    Tags: Jade, West, Tori, Vega, Victorious, Nickelodeon, littlemisslovexox, Liz, Gillies, Victoria, Justice

  • SUPERKID7890 The Backstabber

    SUPERKID7890 The Backstabber MP3

    Tags: YouTube Capture

  • B. Davis & P. Sawyer || Right Here.

    B. Davis & P. Sawyer || Right Here. MP3

    Tags: One Tree Hill, Brooke Davis, Sophia Bush, Peyton Sawyer, Hilarie Burton

  • The Breakeven is a Backstabber that has no RESPECT & Can

    The Breakeven is a Backstabber that has no RESPECT & Can't Fight The Moonlight b/c I'm Not A Girl MP3

    Again with the crazy titles! YAY! Video #1: Breakeven MEP for PHS Song: "Breakeven" by The Script Type of MEP: Breakup Footage: Treasure Planet and ...

    Tags: StarWarsNerd456, MEP, collection, 16, Pure, Hearts, Studio, Mystical, Miracle, Dream, Studios, Forever, and, Always, Disney, Star, Fan, Group

  • An Auslly and Trez love story EP. 7

    An Auslly and Trez love story EP. 7 MP3

  • LPS: Heartbreaker (Episode 1: Backstabber)

    LPS: Heartbreaker (Episode 1: Backstabber) MP3

    Melony Jones, your average 15 year-old girl with a dad with a secret problem. Her mother died when Mel was 6, being kidnapped and killed later. Mel has a ...

    Tags: littlest, pet, shop, backstabber, episode, one, lps, heartbreaker, heart, breaker