Sarcophagus Of The Lost Cowlcult

  • PAZUZELHOMET - Sarcophagus of the Lost Cowlcult

    PAZUZELHOMET - Sarcophagus of the Lost Cowlcult MP3

    Taken from the 7-tracks tape "Sarcophagus of the Lost Cowlcult" by PAZUZELHOMET 2011 1 Occultic Circles of Possessed Demonical Priest of Insects 2 Ghost ...

    Tags: PAZUZELHOMET, deathrare, danish, black, noice, metal, Sarcophagus, of, the, Lost, Cowlcult

  • LUCIATION - Inferiora Devolo Demergi

    LUCIATION - Inferiora Devolo Demergi MP3

    Taken from the 10-tracks tape "Inferiora Devolo Demergi" by LUCIATION 2006 1 Rite of the Lost Reptile Demon 2 Uproarious Ghost of Engulfed Evillness ...

    Tags: LUCIATION, Inferiora, Devolo, Deathrare, danish, black, noice, metal

  • END OF FILE - Blood to the Tracks

    END OF FILE - Blood to the Tracks MP3

    1 Ghost prelude 2 Some have that,some not 3 Crimson magic Taken from the 10-track tape "blood to the tracks" 2002 release on DEATHRARE TAPES 2011.

    Tags: END, OF, FILE, Blood, to, the, Tracks, experimental, electronics, danish, ghostelectro

  • Nefario - Black Candles

    Nefario - Black Candles MP3

    This is the True Satanic Victory - 2008 Label: Black Kaos Decent.

    Tags: Nefario, Argentina, Black, Metal, demo, 2008, rio, negro, neuquen, metal, el, bastardo, black, kaos, decent, Candles, Mariana, Nannis, sudamerica, Thrash, old, school

  • LUCIATION - 4 tracks of early tape demo2

    LUCIATION - 4 tracks of early tape demo2 MP3

    raw danish black evil noise metal from Hell taken from the 9-track demo2-"Dead Rot Ritual of Baphomet"2004 1 Ethereal of Evil 2 Necroformic Embryo Feast 3 ...

    Tags: luciation, demo2, baphometraw, danish, black, evil, noise, metal, nonagram

  • OFFERKULT - Blasphemic Haemoptysis cullto

    OFFERKULT - Blasphemic Haemoptysis cullto MP3

    taken from the cassette "the path of the horned god" 2009 soon out on Phlegm Production---

    Tags: offerkult, danish, black, metal, unholy, pagan, phlegm, nonagram

  • Sump - Vanish Into the Moors

    Sump - Vanish Into the Moors MP3

    Tags: sump, vanish, into, the, moors

  • NASTRAN - Den Sorte slid Ånd

    NASTRAN - Den Sorte slid Ånd MP3

    from the Tape" Skyggemørk" 2008. out on Phlegm Productions

    Tags: nastran, phlegm, danish, black, metal, unholy

  • FALLEN ANGEL - Embraced by Shadows (1993)

    FALLEN ANGEL - Embraced by Shadows (1993) MP3

    1 Darkness prevails 2 Embraced by Shadows taken from the Fallen Angel LP (1992-1993) From the " Embraced by Shadows" 1993 SIDE.. released by ...


  • BLODFEST - Bortsvandt i skumlegrav - split 2012

    BLODFEST - Bortsvandt i skumlegrav - split 2012 MP3

    Off the Split LP with Wolfslair.."I Kamp til Dødden" Contains 6-tracks on each side... released by IRON BONEHEAD RECORDS 2012.

    Tags: blodfest, ironbonehead, danish, nonagram, denmark, underground, metal

  • NASTRAN - Geirrød Halvhjerte

    NASTRAN - Geirrød Halvhjerte MP3

    Taken from the 4-tracks tape "Gierrød Halvhjerte" by NASTRAN 2008 1Gierrød Halvhjerte Released by DEATHRARE Tapes DRT08 2011.

