Sea Chanties

  • 35 Sea Shanties (57-36 full track) - AC4 Black Flag In Game Soundtrack

    35 Sea Shanties (57-36 full track) - AC4 Black Flag In Game Soundtrack MP3

  • Sea Ballads and Shanties

    Sea Ballads and Shanties MP3

    Just a few sea ballads and shanties because I realized that many of my favourite bands/singers have such songs and I haven't posted any of them yet. Lots of ...

    Tags: cabaret, music, playlist, wiremux, shanties, sea shanties, sea ballads, ballads, pirates, pirate shanties, shanty, chantey

  • "Assassin

    "Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag", All 35 Sea Shanties (HD quality) + Lyrics MP3

    Soundtrack titles and start time on video: 0:00 Billy Riley 1:15 Bully In the Alley 2:44 Captain Kidd 4:08 Cheerly Man 5:39 Derby Ram 7:32 Drunken Sailor 8:59 ...

    Tags: Walkthrough, gameplay, PC game, Black Flag, AC, Assassin, collectables, Templar, side mission, side quest, Animus, DLC, Apple of Eden, Havana, Kingston, Nassau, pirate, Jackdaw, Edward Kenway, Benjamin Hornigold, Mary Read, Stede Bonnet, Anne Bonny, Calico Jack, Charles Vane, Freedom Cry, Aveline, Music, Shanty, shanties, song

  • Sea Shanties: Santy Anno

    Sea Shanties: Santy Anno MP3

    This is another version I did with the shanty and whaling pics. I loved this version of the shanty "Santy Anno" and I had to assemble it.

    Tags: anime, video, games, shanties, Santy, Anno, whaling, history, crossovers

  • Documentary: British Shanties and Sea Songs - Gareth Malone

    Documentary: British Shanties and Sea Songs - Gareth Malone MP3

    In this unmissable documentary from the Beeb Gareth Malone who's best known for his work with choirs goes exploring an unfamiliar aspect of British musical ...

    Tags: Sea Songs (Composition), Sea Shanty (Musical Genre), BBC Documentary, Gareth Malone, United Kingdom (Country), Culture, Folk History, markfromireland, ballads, shantys, fishermen, trawlers, Folk culture

  • Assassin

    Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Best Sea Shanties MP3

    Compilation of my favorite sea shanties from AC 4.

    Tags: black flag, sea shanties, pirate songs

  • Assassin

    Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag - All Sea Shanties / Pirate Songs [HD] MP3

    Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag - All Sea Shanties / Pirate Songs @2013 Abonnez vous / Suscribe : Playlist : 00:00 Handy ...

    Tags: Song, Songs, Ocean, Boat, all, sea, shanties, sea shanties, pirate, pirate song, complete, ost, track, soundtrack, music, hd, hq, Sound, Original, Theme

  • sea shanties - spanish ladies

    sea shanties - spanish ladies MP3

    i just thought youtube needed a clear version of this song :3.

    Tags: sea, shanties, spanish, ladies

  • Key & Peele - Pirate Chantey

    Key & Peele - Pirate Chantey MP3

    Pirates trade swashbuckling stories about how they've treated the women in their lives. The Comedy Central app has full episodes of your favorite shows ...

    Tags: Jordan Peele, Keegan Michael Key, Key and Peele, pirate songs, Rebecca Romijn, Will Sasso, pirates, songs, feminism, appearances, music, comedy central, stand up comedy, comedians, comedy central comedians, comedy, funny, comedian, funny video, comedy videos, stand up videos, funny jokes, funny clips, hilarious videos, hilarious clips

  • David Coffin - "Roll the Old Chariot"

    David Coffin - "Roll the Old Chariot" MP3

    Shot at the 2010 Portsmouth Maritime Folk Festival by Stephan Smith of Piscataqua Productions. To download David Coffin's recording of this song click here: ...

