• All About My Scarification.

    All About My Scarification. MP3

    Recently I've been experiencing a lot of itching, and extreme tightness and sensitivity. Even shooting electric shock type pain. The tightness is what causes a lot ...

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  • Hocico - Scarification Process

    Hocico - Scarification Process MP3

    What Is Scarification? The ancient practice of scarification is regaining popularity in the modern world of body art. Once tattooing and piercing became popular ...

    Tags: Scarification, Hocico (Musical Group), Amduscia (Musical Group), Mexico (Country), Tattoo (Visual Art Form), Tattoo Artist (Film Job), art, Artillery (Military Resource), Methods, C-Lekktor, Dulce Liquido (Musical Group), Rabia Sorda (Musical Group), Out Of Line Music (Record Label), alfredo it-j, Dark Electro, Electronic, Blood, Sangre, Scared, Industrial Music (Musical Genre), Gothic, Tips, Help

  • Taboo? Scarification

    Taboo? Scarification MP3

    In Benin, painful cutting and scarring of the skin leaves interesting patterns that signify adulthood.

    Tags: scarification, taboo, benin, west, africa, tradition, right, of, passage, coming, age, ritual, marks, identity, national geographic

  • Valonia Tattoos Scarification

    Valonia Tattoos Scarification MP3

    Scarification works done at valonia tattoos in the north east England. 07794045917 [email protected]

    Tags: valoniatattoos, tattoos, modifications, bodymodifications, northeasttattoos

  • Scarification Gone Wrong (Scar Tattoos)

    Scarification Gone Wrong (Scar Tattoos) MP3

    Today we briefly cover scarification, body mods and when it goes wrong. I would have covered more if there wasn't so much... content that would go too far.

    Tags: Scarification, Tattoo (Visual Art Form), gone wrong, scar, tattoos, wrong, crazy, exposure, flesh, healing, fashion, Gone, body mods



    WagWan music channel - the easiest way to distribute your music all over the world. Send us your music & videos: [email protected] Product ...

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  • Scarification: two years+ healed!

    Scarification: two years+ healed! MP3

    The highly anticipated heal-reveal! It's been about two and a half years (maybe, probably more) since my scarification, so I wanted to give sort of a final update ...

    Tags: Scarification, Body modification, Body mod, Qcknd, Sweaty, Vlog, Personal, Tattoos, Tattoo cover ups, Beauty

  • Branding and Scarification!

    Branding and Scarification! MP3

    Body Modification. This is both a skin branding, and afterwards a scarification. Not for the faint of heart! If you want to see the process I performed, then wha-lah!

    Tags: scarification, branding, body modification, mods, skin, cutting, burning, self, self-scarification, self-branding, self branding, self scarification, pil estes, Fire, Brand, Burn, Flame, art, body art, body, New

  • Scarification Update (9 Month)

    Scarification Update (9 Month) MP3

    I AM GETTING IT TOUCHED UP APRIL 25th (DAY OF UPLOAD) !!!!! **Got it touched up, He used a different method, basically branding, in hopes it will stay this ...

    Tags: 2014, morgan, joyce, tischler, makeup, piercing, ily, morgannn, tattoos, piercings, tattoo, stretched, ears, ilymorgannn, bodymod, body, modification, girl, white, blond, blonde, theyre, not, called, gauges, nose, cheek, cheeks, dimples, nostril, tongue, sleeve, scarification, cruelty, free, hair, stylist, alternative, model, vegan, veganism, update, progress

  • The 4 principles of scarification

    The 4 principles of scarification MP3

    This is a educational video i made to help people understand some of the principles that go into the healing of good scarification (branding) (cutting) I hope you ...

    Tags: scarification, branding, hyfricater, scar, body

  • Facial Scarification (Forehead and crane) ☠

    Facial Scarification (Forehead and crane) ☠ MP3

    Here is a great scar on face and crane done by Lukas Zpira when he was a guest at "L'Encre Et Des Trous" in Nancy, France. Ergo, is one of the two tattoo artists ...

    Tags: tattoo, girls, body, piercing, modification, gorgeous, tattooed, Scarification, Forehead (Anatomical Structure), Body Piercing (Hobby), Funny, lucas, ergo, scalpel, bleeding, blood, painful, numbing, tatouage nancy, neck tattoo, large gauge, cybergothique, cut, cutter

  • Ruby

    Ruby's Scarifiction Process! Healed Images at End (Trypophobia) MP3

    Well folks. What do you think of Ruby's scarification process? Is it a cool change? Is it what you would like to do to your body? I can only imagine the scarification ...

    Tags: trypophobia, whiteheads, cysts, medical, surgery, tattoo, body modification, body mods, Scarification, tattoo shops, england, Tattoo art, fear of holes, skin art, inked, inkd, United Kingdom (Country), body art

  • My scarification experience

    My scarification experience MP3

    All my own opinion don't take what I say as the absolute truth as it's only relative to my experience! instagram is @magdakofi.

    Tags: Scarification, Bodymod, Body modification, Modification, Bluelotus, Newcastle

  • scarification part one done by spider

    scarification part one done by spider MP3


    Tags: scarification, scars, tattoos

  • Escarificación, scarification, incisión, tattoo cicatriz

    Escarificación, scarification, incisión, tattoo cicatriz MP3

    Pequeños cortes para producir una cicatriz con figura, forma Small cuts in the skin, for make tattoos.

    Tags: Scarification, Tattoo (Visual Art Form), Scar (Disease Cause), Health (Industry), scarification, tattoo cicatriz, tattos, tatuajes, tatuajes heridas, herida

  • Scarification

    Scarification MP3

    More on KORAKOR presents a scarification by Carlos Ventura and Gean Carlo Join KORAKOR on Facebook for more ...

