Serendipity (Cybermetal Remix)

  • Speedcore: [Cyberpunk Machine] 12. Diabarha - Serendipity

    Speedcore: [Cyberpunk Machine] 12. Diabarha - Serendipity MP3

    DOWNLOAD LINK IN DESCRIPTION. THIS TRACK IS A REMIX. Title: Serendipity Track number: 12 Album: [SKRD!!!-046] Cyberpunk Machine Genre: ...

    Tags: speedcore, cyber metal, thrash metal, splittercore, metal, diabarha, hardcore

  • Splitterjunk - Bloody Ears Mix

    Splitterjunk - Bloody Ears Mix MP3

    My newest Mix Tracklist: 01 Horrible Rate - Killer Bass 02 Lord Of Speed - Putins Fav Speedcore Song (Extended Ver) 03 Kansen Satsujinki - Another Annoying ...

    Tags: Speedcore, Splittercore, Noize

  • Metal Made Flesh (Kickstarter Promo)

    Metal Made Flesh (Kickstarter Promo) MP3 Metal Made Flesh is a cyberpunk noir illustrated novella ...

    Tags: Cyberpunk (Literary School Or Movement), Cyberpunk, 2000AD, Dark, Noir, Bladerunner, Kickstarter (Website), Fiction, Comic Book (Literary Genre), Science Fiction (Literary Genre), Sci-fi

  • Let

    Let's Play Rayman Origins (Co-op) - Part 4 - Band Land 2.0 MP3

    In this part Turner and I begin traveling through the desert of the dijiridoos and gain the power of gliding. This world is just like band land from rayman 1 except ...

    Tags: CyberMetalOverlord, Turner459O, Turner4590, Turner, Lets, Play, rayman, origins, co-op, coop, globox, murphy, lums, electoons, dark, livid, stones, land, dead, snoring, tree, skull, teeth, platformer, 2D, ubisoft, microsoft, xbox, 360, legends, commentary