    Tags: David Coffin, Roll the Old Chariot, Piscataqua Productions, Stephan Smith

  • Runescape 07 - Sea Shanty 2 (Trap Remix)

    Runescape 07 - Sea Shanty 2 (Trap Remix) MP3

    Sponsor me / Will mix for AGS FREE DOWNLOAD:

    Tags: OSRSBeatz, Sea Shanty 2, Sea Shanty 2 Trap Remix, Runescape Sea Shanty, Runescape Port Sarim Music, Runescape Trap Remix, OSRSBeatz Trap, Runescape music, Runescape Sea Shanty 2, Port Sarim, Runescape 2007, Runescape 07, Old School Runescape Music, Old School Runescape, OS Runescape

  • Assassin

    Assassin's Creed Black Flag All Sea Shanties 1_2 MP3

    Ich hab mal alle Sea Shanties für Euch gesucht. Viel Spaß. Teil 2 kommt bald.

    Tags: BooomanLP

  • Best Sea Shanty ever written? You can

    Best Sea Shanty ever written? You can't hold a good man down. Cornwalls' own Pirateers MP3

    A song especially for pirate lovers everywhere. Wickedly haunting but mindblowingly catchy, this olde English Pirate tale is funny yet bitter sweet. Telling the ...

    Tags: Sea Shanty (Musical Genre), Haunting (Video Game), Ghost Ship (Ship Type), Galleon (Ship Type), Song (Composition Type), True Story (Musical Album), Disaster (Quotation Subject), Comedy (Film Genre), Neptune (Deity), God (Deity), Royal Navy (Armed Force), Pirateers, sailors, Folk Rock (Musical Genre), Ocean, Best, Boat, Sailing, Sea (Geographical Feature Category), Cruise, Down

  • A Collection of Sea Shanties (vocal only)

    A Collection of Sea Shanties (vocal only) MP3

    A collection of shanties with no instruments. There are far too many videos with cheesy and otherwise childish sea shanties, so I compiled some real shanties ...

    Tags: sea, shanty, Sea Shanty (Musical Genre), pirate, music, ship, songs, sailing, vocal, no instruments, vocal only, Ocean, Boat, Vocal Music (Musical Performance Role), Song

  • Sea Shanties.ROYAL MARINES

    Sea Shanties.ROYAL MARINES MP3

    Tags: Sea, Shanties

  • Sea Shanty Songs - The Yarmouth Shantymen

    Sea Shanty Songs - The Yarmouth Shantymen MP3

    The Yarmouth Shantymen live on stage This was originally taped in 2009 and was shot,remastered and edited by Lynn Hemeon of ...

    Tags: The Yarmouth Shantymen, Rio Grande, Haul Away Joe, Drunken Sailor, Maid of Amsterdam, Ode To The Elbow, Cape Cod Girls, General Taylor Sea Shanty, Rolling Down to Old Maui, Across The Western Ocean, The Diamond, Roll the Chariot, Yarmouth Bands, Lynn Hemeon, acoustic guitar, Yarmouth, Yarmouth Nova Scotia, Sea Shanty, Sea Shanty Songs

  • sea shanty - shiver my timbers

    sea shanty - shiver my timbers MP3

    Seemannslied. picture ©2008-2013 *Hamsterfly

    Tags: shiver, my, timbers, shanty, pirates, song, sailors

  • Assassins Creed Rogue all sea shanties 43 (1:14) HQ

    Assassins Creed Rogue all sea shanties 43 (1:14) HQ MP3

    i hope u enjoy all the sea shanties! 0:00 biley riley 1:12 Billey in the alley 2:40 blood red roses 5:46 Bold Riley 7:25 Derby Ram 9:04 Donkey riding 11:05 dont ...

    Tags: Sea Shanty (Musical Genre), All, rogue, sea shanties, sea, game, 43, full, hq, ship, donkey, riding

  • South Australia - Sea Shanties

    South Australia - Sea Shanties MP3

    South Australia shanty song. It was sung in a variety of trades, including being used by the wool and wheat traders who worked the clipper ships between ...

    Tags: south australia, english folk song, sea shanty, shanties, Queen Elizabeth, Diamond Jubilee, sailors, traders