    Tags: korakor, spread, your, love, how, to, do, scarification, very, gory, bloody, pain, exorcism, ritual, maya, gods, empirical, knowledge, flesh, keveen, gabet, carlos, ventura, gean, carlo, gina, solorzano, body, modification, documentary, escarificacion, blood, sang, rasoir, cut, blade, tattoo, tatouage, art, traditionel, torture, live, dream, passion, evolution, interview, experience, mexico, city, DF, mutilation, howto, health, discussion, religion, diy



    Song: "Dance with the legless" by: Morningless Subscribe Like and Share Abonnez vous Aimez et Partagez New Video ...

    Tags: cutting, scars, scarification, close, up, gros, plan, La, boite, shop, Laboite, Laboiteshop, cute, boy, tattoo, scalpel, weird, gross, discusting, funny, blood, sang, bleeding, saigner, couper, scarifier

  • The Ouroboros Scarification

    The Ouroboros Scarification MP3

    Scarifying involves scratching, etching, burning, or superficially cutting designs, pictures, or words into the skin as a permanent body modification. In the process ...

    Tags: Scarification, Dusk, Ouroboros, Matt, Cottrell, Body, Modification

  • 12 Most Extreme Scarification Tattoos [ CRAZY TATTOO IDEAS ]

    12 Most Extreme Scarification Tattoos [ CRAZY TATTOO IDEAS ] MP3

    Best Tattoos in the World - Best Tattoo Artists in the World ▻3D TATS P1 : ▻3D TATS P2 ...

    Tags: scarification, extreme, Tattoo (Visual Art Form), tattoo, Best, World, Friend, 3d, art, Moments, Ever, Bits, Record, arm, leg, New, Broken, Snap, Pain, Bone, Fingers, Neck, Survive, Bad, Knee, Stanky Leg, Bones, Wax, Hand, Feet, Wit, Ankle, Team, Ouch, Cast, Doing, Legg, family, dad, mom, Shoulder, Elbow, rip, rest, in, peace, Nose, Wrist, Boyz, Arrow, Accident, Skull, Thumb, Cord, Strong, Promises, Chair, Waxing, Stanky Legg, Drop, His, Stiff, Boogie, Jaw, Crutches, arts, Throat, body, parts, part, Brake, Bend, Skeleton, Lock, eyes, design, effects, sleeve, ink, top

  • Scarification Takes Body Art to New Depths 2014

    Scarification Takes Body Art to New Depths 2014 MP3

    cutting body art ARTISTS Anders Allinger Brian Decker Lewis Dodd Wayde Dunn Ron Garza Dave Gillstrap John Joyce Keylan Levine Monte Ryan Ouellette ...

    Tags: 2014 tattoo, 2014 new tattoo, Scarification Body art, Scarification tattoos, Scarification cutting, Scarification pictures, Scarification gallery, Scarification girls, tech, bits, scarification, takes, body, art, depths, associated press, AP, youtube, associated press youtube, online, news

  • Scarification

    Scarification MP3

    Lukas Zpira at work....back scarification.

    Tags: scarification, body, modification, scars, cutting, piercing, BME, blood, extreme, art, pain, Lukas, Zpira, work, Peeling, off, skin

  • Human Branding (Scarification Torture)

    Human Branding (Scarification Torture) MP3

    Human branding, scarification and even torture are all related to one another. The strange thing about the torture aspect is that it's often voluntary... why? Why go ...

    Tags: Human Branding, Scarification, torture, voluntary, tattoos, pain, disfigure, skin, fashion, scar, cutting, burning, human, branding

  • Mutilation et scarification

    Mutilation et scarification MP3

    Tags: mutiliation, sucide, deprime, mon histoire, auto mutiliation

  • Mon Histoire : Dépression, harcèlement, scarification.

    Mon Histoire : Dépression, harcèlement, scarification. MP3

    Dans cette vidéo, je raconte mon histoire, ce que j'ai vécut. (Excusez-moi pour les fautes).

    Tags: Histoire Triste, Scarification

  • Scarification: Day one healing!

    Scarification: Day one healing! MP3

    So this is my first entire day of having my scarification. This is the second video in a series of healing my scars.

    Tags: Scarification, Body, Modification, vegan, Veganism (Diet), Life, vlog, scars, body modification, Body Piercing (Hobby), Healing (Film Genre), Dieting (Symptom), Diet (Industry)

  • Mutilation..scarification...

    Mutilation..scarification... MP3

    On n'est tts sinparfait dnc on na tts des regrets...!!!


    WagWan music channel - the easiest way to distribute your music all over the world. Send us your music & videos: [email protected] Product ...

    Tags: popek, monster, wagwan, tv, firma, jp, poland, uk, rap, hip hop, grime, prosto, stoprocent, polska

  • Bandersnatch "Scarification"

    Bandersnatch "Scarification" MP3

    French Stoner Metal band Bandersnatch From the album "Barking In C" (November 2015) ...

    Tags: Scarification, Bandersnatch (Fictional Character), stoner metal, Stoner Rock (Musical Genre), Sludge Metal (Musical Genre), sludge, stoner, heavy rock, Heavy Metal (Musical Genre), mrstonebeliever, French Rock (Musical Genre), 2015

  • Automutilation. Scarification

    Automutilation. Scarification MP3

    Petite vidéo qui parle de l'automutilation, souvent incomprise par certaines personnes.. Ne prenez pas se sujet a la légère, il peut vous menez bien loin ...
  • Gotham 2x05 Promo "Scarification" (HD)

    Gotham 2x05 Promo "Scarification" (HD) MP3

    Gotham 2x05 "Scarification" - Galavan and Penguin join forces with a dangerous family in Gotham. Then, as the rivalry between the Waynes and the Galavans ...

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