    Tags: NASTRAN, DEATHRARE, Black, Doom, metal, Halvhjerte

  • Goat Worship - When My Prayers Come True

    Goat Worship - When My Prayers Come True MP3

    Fiendish and primitive obscure band from Denmark. Track from their "Tales of the Ancient Goat" 1992 demo tape. Own rip.

    Tags: Botulistum, Black Metal, Old School, Bestial Black, primitive, Darkthrone, Blasphemy

  • SIVAD -"Whores Of The Sabbat" (full song)

    SIVAD -"Whores Of The Sabbat" (full song) MP3

    Title track from Sivad's EP "Whores Of The Sabbat" United States, satanic black metal. Available through Occult Roots Music (find on facebook or subscribe to ...
  • MAKABRUM - Macabre Blasphemy

    MAKABRUM - Macabre Blasphemy MP3

    MAKABRUM - Raw Black Metal (Brazil/Spain) "Macabre Blasphemy" *Vocals by N.W OFFICIAL VIDEO Line-Up ----------- Kavera - Guitars, Lyrics, Vocals N.W ...

    Tags: black metal, makabrum, brazil, spain, metal, satan, occultism, hatehordes, satanic forest, kavera, nw, vampyric heritage united, macabre blasphemy

  • Crurifragium - Prophet Ov the Blood Lord

    Crurifragium - Prophet Ov the Blood Lord MP3

    Danish Black Metal band: Crurifragium Track: Prophet Ov The Blood Lord From the demo: The war has begone.

    Tags: Danish, black, metal, Denmark (Country), Music, Ad, Noctum, Black, Metal, prophet, blood, underground, best, denial of god, grigorien, blodfest

  • Captain Syphilis - decayness (noice)

    Captain Syphilis - decayness (noice) MP3

    Tags: captain, syphilis, noice, experimental, Phlegm

  • Decadência Fúnebre | Walk Through...

    Decadência Fúnebre | Walk Through... MP3

    Misanthropic Depressive Black Metal project formed by Kavera and A.O.S. Heirdrain.

    Tags: raw, black, metal, darkness, misanthropic, depressive, project, kavera, heirdrain

  • MFJØRG - Silvery fog concrete

    MFJØRG - Silvery fog concrete MP3

    1 satykronus 2 night of the fog 3 blackmail taken from DRT11 "Silveryfog concrete" 17-track tape. Released on Deathrare Tapes 2011.Promo tapes Recorded in ...

    Tags: Silvery, fog, concrete, deathrare, experimental, tape, made, danish

  • DEFORM - Praestigiis Daemonum

    DEFORM - Praestigiis Daemonum MP3

    Taken from the 16-tracks tape" Praestigiis Daemonum "1993-94 by DEFORM 1 Parteret præster 2 Helvedes skygge 3 Overspermet opløst lig released by ...

    Tags: DEFORM, 1993, Praestigiis, Daemonum, Deathrare, black, noice, metal

  • Reminiscence - Distant Memory

    Reminiscence - Distant Memory MP3

    Artist: Reminiscence Title: Distand Memory Country: Japan Genre: Ambient Black Metal Members: Jekyll - Everything This is the Side-Project of Jekyll from ...

    Tags: reminiscence, manierisme, jekyll, distand, memory, talent, adorable, one, man, project, nostalgie, nostalgic, raw, weird, ambient, black, metal, japan, japanese, swing, 50, 40, 30

  • BLODFEST - Rehearsal 2004 - 2005

    BLODFEST - Rehearsal 2004 - 2005 MP3

    Taken from the 14-tracks tape "Rehearsal 2004-2005" by BLODFEST 1 De Nådesløse 2 Unholy Murder Released by DEATHRARE Tapes DRT10 2011.

    Tags: BLODFEST, Rehearsal, DEATHRARE, danish, black, metal, Phlegm