• Muslimgauze - Sandtrafikar (part 1)

    Muslimgauze - Sandtrafikar (part 1) MP3

    remember Bryn Jones ☺ music: Muslimgauze, from the album 'Sandtrafikar' (1997), Label: Staalplaat, Muslimlim

    Tags: Bryn, Jones, muslimgauze, sandtrafikar, Tribal, Experimental, Ambient, Ambient Music (Musical Genre), arabic electronics

  • muslim gauze-sandtrafikar (rootsman remix)

    muslim gauze-sandtrafikar (rootsman remix) MP3

    Sorry but the quality of this is crap but this is a heavy dub and I just wanted to get it out there....

    Tags: muslim gauze, sandtrafikar, rootsman, muslimgauze, roots man, sand trafficker, sand trafikar, dub, dark dub, heavy dub

  • Muslimgauze - Baku Oil Field - Sandtrafikar - Released 1997

    Muslimgauze - Baku Oil Field - Sandtrafikar - Released 1997 MP3

    The fourth installment in the series of Staalplaat re-editions of older Muslimgauze recordings, is an 800 copies limited edition of a 1997 production entitled ...

    Tags: Muslimgauze, Muslim, Gauze, percussion, drumming, electronic, white phosphorous, drone, drone bombing, white noise, distorted, distortion, analogue, circle, Bryn Jones, Syria, Levant, Iraq, iran, Lebanon, depleted uranium, Mossad, Hamas, Israeli occupation, Gaza, Palestine, Palestinian, wall, Zionist, Zionism, Islam, Islamic, Jihad, ethnic, Arabic, chant, sitar, tabla, DAT, War on Terra Firma, War on Terror, Golan Heights, Manchester, Box of Silk and Dogs, Sheckle of Israeli Occupation

  • Muslimgauze - Uskudar

    Muslimgauze - Uskudar MP3


    Tags: Muslimgauze

  • Muslimgauze God and I

    Muslimgauze God and I MP3

    Muslimgauze - God and I Sandtrafikar 1997.

    Tags: Muslimgauze, God, and, I