Sally Ann (You're Such A Pretty Baby)

  • "Bubblegum Music Is The Naked Truth, Pt. 3" BUBBLEGUM MUSIC MIX

    "Bubblegum Music Is The Naked Truth, Pt. 3" BUBBLEGUM MUSIC MIX MP3

    Honestly, the reason I fell in love with this era of music is track #5, "Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead." This is the only period in modern American music history ...

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  • Whigfield - Saturday Night [Official Video HD]

    Whigfield - Saturday Night [Official Video HD] MP3

    Sannie Carlson (best known as Whigfield) is the name of a lady with Danish origins who decided to make a mark in the history of pop-dance music by selling ...

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  • Jennifer Aniston vs. Lisa Kudrow in Celebrity Curse Off

    Jennifer Aniston vs. Lisa Kudrow in Celebrity Curse Off MP3

    Here at the show we're known for bleeping and blurring things unnecessarily - but for once, the bleeping is necessary. If you are faint of heart cover your ears ...

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  • Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal

    Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal MP3

    Music video by Alien Ant Farm performing Smooth Criminal. (C) 2001 Geffen Records.

    Tags: Alien, Ant, Farm, Geffen, Rock


    Smooth Criminal

    Alien Ant Farm

    As he came into the window It was the sound of A crescendo Came into her apartment Left the bloodstains On the carpet She was sitting at the table He could see she Was unable So she ran into the bedroom She was struck down It was her doom Annie, are you okay? You okay? You okay, Annie? Annie, are you ok[...]
  • Carly Simon - You

    Carly Simon - You're So Vain MP3

    Concert DVD at Amazon: Official site:

    Tags: Carly Simon (Musical Artist), Beach (Geographical Feature Category), HBO (Organization), Concert (TV Genre), T-Bone Wolk (Musical Artist), calikins

  • Doll On A Music Box / Truly Scrumptious - Scene from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 1968

    Doll On A Music Box / Truly Scrumptious - Scene from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 1968 MP3

    Dick Van Dyke and Sally Ann Howes as the windup Dolls.

    Tags: Chitty, Bang, Music, Box, Dick, Van, Dyke, Doll, On, Truly, Scrumptious

  • Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight (Official Live Video)

    Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight (Official Live Video) MP3

    "Wonderful Tonight (Live)" by Eric Clapton from Slowhand, available now. Download on iTunes: Connect With Eric Clapton: Website: ...

    Tags: Eric Clapton, Wonderful Tonight, Rock, Blues Rock, Rock Music (Film Genre)

  • Brandy You

    Brandy You're A Fine Girl Looking Glass MP3

    Brandy You're A Fine Girl Looking Glass There's a port on a western bay And it serves a hundred ships a day Lonely sailors pass the time away And talk about ...

    Tags: Brandy, Fine, Girl, Looking, Glass

  • 633. Polly Ann (Original)

    633. Polly Ann (Original) MP3

    This song is on my fifth CD, "Who Needs Reality?", available from CD Baby: I have written (and uploaded) many ...

    Tags: folk, song, love, relationship, regret, apricot, butter

  • Persuasion 2007 HD [Sub.Spanish/English/Português (BR)]

    Persuasion 2007 HD [Sub.Spanish/English/Português (BR)] MP3

    ACTIVAR SUBTÍTULOS Spanish/English/Português (BR) A los 19 años, Anne Elliot se enamoró de un apuesto joven oficial de la Marina, Frederick ...
  • Sweet Brown - Ain

    Sweet Brown - Ain't Nobody Got Time for That (Autotune Remix) MP3

    Sweet Brown's incredibly soulful new hit single. Watch the original video here: Lyrics: Ain't nobody got time for ...

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  • I Remember

    I Remember MP3

    {HD, please} Hello, I've barely stopped working on this all day and I still hate it. I had such a clear idea of how I wanted this to turn out - always a bad, bad sign.

    Tags: ouat, oc, ouat crossover, the huntsman, graham humbert, morgana, merlin, merlin crossover, regina, storybrooke, first curse

  • Sesame Street: Share It Maybe

    Sesame Street: Share It Maybe MP3

    Cookie Monster spoofs Carly Rae Jepsen's song "Call Me Maybe." For more fun games and videos for your preschooler in a safe, child-friendly environment, ...

    Tags: Cookie, Cookie Monster, Share It Maybe, Call Me Maybe, Carly Rae Jepsen, Carly, Rae, jepsen, Call, me, Maybe, Share, sharing, cookies, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Fallon, spoof, spoofs, parody, parodies, comedy, remix, Sesame, Street, Sesame Street, 2012

  • RickRoll

    RickRoll'D MP3 As long as trolls are still trolling, the Rick will never stop rolling.

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  • Beauty And The Rolanda

    Beauty And The Rolanda MP3

    Rolanda's chase for Alex gets interrupted by a surprise guest. Buy "Beauty and the Rolanda" on iTunes!

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  • They Don

    They Don't Want To Be In Show Business-Jo Anne Worley MP3

    The amazing Jo Anne Worley, of Laugh-In fame, sings her heart out for the elephants with an amazing original song & powerful images.

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  • Ice Cube Says Nice Things Angrily

    Ice Cube Says Nice Things Angrily MP3

    Rapper and Actor Ice Cube is known for having a pretty intense demeanor. He's very good at delivering angry lines, so Jimmy was wondering if Ice Cube could ...

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  • The band - The Weight (Take a load off Annie/Fanny)

    The band - The Weight (Take a load off Annie/Fanny) MP3

    Levon Helm came to fame in a rootsy rock group that featured three extraordinary voices. But you could always tell which was his: It was the sound of the lusty ...

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